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At that time, he would devour the land full of death and evil energy, leaving behind the land that still had vitality and had not been eroded.

Moreover, whether it was devouring the mud or the evil land on the Myriad World Continent, there was no difference in space in the Primal Chaos Pearl.

At this time, the space in the pearl had expanded to a radius of about 11 kilometers.

The space was larger while the Primal Chaos Air was more abundant, and the growth was continuing.

“Bang bang bang…”

Li Xiang walked around under the swamp, constantly collecting the miasma crystals.

In just over two hours, he had collected five to six thousand of them.

The number was so large that it was beyond his expectations.

At this time, the space inside the Primal Chaos Pearl on the tower had also expanded to a radius of 20 kilometers.

The radius of the other eight grotto-heaven worlds had also expanded by four to five kilometers.

Compared to the beginning, these spaces had grown significantly.

Even the radius of the space in the Primal Chaos Pearl had doubled.

The expansion and growth of space represented the growth and improvement of the Tower of Stars.

This tower was now Li Xiangs life treasure.

The stronger the tower was, the stronger he would be.

In the future when it reached a certain level, it could even supplement his body.

Not long after, Li Xiang collected hundreds of miasma crystals again.

Suddenly, he heard a loud vibration.

Even the nearby swamp trembled slightly as if it was the heartbeat of some huge creature.

“Eh What was this thing Could it be that theres a terrifying beast hidden under the swamp”

Li Xiangs heart slightly tensed, and his expression suddenly became cautious.

A ferocious beast that could survive in such a poisonous swamp was definitely terrifying.

Its combat strength might be quite high.

The environment like the swamp was his natural home field.

Once they start fighting, it would become more dangerous.

However, Li Xiang had no intention of retreating.

He carried the Tower of Stars and headed in the direction of the vibration.

The Tower of Stars was constantly devouring a massive amount of sludge and poisonous water, causing the entire swamp to sink by a section.

One could only imagine how much the tower had devoured in just four hours.

“Whats that”

When he was close to the core of the vibration, Li Xiangs eyes narrowed and his heart suddenly shrank.

Upon a closer look, he was shocked to find that there was a ball of green light in the black sludge and poisonous water.

In the middle of the light, there was a green heart that seemed to be beating.

There were mysterious energy patterns on the heart.

As the heart beat, the energy on the patterns kept flowing.

As it contracted and undulated, a huge amount of heaven and earth vitality was absorbed and refined before it spewed out green mud.

The sludge was directly sent out of the light and fused with the other sludge, looking no different from the others.

“What is this thing It can absorb heaven and earth vitality and directly produce poisonous mud in the swamp.

Could it be that the poisonous mud in the swamp was produced by this strange heart Could it be the core of this swamp world”

Other than this last guess, Li Xiang couldnt think of any other more reasonable guess.

Looking at the endless stream of poisonous mud being continuously pumped out, he was inexplicably shocked.

If his guess was right, the heart must be the core treasure or even the origin of this grotto-heaven world.

Just like the treasures in the eight worlds he had created in the Tower of Stars, they had become the core of the world after the worlds had been created.

However, the situation was reversed.

It was very likely that this world first had swamps, then gave birth to supreme treasures, and then the supreme treasures fed the world.

Li Xiang used the probing skill to check.

[Heart of the Swamp]

[Grade: Divine]

[Type: Rare treasure, the core of the worlds origin]

[Description: A rare treasure born from the Bagua world.

It has fused with the power of the Bagua.

When heaven and earth revolve, it can absorb the heaven and earth vitality and create endless swamps.

It can turn any land below its level into a swamp.]


Li Xiang noticed the last sentence of the explanation.

It could turn any land below its level into a swamp.

In other words, the land in the Myriad World Continent that had not been contaminated and eroded by something beyond divine grade could also be turned into a swamp.

It must be known that although the swamp was a very bad terrain, there was no lack of vitality.

If he could turn the almost-dead land into a swamp before turning it into normal soil with vitality, the process would be much easier.

After all, this was a transcendent world, and there were many methods.

This was an invaluable treasure, especially for the Myriad World Continent.

Its value was so high that it was many levels higher than the miasma crystals.

One was a rare top-grade material, while the other was a natural treasure with amazing abilities.

There was no room for comparison between the two.

As long as a rare treasure could be used in the right place, it would be more valuable than many higher-grade treasures.

“This is a good item.

With this Heart of the Swamp, I can completely fuse it into the Tower of Stars and open up a swamp world inside.

There will be an endless stream of poisonous sludge emerging from it, forming a special world.

It can even be directly projected onto the Myriad World Continent by controlling the swamps, turning the land of our nemesis into a swamp.

Hehe! It was a pretty good choice whether the swamp was devoured by the Tower of the Stars or transformed into a land full of life!”

Li Xiang was excited.

The moment he saw this treasure, he had already planned everything according to its characteristics.

Everything was ready, except for the last thing he needed.

With this treasure, the tower could produce countless sludge and poisonous water, which would then be converted into Primal Chaos Air.

After consumption, it would produce heaven and earth vitality.

The heaven and earth vitality was endless, and there was even the starlight power to supplement it.

Hence there was no need to worry about the problem of energy imbalance at all.

Moreover, this efficiency might be better than just absorbing the heaven and earth vitality and the starlight power.

As long as the Primal Chaos Pearl accumulated enough Primal Chaos Air, he would be able to create more treasure grotto-heavens and make the Tower of Stars taller and stronger.

He wouldnt be willing nor casually fuse a treasure into the Tower of Stars.

The treasure he chose had to have enough potential as well as irreplaceable effects and benefits for himself or the Tower of Stars.

If he fused too many useless treasures into it, it would be impossible for him to upgrade his Tower of Stars.

This Heart of the Swamp could allow the Tower of Stars to form a swamp grotto-heaven and eventually evolve into a swamp world.

This was a significant function.

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