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At the Yecheng port, the boat docked.

Qin Rou was sleepy, she was held down by someone, and since she was not woken up, she simply hugged the doll-like big bear beside her and continued to sleep.

In fact, she had a lot of dreams.

Right now, she was dreaming that she was going to Australia to become a koala.

She slept well with the tree, but a goblin came to shake the tree, which made her cling to the trunk of the tree to avoid being shaken.

Lu Yan was helplessly pulled by her.

That was the most intimate contact between the two of them except holding hands.

The beauty was in his arms, which was really a sweet trouble.

He had to get off the boat with his wife and asked two soldiers to help take the children off the boat.

Lu Yan had a few acquaintances and friends in the Yecheng Coastal Defense Force.

Instructor Lin brought a few people to pick him up.

Lin Xiang and he were also old schoolmates.

When he saw Lu Yan, he was shocked.

There was a person in his arms, and two small ones were dragging behind him.

——Lu Yan brought his family!

“You—have two children” Lin Xiang was really dumbfounded.

His eyes automatically turned green, the same color as the coconuts on the coconut tree, “Hey, let me think, how many years ago have we graduated from here Really, time is flying like arrows, the sun and the moon are flying by, why are your children four or five years old”


After graduation, the man came to the island.

He just got married, and had two children

Lu Yan was speechless and choked, “These are my two nephews.”

“I just got married, and my wife is nineteen this year.” How could he have two old sons

“Oh!” Lin Xiang calmed down.

It turned out that he just got married.

He was really a scumbag.

Everyone was on the same starting line. 

He grinned, “I just got married this year.”

He disembarked and introduced Lu Yan to the situation on Qiongzhou Island.

“Shh, keep your voice down, my wife is still sleeping.” 

Qin Rou was still sleeping soundly in his arms.

Lu Yan’s correct approach should be to put her on the bed in the guest house on the shore and come back to deal with other things.

However, he was selfish at the moment and was reluctant to let go.

It was the first time he held his wife in his arms!

These days, he hugged the little children for several rounds, and it was the first time that he had hugged hie wife.

“Sister-in-law is ill” Although Lin Xiang was a few years older than Lu Yan, he was probably impressed by “Brother Lu” back then, so he  called Qin Rou ‘Sister-in-law’.

Lin Xiang was very curious about the wife that Lu Yan had married, and glanced at her secretly.

She had buried her head on Lu Yan’s chest.

“Seasick, she fell asleep.”

Lin Xiang chatted with the crew, and he heard someone say that Lu Yan’s wife slept on the boat for a day.

He thought to himself that Brother Lu, this wife, could really sleep.

It was said that Lu Yan also accompanied his wife in the cabin for a day.

Lin Xiang was also newly married, and he and his wife were glued together for a few days.

He scratched the back of his head, suddenly thought of something, and gave Lu Yan a strange look: Looking at your brows and eyes, you must not be a beast, right

They were all newlyweds.

Lin Xiang patted Lu Yan’s shoulder and grinned…

Lu Yan didn’t bother to pay attention to him, leaving Lin Xiang alone to rub his chin on the spot.

Lu Yan was obviously married, so why was his reaction like a wooden pier


Qin Rou got up early, was off the boat.

Maybe Lu Yan carried her down.

Thinking of the dream she had the previous night, her ears were all red, and she wanted to look like an ostrich.

Luckily, Lu Yan told her to pack up early, and they were about to set off again.

Qin Rou almost burst into tears when she heard that she was going to take a truck.

It had been a very long journey!

After breakfast, Lu Yan and the two children squeezed into a large military truck.

The journey was bumpy for six or seven hours.

Qin Rou was no longer interested in seeing the enchanting coconut grove scenery and seascape.

When she arrived in Lucheng, her bones were all aching.

“Arrived” Qin Rou wanted to really cry.

They took the train, boat, truck… How much more transportation

The trip made her feel like an ancient scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam.

“We are here,” Lu Yan gave her an accurate answer.

After driving past the gate of the base at about 3:30 in the afternoon, Lu Yan got off the truck first to do errands, and Qin Rou took the two children to the family home.

The weather was good, the sun was not big, and the comfortable sea breeze blew on the side of the face, which seemed to take away all the fatigue.

There were two rows of tall coconut trees in the distance, the sky was extraordinarily blue, the clouds were extraordinarily beautiful, and the white clouds were clean in color, a whole mass in the air, like a mass of delicate cream.

Qin Rou took a deep breath, fresh air was sucked into her lungs, and all the turbid air was expelled.

–It was a great vacation spot!


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