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RebirthThe Fake Heiress Stuns The World Chapter 26 - Taking Care of Young Miss

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Chapter 26: Taking Care of Young Miss

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The security guard walked a short distance away and contacted Ning Kun with a mobile device.

After a while, the security guard returned to Lin Cheng. “Boss Lin, please follow me.”

“You mean…” Lin Cheng looked at the bodyguard in surprise.” CEO Lu wants to see me ”

The bodyguard asked expressionlessly, “Arent you here to see CEO Lu”

Lin Cheng let out two “ah” sounds and hurriedly followed behind the security guard towards the ward.

It was not that he wanted to ask about it on purpose. It was just that many people in power from prestigious families wanted to visit Lu Chen but were rejected.

He was just trying his luck this time and didnt expect Lu Chen to meet him!

With a smile on his face, Lin Cheng happily followed the security guard into the ward.

The door opened and Ning Kun was waiting at the door.

“CEO Lin, please!”

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Lin Cheng nodded and followed Ning Kuns lead.

Lu Chen was sitting on the bed, flipping through some documents.

Seeing Lin Cheng enter, Lu Chen raised his head and nodded slightly.

Lin Cheng stepped forward in fear and asked with concern, “CEO Lu, are you… okay”

Lu Chen nodded. “Thank you for your concern, CEO Lin!”

“Ah, well…” Lu Chen had always had a cold and unyielding character. Lin Cheng was still a little surprised that Lu Chen was so friendly to him.

“Its my honor to meet you, CEO Lu!”

Lin Cheng happily expressed his gratitude.

Lu Chen didnt want to be perfunctory with Lin Cheng, so he said, “CEO Lin is the person-in-charge of Lins Group…”

“Then Miss Lin Yun is yours”

When Lin Cheng heard Lu Chen mention Lin Yun, he was a little surprised, but he still hurriedly replied, “Shes my daughter.”

“CEO Lu raised a good daughter!” Lu Chen said sincerely.

When Lin Cheng heard Lu Chens evaluation of Lin Yun, he was even more surprised. “CEO Lu knows my daughter”

“Not really…” Lu Chen said as he raised his chin at Ning Kun.

Ning Kun took two steps forward and said to Lin Cheng, “CEO Lin, CEO Lu is injured and needs to rest. This way please…”

Lin Cheng didnt feel the slightest bit displeased at being chased out so rudely.

He quickly nodded and said, “Its my fault for not being considerate and affecting CEO Lus rest!”

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“Farewell, farewell!” As Lin Cheng spoke, he bowed slightly to Lu Chen and followed Ning Kun out of the ward.

Walking into the elevator, Lin Cheng still felt that there was something fishy about Lu Chen mentioning Lin Yun.

He rushed to Lin Yuns ward and saw that she had already woken up.

Without waiting for Lin Yun to greet him, Lin Cheng had already asked the question in his heart, “How did you know CEO Lu”

Lin Yun was startled by Lin Chengs question.

She had already agreed with Lu Chen not to tell anyone about this. Why was it now being questioned…

As Lin Yun didnt answer his question, Lin Cheng asked her again, “How do you know each other Are you familiar with each other”

Lin Yun shook her head and asked, “Which CEO Lu are you talking about”

“Who else could it be” Lin Cheng said impatiently. “It has to be President Lu Chen of the Lu Corporation, the biggest family in the Imperial Capital!”

“Imperial Capital” Lin Yun frowned. “Of course not!”

Lin Cheng waved a hand and said, “Hes been living in here for the past few years. Maybe youve met him somewhere”

After Lin Chengs reminder, Lin Yun finally “came to a realization”.

“Oh, the CEO Lu youre talking about is probably the one who gave a speech at our school!”

“Speech” Lin Cheng frowned. “There was such a thing”

“The last time the school did a special lecture, they invited CEO Lu. Hes probably the one you mentioned!”

Lin Yun held her chin in her hand as she pondered carefully.

“Are you close” Lin Cheng asked again.

Lin Yun shook her head. “Im not familiar with him! I just spoke to CEO Lu as the schools representative.”

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“I see!” Lin Cheng nodded, then said happily, “Xiao Yun, your grades have been good since you were young. You did such a big thing in school, but you didnt tell your parents!”

Lin Yun smiled but didnt answer.

Aunt Xu came in with a plate of fruits. She paused when she saw Lin Cheng.

“Master, why are you back”

After asking this question, Aunt Xu knew that she had said the wrong thing.

Lin Cheng said in an unfriendly tone, “Im here to see my daughter. Is there a problem”

Aunt Xu quickly shook her head and handed the fruit platter to Lin Cheng. “Master, have some fruits!”


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