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After a night’s rest, Lu Yan hurried back to the academy the next day, Qin Rou stayed at her sister and brother-in-law’s house.

Her sister Qin Mian looked more satisfied when she saw her, as if she was watching a slaughtered pig.

Since the two sisters slept together the previous night, Qin Mian had been looking at her with that kind of eyes, making Qin Rou horrified.

She hugged Xiao Jingyi in her arms, picked up his hand and waved to his mother, “Sister, don’t look at me, look at your son.”

Jinghua and Juanjuan were not free at their age.

She didn’t know where they went to play.

Her brother-in-law went to work, and the two sisters stayed in the house.

Her sister Qin Mian was going out soon.

Qin Mian smiled and glanced at her with anger, “Sister is going out, you help me take care of Jingyi.”

Qin Rou was discharged from the army at home, and she would have to wait a week or two to go to Qiongzhou Island.

After Lu Yan went to deal with the academy, she stayed at her sister and brother-in-law’s house to help take care of the children.

“Sister, don’t worry.”

Qin Rou graduated from pre-school education and specialized in raising children.

When her sister Qin Mian left, Qin Rou was left with her little nephew…

Qin Rou looked at the quiet little guy in her arms.

He could be a little mushroom in the corner.

“Jingyi, be good, look at Auntie’s eyes.”

Chen Jingyi was very quiet all day long.

Adults may feel relaxed taking care of such a child of his age, because he just needed to be dressed and fed with delicious food, and he would be quiet and not noisy at all the rest of the time.

Qin Mian didn’t have much time, so she just raised him wholeheartedly.

Qin Rou knew that she couldn’t let the little guy be a mushroom in the corner.

She spoke with him patiently, told him to look into her eyes when she spoke, told him stories, taught him how to cut paper and paint, and taught him how to use chopsticks and spoons to exercise his fingers coordination ability.

“Jingyi…Jingyi Little Jingyi”

Chen Jingyi was not very sensitive to other voices, but he liked Qin Rou’s voice very much.

When other people called him, he usually rarely responded, but when Qin Rou called him at times, he would be stunned for a moment and be released from the mushroom state.

Qin Rou squatted down, called him patiently, and let the little guy look at her.

After a day or two, he also cultivated a conditioned reflex.

As long as Qin Rou called him, he would look at her.

Two words would pop up, “…Auntie”

His voice was waxy and vague, and he couldn’t speak clearly, but as long as he was willing to speak out, Qin Rou would accompany him to repeat it.

“Jingyi, hug, Auntie…”

“…Auntie…well, Mom”

Gradually, Chen Jingyi said more and more intermittent words.

When Qin Mian heard her son’s voice, her eyes were moist.

Her child was willing to speak, she couldn’t express how happy she was.


Qin Rou walked into the room after taking a shower.

The little guy who was squatting in the corner of the bed rushed toward her legs like a little duck.

Qin Rou smiled and took him into her arms.

Chen Jingyi looked at her very happily, and smiled.

His facial features were delicate and gentle, partly like Qin Mian, partly like his elegant and gentle father, with big eyes.

He looked cute when he laughed.

His pupils were like black gems, without any impurities.

Qin Rou cut his hair in a cute little watermelon way with her own hands a day before.

When she combed his hair, he looked like a well-behaved and supple little watermelon.

Pinching his little face, Qin Rou put the little guy on the bed, covered him with a quilt, and laid down beside him.

– This little mushroom had completely adhered to her.

He wanted to sleep with his aunt at night.

“Okay, good Jingyi, let’s go to bed.”  

Chen Jingyi was very sticky to her.

When he woke up every morning, he had to see his aunt to feel at ease.

Wherever she went, the little mushroom spirit would follow.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Raising children was sometimes like raising pets.

In their world, their presence was very important.

As long as they were willing to accompany them and play with them, they would be very happy.

When they got along with them, there would be a kind of needed satisfaction.

Qin Rou propped her chin in her hand.

After she left the plastic sister flowers like Yingying in the art troupe, and took care of Jingyi for a while, she actually began to miss the days of accompanying the children in kindergarten.

The little devils in her memory had become cute.

Qin Rou thought that she still liked children.

If she didn’t like kids, she would not choose to be a kindergarten teacher after graduation.

Chen Jingyi’s condition was getting better, but he was also sticking to her more.

But Qin Rou was about to go to Qiongzhou Island with Lu Yan, and she couldn’t go back on the matter, so she had an idea.

She told her sister Qin Mian that she wanted to bring Jingyi Yi to Qiongzhou Island together.

Not only that, if she could settle down on Qiongzhou Island, Qin Rou wanted her sister’s family to move to Qiongzhou Island.

Of course, these were things for later.

Whether they could settle down on Qiongzhou Island or not was still uncertain.

Qin Mian had been taking care of her sick father-in-law Chen Yubai those days.

After listening to Qin Rou’s words, after hesitating for a while, she finally agreed.

“Jingyi likes you and can’t live without you.” Qin Mian saw the changes in her younger son during that period of time.

She still had to take care of her father-in-law and husband, as well as the two older children.

She really had no time to take care of the younger son.


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