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Lu Yan and Qin Rou took the two children to the train.

It was the departure station.

There were not many people on the train.

Lu Yan bought a sleeper ticket, two lower bunks that were exactly opposite.

Qin Rou calculated the journey, starting from Bincheng to Guangcheng, anyway, oh… they had to change trains in the middle, in short, it was an extremely long journey.

After getting into the train, Lu Yan put the luggage, Qin Rou carried the two children to the sleeper, one on the left and one on the right.

Little Xia Mingxi was not seen at all, sticking to the little aunt he had just met, “Little aunt, you look so beautiful!”

“Little aunt, you have a great voice!!”

Xia Mingxi rubbed against Qin Rou’s side, as if he had honey in his mouth.

He was like a fat caterpillar who spoke sweet words.

If he was a silkworm baby, then he only spat out sweet words.

Suddenly, there were more people competing for favor, and even Chen Jingyi, the mushroom essence in the corner, couldn’t stand it anymore.

He looked at the chubby little guy, and he felt a subtle sense of crisis in his young heart.

Jingyi took the initiative to get into his aunt’s arms, hugged her arm, and the little chubby called out, “Auntie!”





Lu Yan: “…”

#¥%¥%¥… He was afraid that only he himself knew what he was saying.

– This was his wife!

Qin Rou wanted to raise her hand to cover her forehead.

Did these two kids think they were singing a duet

“Good, let’s stop calling, speak softly, and don’t disturb other people.”

Qin Rou finally coaxed Xia Mingxi to lower his voice.

He suddenly remembered what happened just now, and asked Lu Yan, “Little uncle, how can you find a wife if you don’t have any candy”

“The younger girls I know all like candy.”

“The third uncle can’t find a wife because he has no candies.”

The third uncle was Lu Yan’s fourth brother Lu Xiao.

In order to prevent him from calling him fourth uncle, he firmly believed that the family was divided into men and women, and he was definitely not the fourth uncle.

Lu Yan chose to ignore him.

The little chubby kid asked another question, “Did you buy a gift for my little aunt”

“Grandpa Wang next door said that marriage needs three rings now…”

“Have you bought it”

Lu Yan was on his back, looking at the ceiling.

The group of people must be charged with sabotaging military marriages.

Qin Rou thought that the kid was so small, with such a sharp mouth and a machine gun, it was really extraordinary, and he was a bit like a Jincheng native, talking without stopping.

Qin Rou teased him, “Mingxi, do you know what three rings are”

“I know.” Xia Mingxi raised his chubby fingers to count, “It’s a ticket, jiji, car, fried jiji …”

Jing Yi couldn’t help repeating with his sonorous voice, “… jiji”

After speaking, Little Fatty turned his head to look at Lu Yan, and said seriously, “Little uncle, you want to raise chickens.”

With so much jiji, his uncle had no candy, so he must have chicken.

Qin Rou couldn’t help but laugh.

Lu Yan: “…”

He was thinking about it at the moment, he could consider not having children in the future, they were really noisy.

The train was noisy and Qin Rou took a lot of effort to coax the two little kids to sleep.

She pulled the suitcase over and blocked it on the edge of the hard bed to prevent the two from falling.

She also felt a little tired.

The opposite side Lu Yan was lying on the hard bed.

Qin Rou peeked at him quietly from the corner of the eye, and saw that this big man of about more than 1.8 meters was lying on the hard bed, looking a bit strange.

There was no other way, with his height, he couldn’t sit up straight, so he could only lie down to be more comfortable.

Qin Rou tilted her head and raised the corner of her lips slightly upward.

For some reason, the scene she saw reminded her of a big curled dog.

She liked dogs.

She used to save a lot of pictures of cute dogs on her mobile phone.

Of course, she didn’t have an actual dog.

The husky and Samoyed in the photos were super handsome and cute, but in reality they were not so cute anymore.

Qin Rou once passed by a pet store, and there were two grown-up Alaskans who circled around her very lively.

Qin Rou’s feeling at the time was… she was scared to death.

These two Alaskans were raised by their owners to be good-looking.

The place that should be white was snow-white and very clean, but the “body” was too burly.

When running around her, she felt the ground vibrate, and they could easily knock her down.

When she looked at the photos, she felt they were so good-looking and liked them, but when she saw them, she was really scared…

This was probably like Lord Ye who liked dragons.

Qin Rou couldn’t help but glance at the man opposite her.

Compared with Alaska, which was raised to be smooth and white, Lu Yan was only a little less fluffy.

It would be very eye-catching if he was turned into a photo!


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