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Rehab In Another World Chapter 1

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Bang, bang, bang!

"Whats that noise...?" I said as I lifted my head off of the table. I must have passed out after that last line... I looked down at my lines of cocaine, messed up from my head that was resting on the table.

Bang, bang, bang!

"Open the damn door!" Soon, the door broke down, and a burly man with tattoos stood in the doorway. "Aw, look at the little punk with his face covered in our product!" He yelled to the people behind him. "R-Rodrigo? W-what are you doing here?" I asked as I fell to the ground. "You know why Im here. First you cheapskate us, then you run off to a different state entirely? Not good for you, I think."

I looked around at the hotel room, feeling like something was missing. "Looking for me?" A woman in her early thirties appeared next to Rodrigo. "E-Eliza? W-what

e you doing?" I asked. "Your wife here finally realized how **ing pathetic you are! Shes the one who called us and told you where you were." She rubbed her hand on his chest with a smile. "Don worry. Well all take good care of her!" The men all laughed.

I sat up as my heart began to beat faster. Rodrigo looked behind him and grabbed a gun from one of the men. I never paid attention to the types of guns, so I don know what it was. "Heres whats going to happen to you: Im going to shoot you until you

e unrecognizable, take all of your cash, all of my product back, and then your wife. Ready?" He asked, pointing the gun at my face.

My voice was caught in my voice, so I just backed up until my back was pressed against the wall. They started speaking, but my heartbeat was too loud to hear what it was they were saying. How did this happen? Would Eliza do this in reality? Maybe I was dreaming, yeah, Im just dreaming.

"Goodnight, Ponyboy."

I tried to scream, but a loud boom cut me off. And just like that, I was dead.

I looked down at my body from above. Am I a ghost..? I saw Rodrigo filling my body with bullets, only stopping to reload. God damn, he wasn kidding! I thought a few bullets in the war were bad, but this is insanity!

Finally, he stopped. "Thats what the bitch gets. Don even bother with getting anything. Lets go, boys." He walked out, leaving Eliza alone in the hotel room. I could tell she was crying, but I couldn hear her. I was losing consciousness quickly, so I just let it take me.

"Waah! Waah!"

Whats happening? I tried to open my eyes, but they hurt like they were blocked by something. "Macte. Puer sanum infantem modo peperit!" I heard a man say. Is that... Latin? Oh, I knew I should have paid more attention in class!

Suddenly, a language I couldn understand became like English. "Oh, honey, hes so cute!" A woman squealed. "Hes... red and gross!" A new man screeches. "Don be like that, hes our son!"

Was I reincarnated? Wait, was I just given birth to?! I couldn hear the people talking as my thoughts clouded everything else. If I was reincarnated, was it in a fantasy realm? Could I use magic?

"Would you like to circumcise him?" I heard a nurse ask. No, my foreskin! I started swinging my limbs as best I could and screaming. "No, I think hes fine," The lady, who I presumed to be my mother, said while laughing. I sighed in relief. Thank god, I wasn circumcised again!

I felt my eyes being wiped off with some type of cloth. I opened my eyes, but the bright light made me shut them. After I was brought to my mother, I opened them again. This time, I could see the blonde beauty that was my mother. Blonde hair and green eyes... reminds me of Eliza in a way. Right, Eliza.

I was too caught up in my birth to remember why I was even here in the first place. Did Eliza really sell me out to Rodrigo? What happened to her after I died?

I guess It doesn matter now. I was just reincarnated into a new world, and all I can think about was my old life. What baloney!

My mother looked up. "Honey, say hi or something." I turned my head to see a redheaded, bearded man. "Hi there, Im your dad!" He poked me with his finger. My mother held me tightly while giggling. "Hes just so cute!" I wish I had something to get high off of so I don have to be here...

Soon, I took in our surroundings: a wooden room with a bear mat lying on the floor. Are we in modern times? It looks like your average house in Colorado... I think. The only times I was there were when I was a teenager and a kid. I died when I was 43, so it was a good amount of time ago. Oh, right. I used to read a novel with a similar plot to this, but it was different. He was a king in that story, but I wasn . I was just a soldier who shouldve died in a battle.

"So, have you two decided on a name?" The doctor asked. "Well, there were so many options, but—" Shes cut off by the door opening suddenly, and a woman running in. "DID YOU HAVE THE BABY YET?!" The new woman yelled. "Honey, calm down. She obviously did."

"Are you fine with them being in here?" The doctor asked. "Of course, they

e my sister and brother-in-law." I looked over and saw a blonde woman with auburn eyes. To her left was a brown-headed man with hazel eyes. "OH MY GOD, HES SO CUTE!" The woman picked me up and lifted me above her head. In my mind, I could hear a song from a movie play. "Don move that fast with him! He was just born!" My mother yelled.

"Oh, sorry!" She looked at me. "So, the name?" My father scrambled. "Right! We still aren exactly sure about a name. Do either of you have any ideas?" My uncle rubbed the back of his neck. "Balere seems nice," He says. "Oh, I like that!" My mother yelled out.

My aunt returned her attention to me. "Looks like you have a name, little guy!" I mentally sighed. Strong. What a load of— "Alright. You know how to contact me in case of any emergencies, correct?" The doctor checked. "Yes, thank you, Dr. Bart." He smiled before walking out.

I was handed back to my mother when I started to grow exhausted. I guess being a baby tires you out quickly. I crept into the sweet release of sleep.

When I awoke, my mother was still holding me. So hungry... How am I supposed to let her know?

I tried to make a noise, but a scream came out instead. I guess that works too... My mother quickly awoke. "Jeez! I guess I should be more aware now that you

e here. Now how do I..." She lowered her shirt and stuffed my mouth with her nipple. This is degrading. There was no reason to do this when I was an adult...

My father entered the room wearing leather sleeves. "Hey there, Balere. I thought your sister would never leave," He laughs. "She and her kids were so obsessed with him even though he was asleep. She can be such a pain sometimes..." My mother complained. I guess she did seem a little too hyper. Wait, did she say and her kids?

"I can make you dinner quickly. Just lay there and let me make you some food." He seemed like a reserved but kind person. I can make assumptions just yet, though. My father in my past life taught me that too quickly.

Three months passed since my death/birth, and I still wasn used to anything. My mother was a stay-at-home mom, while my dad worked every other day. In my time, I haven learned ** about this world. I can wait until I can talk...

"Honey, do you want to go eat out tonight?" My mother asked. "While that sounds nice, do you think its a good idea to bring Balere?" My father asked in a worried tone. "Sure it is. We can get him a high chair, and we can finally eat out at... whats that new restaurant that opened recently?" My mother asked. "OReileys." I laughed in my head. AUTO PARTS?! HAHAHA! I giggled out loud, too, startling my mother. "He just randomly laughs sometimes. Do you think hes mentally well?" Mother asked, starting to get worried. "Im sure he just thinks everything is funny."

Father grabbed me and set me down on the table. I looked around the living room. Sofa, lanterns, and another bear-skinned rug. Im guessing there isn any electricity, seeing as we still use lanterns. My hopes for this world are starting to skyrocket.

"Alright, I guess we can eat out." I turned my entire body to my parents and smiled. "Seems like Balere thinks it is a good idea! Doesn it baby!" I decided to laugh to amuse my parents. Mother grabbed a harness and set me in it. Very nice! I can be carried wherever I want whenever my parents want.

We exited the house and I immediately took everything in. My wildest dreams had come true! Everywhere I looked, some highly attractive people were carrying all sorts of weapons! I could cry from happiness.

We entered a nice-looking restaurant, and a woman immediately welcomed us. We got a table and I looked at everyone around us. How come there were only attractive people around us? It was either because the people in my world were very ugly, or this worlds people were highly attractive. Either way, lets just say I had a lot of fun there. I didn pay attention to what my parents were eating, but I did see a man with a thin mustache.

Stupid Italian. The man turned in our direction and raised a brow. He squinted his eyes before shrugging and walking away. "The food here is good!" Mother whispered-yelled to Father. "I think the food in Hedgeport is better, but this is amazing."

After we paid and left, I looked around. I slapped Mothers neck to try and get her to slow down, but she ignored it. Insolent fool, I want to see the pretty men!

We quickly arrived at the house and I was set on the couch. I was definitely in a fantasy world, but that didn immediately answer my question of whether or not magic was used here. If my memory serves me correctly, the person in the novel found out by getting hurt... Hm.

I looked over at my parents, who were talking while facing my direction. Hup! I fell off of the couch and landed on my arm, hurting it. "Oh, my! Balere, are you OK, sweetie?" My father quickly picked me up. I, of course, was crying. THAT FUCKING HURT, OF COURSE, IM NOT OK! Mother ran to the cabinet and pulled out a white crystal. After breaking it close to my arm, it was healed. "Lets pray that doesn happen again!"

I punched the air out of excitement. It seems like this world will be much better. Wait, what are my parents names?

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