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After hearing that story, Qin Rou was really speechless.

Such a jade pin was really not worth anything.

The economy had not been liberalized, and even if one had money, they couldn’t buy anything.

If one wanted to eat meat, they had to ask for a ticket.

Lu Yan could be considered a good person with good deeds.

Qin Rou didn’t take it seriously.

Money in the era could be said to be invaluable, but it was very valuable.

Qin Rou bought a lot of things sporadically, plus three hundred yuan camera, so all the expenses were less than one thousand.

So she really had used a lot of money.

At seven or eight o’clock in the night, Lu Yan and Qin Rou boarded the ship with the kids.

Along with them were a few educated youths who went to the farm on Qiongzhou Island.

There were not many people on the ship this time, and Qin Rou saw that there were still many vegetables shipped on the ship.

She originally thought that vegetables could be grown on Qiongzhou Island all year round, and there should be no shortage of vegetables to eat.

Later, she thought that the season was one with intensive typhoons, so it may not be convenient to grow crops.

After she arrived on the island, she wanted to use a large flower pot to grow leeks.

Leeks were good, and she could cut leeks and grow them again.

She could fry leeks, make leek soup, and scramble eggs with leeks.

She had oyster sauce ready, oyster sauce lettuce was a must-have home-cooked dish in life.

Qin Rou also wanted to eat more kinds of cucumbers.

She liked to eat cucumber scrambled eggs very much.

She didn’t know what was wrong, since she came to Guangcheng, all she had been thinking about was food, and even when she was on the boat, she still had food in her mind.

It was probably because the people took food as their heaven.

Lu Yan took the two children to a cabin.

It was a small space with only one bed.

It was usually a place for the crew to rest.

Qin Rou didn’t know how Lu Yan temporarily arranged a room for them to rest.

The ship opened, there were no lights on the deck, the ship traveled in pitch black at night.

It was pitch black outside, and she could only feel the quiet sea breeze blowing on her face.

Except for the bright moon in the sky and the swaying sea water, nothing could be seen clearly, only in the farther places, the lights were bright and the shadows were chaotic.

The crew on this route were on tight alert, mainly to prevent deliberately jumping into the sea and smuggling.

Qin Rou coaxed the two children to sleep first, but she herself was very tired.

Lying on the bed, Qin Rou’s head was dizzy.

The feeling was extraordinarily strange.

Her thinking was clear, not as serious as when she had motion sickness, but it was like the south windy season, and the air mixed with pollen made her head heavy, her chest tight and dizzy.

She was seasick, but the situation was not very serious.

She wanted to sleep very much, and her head was groggy like a low-grade fever.

Lu Yan sat beside her.

There was only one bed at the moment, and the two of them and the two children were probably going to sleep on the same bed.

Although they were already husband and wife, they had never slept in the same bed.

Because of the two children, they slept on their own on the train.

In the place, there were two beds in one room, each sleeping with a child.

It was the first time they shared a bed in such a small old-fashioned ship.

Qin Rou found that she didn’t seem to mind Lu Yan anymore.

She traveled with him for six or seven days and got along with each other day and night.

They had gradually become familiar.

She was also used to seeing Lu Yan’s existence early.

When she saw a man of the opposite sex in the same room when she woke up, she was terrified at first.

Now Qin Rou had been able to openly instruct Lu Yan to raise the kid.

At first, Qin Rou didn’t take the initiative to talk to Lu Yan, and thanks to the existence of the children, Qin Rou actively encouraged him to take care of the children.

Throwing a kid was like throwing a pot! (give someone else the blame)

——It was cool to see other people raising kids!

In order to satisfy such a refreshing point, she could be shameless and full of courage, and speak sweet words.

Qin Rou was not afraid of Lu Yan anymore who took care of the two cute kids.

Even the fierce and tough guy would be dragged down by the cute kids.

Whether it was watching the bear baby fight against the army officer, or the army officer suppressing the bear baby, it was full of dramatic interest.

“Are you uncomfortable” In the dark cabin, the man asked with concern.

“A little seasick,” Qin Rou raised her hand and rubbed her forehead.

She found that Lu Yan was already lying down beside her, so she took the initiative to move to the inside.

Qin Rou felt a huge heat source appear beside her, and the heat radiating from his body could not be ignored.

She blinked, feeling that her head was even more dizzy and a little hot.

In order to ease the atmosphere, Qin Rou had nothing to talk to him about, so she asked him, “Can navy guys have seasickness”

In fact, she was very curious about it

Many people vomit when they board the ship for the first time

” There is no reason not to be seasick while at sea.” 

Qin Rou heard him tell many stories of seasickness.

Lu Yan grew up by the sea.

Besides his comrades, he also knew many crew members.

If the ship was moving too much, for example, in a typhoon, the sailor also had a bucket next to his leg, and vomited while steering.

Thinking about the pirate ship that she once sat in the amusement park, the feeling of the rolling belly came again.

Qin Rou raised her hand to cover her mouth, thinking why she wanted to talk to him about seasickness when she was seasick.

The sense of substitution was too strong, she was only groggy at first, but at the moment she felt like vomiting.

No, no more talking.

Qin Rou fell asleep. 

The next day, she was dizzy and half asleep the whole time.

She vaguely heard the voices of Lu Yan and the children.

He took the children outside to look at the sea.

Qin Rou was dreaming, marrying a chef in her dream.

The trip was relatively calm, and they arrived at the port around eight or nine o’clock in the night.


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