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“My first request is about Feli.”




Feli looked surprised and so was I.

But then Mazell’s next line strikes me as very typical of him.


“I heard that Feli is from an orphanage.

So, while he is traveling with us, can you take care of the orphanage, Welner”


“Got it.”


I said without hesitation.

I’ve also been thinking about doing that.

Come to think about it, I wonder what happened in the game.

I’m curious since the orphanage didn’t appear in the game.


It looks like Frenssen also wants to say something to me but for now, I choose to ignore him.


“My next request is about Luguentz-san and Elrich-san.

They were cooperating with us out of their free will, but…”


“Got it.

I will employ them.

I will also compensate them for their help so far.”


Well, I don’t know if it is fine for me to decide to employ them, but I’m prepared to even fight my father to do this.

In the game, they cooperate with Mazell free of charge, but they will be going on a life-threatening journey.

To let them do it for free is absurd.

It’s only right that they are compensated.


Considering it this way, the game’s setting was pretty unreasonable.

Aside from the diligent Mazell, only the royalty, Laura, has a reason to cooperate with Mazell for free.

No, maybe Uwe, that old man too


“And… well… I have another request, but it’s fine if it’s not possible…”


For Mazell to hesitate that much, I wonder what this request is about.


“If it’s about the academy, their side will, of course, take care of the problem for you, you know”



Well, I’m concerned about that too, but that’s not what I meant.”


Come to think of it, In the game, people seem to ignore the fact that a mere student is going on a journey to save the world, but will that be the case in reality I don’t know.


The fact that the teachers in the academy didn’t say anything was also strange.

I wonder if in the game, the kingdom secretly made a move so the academy can’t do anything.  I mean, in the game, it was not clear if the kingdom valued Mazell, or was simply using him.

After all, it is also true that a human that might win against the Demon King is a threat to the country.


Not to mention, in the game, all people that might complain about the fact that the kingdom let a mere student try to save the world had died, not in reality though.

That means now, some people might be wary of Mazell.


If that kind of person exists, I need to be careful.

I would never have dreamed of being bothered by court maneuvering at this age.

Where should I begin to take a measure


While I was brooding over such a thing, Mazell made an unexpected request.


“Could you please contact my family”




I was abruptly pulled back to reality, but what did he mean Well, I know he has a family, but… why did Mazell ask me to contact them


“You can contact them yourself, you know.”


“No, well, you see, my family and I have a bit…”


”Big bro Mazell, How about using this shoe to go to your hometown”


Feli’s suggestion caught me by surprise.

I hadn’t thought about that.

The Skywalk can only be used to go to the place you’ve been before and Alea village is Mazell’s hometown.

There’s no way he hasn’t been to his hometown. 


Still, to think that Feli calls Mazell a big bro.

Did he call him that in the game I don’t remember.

Well, anyway…


“He’s right.

Do you want to give it a try”


“Ah, um, yeah…”


“What Are you in the middle of a quarrel with your parents or something”


I listened to the indecisive Mazell with genuine wonder.

I don’t remember there was that kind of setup in the game.


“That’s not it.

I just wondered if they are worried about me…”


Oh, I guess parents will be worried if their son who was just a normal villager a few years ago ended up fighting with demons.

So Mazell is saying that his parents haven’t come to terms with that.


I guess human drama wasn’t included in the game story.

That makes sense since the players won’t want human drama in an RPG game.


Especially since the protagonist was the players themselves. Even if the protagonist had his own story before the players played as him, it was going to be a hassle for the developer to explain that. It was also going to take a lot of memory, so the developer needed to cut off that part of the story.


“Then, how about you go now I still have more Skywalks.”


Skywalk is really expensive, but being stingy here would be a mistake as a human being.


“…Right, I will go.”




When I was about to hand a Skywalk to Mazell, Frenssen interrupted me.

I don’t think it was because he’s worried about the money… While I was thinking like that, he ended up saying a pretty important thing with a calm tone.


“If a person were to vanish suddenly in a bar, people would panic.”



You’re right….”


He’s right.

In the game, nobody cared about that, but that won’t be the case in reality.

I had been careless.

I forgot this is reality.


“I believe the mansion also falls into chaos when people notice we vanished.”




I also didn’t think about that.

Since I doubted that just an explanation would convince Mazell’s party, I planned to make them experience the effect of Skywalk.

Though I have to confess that I was also planning to play a little prank on them.


“You’re right.

Let’s go outside first and return to the capital.

Sorry, Mazell.”


“Nah, don’t worry.

Let’s return first.”


It seems like Mazell is relieved.


Mazell’s response is strange.

I don’t think he was telling the truth.

It’s rare for this guy to hide something.

I should be careful.


But ultimately on that day, after sharing some Skywalks with Mazell’s party, the matter was somehow swept under the rug.

The Skywalk can only take you to the entrance of a town so I need to go to the mansion on my own.

When I arrived at the mansion, there was a slight uproar.

Yeah, yeah, I was wrong.


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