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In addition, Qin Mian felt that what happened over the years affected Jingyi, and she was unwilling to let Chen Jingyi continue to stay in the farm environment.

“You want to take Jingyi, what about Xiao Lu”

“I called him, and he didn’t mind.”

Qin Rou tried her best to dispel her sister’s concerns.

She wanted to take Chen Jingyi away partly to take care of him.

Part of it was to use it as an opportunity in the future to let her sister’s family come to Qiongzhou Island, and the last point was her selfishness.

Lu Yan’s body shape and appearance, although he was her style, she felt that such a dragon could only be viewed from a distance and not be played with.

Every time she thought of being alone with Lu Yan, she always felt an inexplicable panic and fear.

If she could have a child next to her, she would feel more secure.

Perhaps it was not security, but courage

Having a weaker presence beside her would also arouse her courage and desire to protect him.

Even now, Qin Rou didn’t know why she had the courage to hug the kid the day she  was stabbed, maybe it was out of love and protection.

When she was about to leave, Qin Mian dropped her and Jingyi to the train station.

Qin Rou didn’t bring much, just a suitcase and a burden.

It was still summer, so there was no need to bring winter clothes.

As for Qiongzhou Island, there was no need for winter clothes.

The journey was long, so they travelled with light weight.

When she got off the train at the train station, Qin Rou saw Lu Yan with a handsome face and a cold temperament, with a small fat kid in his arms.

The kid was a chubby little boy of four or five years old.

If Jingyi had thin arms and thin legs, he had fat arms and fat legs.

He had two lumps on his small face.

The little chubby kid struggled with his arms and legs.

Qin Rou: “…”

She brought a kid, and he also brought a kid!

There were two kids!

Lu Yan said lightly, “This is my nephew Xia Mingxi.

I’ll take him to my third sister, his mother.”

Qin Rou took Chen Jingyi’s little hand and introduced, “…This is my nephew Chen Jingyi, Jingyi say hello to uncle.”

Chen Jingyi’s dark eyes were deep as he said, “Auntie.”

Qin Rou: “…” If you can call him out, it will already save me a lot of face, just say the word.

“Little aunt!! Little aunt!!! Little aunt!!!!”

At the gate of the train station, there were a series of calls that were louder than slaughtering pigs.

Originally, Lu Yan and Qin Rou, a beautiful couple, were already attracting attention, but now they were attracting everyone’s attention.

“Little aunt!!! I want my little aunt!!!” 

The little chubby kid who was caught in the trap called out like a caterpillar, struggling and squirming.

If people’s anger could be visualized, Lu Yan’s forehead was already surging.

He was completely pitted by the fourth brother.

The little chubby was raised by his parents.

After the fourth brother Lu Xiao found out that he was married, only he was left as an old bachelor in the family, so he was forced by family to marry.

He bluffed this little fat guy and said that he was going to the South China Sea for a business trip.

He should have sent the kid to the third sister on the way, but now he had even kidnapped and sold the child to Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was just newly married, and he wanted to spend some time with his wife while traveling south, but who would have thought that there would be … two little guys out of thin air.

——He really wanted to convict that group of people for sabotaging a military marriage.

“Don’t hold the child like this, he’s uncomfortable,” Qin Rou said.

Lu Yan put down the little kid he was holding.

The fat little kid stood still, turned left and right, looked at Qin Rou and saluted, “Reporting to the leader, I’m here with a mission!”

Qin Rou: “…”

Lu Yan: “…” Who taught this kid

Chen Jingyi looked at him curiously.

Originally, he lowered his head and thought divergent that no one wanted to talk to him except his aunt, but this chubby kid was attractive.

The little chubby kid looked back at his little uncle and asked in a low voice, “Little uncle, do you have any candy”

Lu Yan clasped his arms and said coldly, “No.”

When the kid heard that, he suddenly hissed with a very exaggerated expression on his face, “Tell my aunt that you have a lot of candy, otherwise she won’t like you!!”

In the eyes of the young Xia Mingxi, only men with candy were full of charm.

Lu Yan: “I don’t have any candy.”

If it wasn’t for the kid being his nephew, he would have thrown the child away long ago.

“How can you marry a wife if you don’t have candy!”

Lu Yan: “…”

No, he had to hold back, he had to be quiet, he couldn’t get angry.


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