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Bai Ling pushed her away wearing shoes that were three inches high, Liu tang was barely able to keep her balance by the pushing. As she was just about to fall, a person dashed over and held her in his arms from behind. He was so careful as if he was carrying a fragile treasure. It was from Wang Jun could tell just from his profile. She felt a twinge of sorrow, but she shoved it aside.

Liu Tang leaned into his arms and bit her lip, pretending she was hurt. "Wang Jin, I just wanted to make amends, but…"she hesitated by his reaction as Wang Jin got angry when he looked at the beautiful woman in his arms who seemed like she had been assaulted. He looked up at Bai Ling, complaining in impatience. "Miss Bai Ling, I thought I made it clear to you. Why couldn you just leave my wife alone? , and we are already married. Would you please stop pestering us?"

"Pestering you!"Bai Ling yelled like a mad cow who had been unable to have his last breath..Just now, when she argued with her sister, Liu Tang, she was able to stay calm.

Now, she trembled because something in her started to collapse into pieces. The person who was standing in front of her was the man she had loved for five years he married her and was now treating her like his maid, oh God they will both pay. She thought she knew who he was.There was a time when he loved her, spoiled her, and cared for her.

About a year ago, she lost contact with him for a few months because she was locked up in a cell prison. While she was in prison sister Tang told her she married him, she died and came back, he forgot her entirely, and he had fallen in love with her sister. It was so hard for her to accept it. She thought he was her soulmate, but he forgot her. She tried all kinds of ways to remind him of their past. She even begged her sister to give him back to her. Well,what she got was endless humiliation from her sister and his growing disapproval.

It was because she was so depressed the following year that she rejected all the changes the company had to offer. Actually, she was a new star at that time and she just starting to make a name for herself. She would have been extremely famous if she had accepted their offers, but instead, she slid into a depression. A year was enough to cool down the little fire that was burning inside of her.

How ironic it was that Wang Jin was now in her face and announced that he had already marry Liu Tang. "Wang Jin, you are free from me, but do you really think that the woman in your arms is as innocent as she looks? This woman is the cruelest person I have ever met. I don know what she has done to you, but…"

"Shut up! How dare you insult my wife." Wang Wei interrupted her fiercely. The ever-loving and gentle Wang Jin was now pissed off.

"Wang Jin, don get angry. My sister just can control herself." Liu Tang comforted him as if she was the Virgin Mary and then turned to her sister. "Miss Bai Ling, I suggest you go and talk to someone about your issues, maybe therapy? I happen to know a brilliant therapist, would you like me to introduce you to him?" Seeing her sister Liu Tang was so considerate, Wang Jin felt that Bai Ling was far more unreasonable. He stared at Bai Ling full of disgust. "Miss Ling, I cannot understand why you would hurt such an innocent person. I doubt you even feel any regret. I hope you take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are proud of the woman that you have become."

How deep their love was and how hurt she felt right now. Bai Lings face turned pale, and her lips quivered. She tried to force a faint sneer.

"Well, then, I wish you a happy ever after ending. I have to go." Bai Ling wanted to vanish immediately so he she will not see him again, but her wrist was grabbed as she walked past Wang Jin. It was from Wang Jin. A faint hope aroused in her heart. Maybe… Did he recall something Even she was stubborn and reluctant to admit, she still couldn pass by him until now. "Miss Ling, please apologize to Liu Tang" Wang Jin commanded without a touch of emotion. "Are you kidding me?" She almost laughed out in anger." You want me to apologize to her?"

"Forget it, Wang Jin." Liu Tang showed her fake moral virtue again. "Lets go back." and she secretly threw a sneer at Bai Ling."

"No, she needs to say she is sorry. You never told me what she did to you, but I could see for myself today. She must apologize."Bai Ling didn know why her divorced husband was acting so ridiculous. She wanted to pull back her hand, but she knew it would have been impossible. After a while she apologized he let go of her then she left.

Bai Ling was in her small apartment weeping her eye almost want to pop out from her eye socket she was fasturated. Thinking of the night before she died she thought Wang Jin did not love her (her sister Liu Tang) the night was a agony for her then morning arose.

*. *. *

In the was late for her audition because of Lily. It was ten oclock when she arrived at the _dream of x_. Fei Fei stopped and parked her car in the underground parking garage. Bai Ling took the elevator to the eighth floor at the audition. As soon as Bai Ling entered through the door, she saw a large crowd of people gathered together. There was a space in the middle of the floor with a three-meter platform. Not far from the platform, there were five or six tables, and chairs and three people were sitting together. To discuss what? Bai Ling wondered.

A female actress was on the platform auditioning. The actress would nod her head whenever someone told her what they wanted her to do. Bai Ling could only see the back of the actresss head, so she had no idea who the actress was. She whispered to an assistant next to her, "Whos auditioning?" The assistant glanced at her, and she could tell that Bai Ling was a new actress. She said in a cold and impatient voice, "Li Mei"

Then she turned around and left without looking at Bai Ling. Bai Ling couldn recall the name Li Mei and estimated that even her status was inferior; she might be a new person. The assistant director held up his hand and shouted, "one, two, three, action!" As soon as she heard the assistants voice, Li Mei began to jump down.

"Cut!!!" The assistant director roared impatiently. ",Li Mei are you a piece of wood? Why would you jump straight down? You are a humble female warrior in a new isekai! Not a zombie!" Li Meis eyes burst into tears. "Director Chen , just give me one more chance, please. "Ill do it again.Im sure it will be okay." Li Mei said.

"What a jump! No Time for another one. Your audition is over." he said.

The assistant ordered her to be taken off the platform. Li Mei knew that this rare opportunity had been screwed up by her being so nervous. She left with her head down and tears flowing down her face. Bai Ling figured Li Meis audition was eliminated within ten seconds from the beginning to the end. Starting out fresh in showbiz, if you were not famous, then no one would ever give you a smile or another chance at an audition. She took a deep breath and made up her mind to be chosen. "Miss Cara, I am sorry that Im late," Bai Ling said shyly.

Miss Cara, who had been working in the movie industry for a long time, was not as snobbish as the others. She nodded to her, "Its all right. You have lots of time, come on in."

"Excuse me, Cara, when is it going to be my turn?" Miss Cara looked through the papers and said, "You

e the eighth one in line. You are right after juni Webster. Ill show you the script."

B As she spoke, she handed her two pages. Bai Ling thanked her and sat down to read the script. Todays audition didn seem to be too complicated. It was revolved around a fight. What they were looking for was the actresss balance ability and physical coordination.

The story was about a woman who was hiding in a tree and just found out that her friend she grew up with was the one who killed her whole family. She jumped down from the tree and started to fight with the supporting actor. The supporting actor didn come today, so it was a fight choreographer that was taking his place.

The three-meter platform was simulated to be the tree. There was a sudden uproar in the crowd, and then all at once, there was a stillness. Bai slowly raised her head.

A man came in from the gate. He was in a black suit. He was tall and had a fresh face. He had an impression on his face as though he was saying, "Do not get close to me." After a moments silence, everyone around him, excitedly said, "Oh, my God! How handsome he is!"

"Who is he?"

"I don know."

"Is he the new actor?"

"Oh, my God! He is better than King Hay!"

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