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Because of Lu Yan’s own situation, his marriage application report was a special case, and there were no background problems on both sides, so it was approved quickly.

Qin Rou didn’t expect that the second time she met Lu Yan, she would be wearing a green military uniform and took a wedding photo in the photo studio with Lu Yan, who was wearing a navy white uniform, and then went to pick up the red book.


There was no house, no car, no discussion about how to raise the children in the future, which primary school to put kids in and no dowry, and even the two of them didn’t exchange a few words throughout the whole process, but they simply got the license and got married.

In the future, she, Qin Rou, was legally married.

The man next to her was her husband.

Qin Rou: “…” The two young people decided to get married so hastily, and they hadn’t even passed the “meeting the parents” stage.

Qin Rou also didn’t know why she was so sloppy.

The army officer did things directly without saying a word.

She didn’t dare to speak to the tall man.

She didn’t know what to say, let alone where to start, so she followed the steps.

According to the steps of the era, it seemed that something was not right.

They were young people, so they didn’t know if the dowry and wedding wine should be done.

Although Qin Rou didn’t care about these things, she wondered if it was necessary for her to ask.

Just when she hesitated, Lu Yan put away the red book, took out a package and handed it to Qin Rou.

She took it and opened it to see that it was the great unity of passbooks and various bills.

“This is my salary and subsidy for the past few years.

I’ll give you all of it.” After a pause, Lu Yan said again, “I’ll leave it to you in the future.”

Qin Rou: “…”

Could this be a salary

Their navy should have more wage subsidies.

These savings were not a small amount, so he just handed them over to her Obviously they had only met twice, so they didn’t seem to know each other very well.

But she had to say that his trust at this time had gained Qin Rou’s favor.

At least he was sincere.

Qin Rou asked, “Are you really giving it to me”

“It’s natural for me to support you,” Lu Yan nodded.

He couldn’t say anything else.

Lu Yan naturally knew that it was not easy for her to follow him to Qiongzhou Island.

Rather than talking about those false things, it would be better to directly provide material guarantees to make her believe that he would work hard to let her live well.

“After marriage, you have to follow me to Qiongzhou Island,” Lu Yan mentioned casually, but every muscle on his body tensed unconsciously.

Qin Rou nodded.

Seeing her nodding, Lu Yan let out a sigh of relief.

“Officer, do you hit women”

“I won’t hit you.

If I even hit my own woman, won’t I be embarrassed”

After hearing that, Qin Rou was relatively satisfied, and she was relieved.

She had heard before that the man had a bad temper, but for now, there was no problem for the time being.

Of course, it may also be because they had never actually gotten along.

From what he just said, she could infer that he was the kind that cared about his reputation.

And his woman or something… Machismo was in his bones

That was all, she would try her best to maintain his reputation in front of outsiders in the future.

Qin Rou originally wanted to ask about “Tan Rou”, but she felt that it was unnecessary.

Tan Rou was already married, and even if as a stand-in, Lu Yan married herself.

His savings were with her, so what more did she need to ask for

They didn’t know each other very well.

It was said that marriage was the grave of love.

The two of them had not yet been in love, but they first entered the marriage as strangers.

Perhaps many marriages in the era were like that.

Qin Rou looked up at Lu Yan’s handsome face, thinking that it would not be a loss if she lived with that face.

“Lu Yan, let’s live together in the future,” Qin Rou extended a hand to him with a smile.

Lu Yan also stretched out a hand and held her slender and tender hand.

She would like to live with him.

That was really the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.


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