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Qin Rou had a bad reputation in the art troupe.

Most of the people in the dormitory didn’t like her, but she didn’t like them either.

As for the people who were talking to her, they were plastic sisters.

(fake sisters)

Few of these plastic sisters were reassuring.

Although they were both persuasive and comforting on the surface, in fact, few of them were looking forward to her good life and were happy to watch her fail.

“She also asked me to meet someone called Lu Yan, who is a naval officer,” Qin Rou briefly explained, ignoring the bonuses and meat tickets she had won.

She focused on starting with the huge enamel cup, and finally threw out the big news.

Director Sun asked her to meet someone.

Qin Rou said that, but she didn’t take it seriously.

When she graduated as a kindergarten teacher before, there were so many people who wanted to introduce her to people, the principal, fellow teachers, the community… and even the children’s parents.

If she met someone on a blind date, it was fine, she wouldn’t die.

There was really no excuse for it.

Qin Rou was afraid that people would pester her.

Even if Director Sun just gave a few brief introductions, Qin Rou knew that Lu Yan was in a good position.

He became the chief of staff of the regiment at the age of twenty-five.

But Qin Rou was very self-aware.

Director Sun didn’t like her, and she had been in a lot of trouble recently.

When that woman introduced her to someone, how good could it be

There must be something wrong with the man surnamed Lu.

So Qin Rou said his name in a dignified manner to get some news.

She didn’t know him, but it didn’t mean that others didn’t.

One must know that the military circle was not very big.

There were no entertainment activities those days.

Everyone loved gossip in private.

If Lu Yan had some bad “reputation”, then many people would have heard of his deeds just like Qin Rou’s bad reputation.

“Lu Yan That Lu Yan! Qin Rou, you are miserable!!”

Sure enough, someone had really heard of Lu Yan.

Qin Rou looked at the person who was speaking.

It was Tang Ruibai, the loudspeaker in the group.

It was said that her family had a relationship and knew a lot of gossip in the district.

“Why do you say so” Luo Beibei, one of Qin Rou’s plastic sisters, spoke before her, “That Lu Yan was married before”

However, there was a strange suffocating feeling.

Luo Beibei smiled secretly.

Since the incident with Mrs.

Yang, there were really many people who wanted to introduce Qin Rou to a second marriage.

Qin Rou was beautiful, but she had a pair of seductive fox eyes.

“He is not married, and his family is fine.

He’s the youngest son of  Old Commander Lu, who is in his twenties, but he just has a bad temper.

His family asked him to meet many girls on a blind date, but he refused all of them.”

“Do you know Xiao Ke, the nurse in the district hospital, the very beautiful one She met him and cried for a long time when she got back.”

“He is very fierce.

Qin Rou, when you meet him, don’t run and cry.

That’s all,” Tang Rui smiled narrowly.

She felt that the meeting between Qin Rou and Lu Yan was the collision of two bullets.

Lu Yan’s temper was outrageous and Qin Rou was even more pungent.

– Could these two make it

That was almost a fantasy! Unless the sun came from the west.

“Qin Rou, you are so beautiful, how can a man be fierce to you He’s from a good family, so you can take good care of it!”  Hearing that, Luo Beibei smiled reluctantly.

She didn’t expect Lu Yan’s family conditions to be so good.

The youngest son of the old commander was still a single person, but he just had a bad temper, and was actually introduced to Qin Rou.

Qin Rou was just a little more beautiful.

Luo Beibei was jealous, but she was praising Qin Rou’s beauty against her will, and encouraged her to take good care of the good partner “Lu Yan”.

Hearing what Tang Ruibai said about Lu Yan, a reputable family son, who was notoriously thorny and did not eat hard or soft, (repulsive) how could Qin Rou eat such a hard bone


The biggest possibility was that Qin Rou would think that he was from a good family as she wanted to climb high, and entangle with him.

The man would think of her as a vulgar and coquettish girl, and finally let them see jokes.

She had to encourage Qin Rou to chew on the hard bone.

“Well, I’ll take good care of it,” Qin Rou felt relieved after listening to them.

Lu Yan didn’t sound like a big problem.

He had a bad temper, didn’t know how to pity jade (girls)… 

Qin Rou thought, ‘I’m not his wife, so I don’t care if he has a good temper.

Do I have to care about his ignorance I don’t live with him…’

It was just a blind date with him, and he was not a dragon pond, could he still eat her

He was more likely forced to marry by his elders, so he acted that way.

Such a blind date was also good, at least he wouldn’t pester her.

Qin Rou nodded secretly: —— As long as I have the correct attitude, I could fool the leaders and onlookers.

It could also wash away Qin Rou’s bad reputation.

Qin Rou climbed into bed, hid the money and meat tickets, and then got out of bed, intending to wash the newly obtained enamel cup.

Holding the enamel cup, she was speechless: Such a big enamel cup.

Is it really just a cup and not a bowl


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