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After Qin Rou bought things, she didn’t forget to give Lu Yan pocket money, and asked him to pick up some things he needed with the two kids.

After these days, Lu Yan, the army officer, had learned to take care of the kid without pain.

Qin Rou was soft-hearted in the face of one child, and she was easy to suffer in the face of a chubby little slick like Xia Mingxi.

After she completely handed over the child to Lu Yan, he perfectly showed what a cold-faced, black-hearted, ruthless little uncle was.

Especially in private, Lu Yan made the little chubby kid speechless.

After the child cried, he didn’t try to coax him.

Instead, he looked at him with a faint look in his eyes.

Little Chubby: “…” It’s useless to cry like this!

He wanted his aunt!

“Little aunt!!”

Every time he saw Qin Rou, the chubby kid felt like he was seeing a great savior, and he complained to Qin Rou, telling her what happened to him.

Qin Rou nodded to listen to his complaint, smiled and comforted him like a spring breeze, and accompanied him to condemn the big devil Lu Yan.

Apart from that, there was no other action, not even to criticize Lu Yan face to face.

Qin Rou just gave him a hug helplessly, “Listen to your little uncle.”

Qin Rou deeply knew what it means to have a face.

Since Lu Yan could hold down the bear baby, she should not help the child challenge Lu Yan’s authority, otherwise the guy would fight and challenge Lu Yan fearlessly in the future, resulting in more troubles.

When mothers discipline their children, there were grandmothers who supported and helped the children.

All of them made the children more unscrupulous, which made it not only difficult to educate kids, but also deepened the contradiction between adults.

When adults educate their children, they should stand on a united front.

Xia Mingxi was dejected, and could only follow Lu Yan honestly.

His grandmother and grandfather were not there, his little aunt was “little and weak” and “feminine”, so she didn’t dare to resist his little uncle.

And Chen Jingyi was staying obediently in his uncle’s arms.

When he just left Bincheng, Chen Jingyi was more attached to him, probably because his father’s presence was lacking since he was a child.

He was always carried by his mother Qin Mian, so this situation satisfied a lot of his longing for his father.

He liked the warm and down-to-earth feeling on Lu Yan’s body like the sun.

Lu Yan dragged the two together.

The picture of the three of them together was exceptionally harmonious.

Qin Rou didn’t show it on the surface, but nodded with satisfaction behind his back.

Sure enough, it was better to have more male kindergarten teachers in the kindergarten.

Did all kindergarten teachers like to take care of children


Qin Rou thought that she would rather watch others take care of children than to take care of them by herself.

In addition to being a kindergarten teacher, she also had a talent for training kindergarten teachers.

——Encouraging Lu Yan to be a little dad.

“Lu Yan, you have taken good care of the children.”

In private, after the two children fell asleep, Qin Rou didn’t want to praise him.

The charming and beautiful fox’s eyes were full of admiration.

One was to relieve the embarrassment when the two were alone, and the other was for her training plan.

If she could let others take care of the children, it would be better to try to let others do it!

“It’s nothing,” Lu Yan’s expression was light, very modest.

He was indeed dizzy by his wife’s sweet words.

With the look of admiration in her eyes, he felt that he had been able to take care of the bear child perfectly.

But… it was impossible for him to take care of the children in the future!

Lu Yan: “…”

——It was better not to have kids.


Qin Rou also saw the rolling pins that Lu Yan bought.

Of course, she did not notice the wooden rolling pin, but looked at the two jade rolling pins curiously.

She looked closely and found that one was made by Xiuyu.

One of them was actually jade, and the other was made with a kind of material…

Qin Rou: “!!”

What was this

“I met an old man and bought it for a hundred.”

Compared with Qin Rou, Lu Yan was a real prodigal.

The old uncle and grandson were seriously ill and his family had no money, so he bought these things.

Lu Yan carefully looked at the pair, and saw that the two rolling pins were indeed beautiful.


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