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Back then, a bowl of fresh and smooth rice rolls with rich sauce was the motivation for her to get up early to go to kindergarten to face the bear kids.

The rice rolls eaten in state-run restaurants were simple in ingredients, they didn’t have the bells and whistles of later generations.

They were just simple rice milk, eggs, minced pork, and taro.

The prepared sausage rolls were topped with a fragrant and delicious secret sauce.

The powder was moderately thick and the sauce was slightly viscous, making it extra tempting to eat.

The minced pork sandwiched in the rice roll was very sweet and chewy, and the taro shreds were a little more glutinous in it, and the flavor was even better after absorbing the sauce.

She couldn’t say anything else, but she only knew that the rice rolls made from this simple ingredient were all just right.

Perhaps marrying a state-run chef was the right choice for the era.

Qin Rou added a small spoonful of chili sauce to the rice rolls, and found that the secret chili sauce was more in line with her liking.

Although this chili sauce looked red and bright, it was actually not spicy at all, and a little sweet.

She liked this kind of spicy chili sauce with a touch of sweetness.

Qin Rou was satisfied, and the two little kids next to her also ate a stack of rice rolls, but for Lu Yan, a stack of rice rolls was really not enough to fill his stomach.

When Qin Rou was eating rice rolls, he drank two bowls of seafood porridge, plus steamed buns.

Seeing that Qin Rou added chili sauce to the plate again, Lu Yan guessed in his heart that the chili sauce was not spicy enough.

He must let her try Lao Wang’s chili sauce later.


The boat would not set off until the day after, so they could stay in Guangcheng for a period of time, which was also what Qin Rou deliberately requested.

There was another option to go to Qiongzhou Island, and that was to go by bus from Guangcheng to Xu County, and then it only would take four or five hours to go to Qiongzhou Island by boat.

And Qin Rou wanted to stay in Guangcheng for two days, so… if they were going to the sea for a day, then she wanted to stay there for a while.

Qin Rou had studied at university there, and the city in front of her was both familiar and unfamiliar to her.

Lu Yan bought a map of Guangcheng and said he would take her and the two children around.

“If you have anything to buy, buy it here.

I’ll ask someone to send it to the pier.

When we get to the island later, there are some things that we can’t buy.”

Qin Rou nodded.

What she wanted to buy most was a camera, but naturally, her own savings of one or two hundred yuan could not buy it.

To buy it, she would need to use Lu Yan’s money.

What Lu Yan gave her that day, in addition to the scattered pieces of unity and industrial tickets, also had a passbook of 6,000 yuan.

Compared with her, Lu Yan had saved a lot of money over the years.

He was the youngest in the family, his parents, siblings had jobs and all received wages, so he basically had no burden at home, and he did not need to send money to his family.

There was basically no living expenses such as for food, housing and clothing in the army.

For him, the biggest expense at the end of the year was probably buying gifts for his parents, relatives and friends to travel around during the festivals.

In addition to wages, their navy generally had subsidies for sailing, island subsidies, frontier subsidies, etc.

Although Qin Rou didn’t know how much, she knew that the future sea subsidies would be calculated based on hourly wages.

The conditions were difficult, so it shouldn’t be too little.

Therefore, his monthly salary and subsidies should not be less than 150, and it was likely to reach 200, which was enough to support a family of four.

——Seriously, the golden tortoise-in-law of the era.

So he gave her all the money, but for him, without money, it didn’t have much impact, and money was bearish.

Now that Qin Rou had so much money in her hand, she really wanted to buy a camera.

She could do that, but Qin Rou felt embarrassed to use Lu Yan’s money.

Although Lu Yan gave her the money, she couldn’t spend it indiscriminately, let alone spending other people’s money, it always felt weird.

Qin Rou couldn’t spend Lu Yan’s money with peace of mind for the time being.

If she really wanted to spend his money, she had to ask him beforehand.

The two of them had agreed to live together before, and they should spend the money on life.

If she wanted to buy a camera at the beginning of a relationship, would a man like Lu Yan, who was a bit macho in the 1970s, dislike her actions

Qin Rou: “…”

After thinking about it for a while, Qin Rou suddenly found out that as a wife, it was actually not good for a husband to take the initiative to hand over his salary.

After all, it was still his money, and he could cancel her housekeeping rights at any time.

In the future, she would have to ask him about the expenses, and there would be no freedom to spend money.

Maybe after being busy for most of the day, she had to be housekeeper seriously, but he may complain that she wasted money.

No wonder it was said that marriage was the grave of love, and the firewood, rice, oil and salt after marriage were trivialities in one place.

Before marriage, one was willing to spend all kinds of money to give gifts to chase his girlfriend.

It was okay for people with emotional foundations, not to mention that the two of them had no emotional foundation for marriage.

Qin Rou thought of the passbook as a hot potato.

She wanted to return the hot potato to him.

It was up to him to manage the money.

It was better to find a job as soon as possible, and then find a way to make more money.

She had better run another vegetable garden, plant a few fruit trees in front of her house, she must plant jackfruit and longan, and a few mango trees to green the road.

…Imagination was always beautiful, the premise was that it could be planted.

In fact, Qin Rou had never really planted anything in the ground before.

She had only studied balcony planting in depth.

The biggest achievement was to spend thousands of yuan to plant a pot of big red strawberries.


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