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Requiem of The Gluttonous God. Chapter 3: Beelzebub & Satan

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Kim Hajoon thought that the Ice Queens core could be used in helping Ketsuni in evolving.

Kim Hajoon didn know so he just put the Ice Queen Core in his inventory.

"Ketsuni. Lets go out." Kim Hajoon said and Ketsuni nodded.

Kim Hajoon went inside his space bag and pulled out a jar of Gluttonous seeds.

The bag was space storage which is 18 meters in length and width. It was also a gift when he was still young.

The space storage had an [ Stop-Time ] effect and the effect which would make it less heavy.

Kim Hajoon looked around the space bag and it is full of food for a month, healing potions, seeds, books, etc.

Kim Hajoon noticed a light blue seed on the floor and picked it up. "Seed of Patience?" Kim Hajoon was shocked at first.

The seed of Patience is a rare seed that can only grow in cold and silent areas. He didn even put the seed in his bag yet it was there.

The only plant that could grow in the hell-like place is Gluttonous, which can only grow in hot places where there is full of malice.

I can go out because of the heat, but if I combine Gluttonous and Patience, I should be able to make a plant that can help me survive. Kim Hajoon took a jar of Gluttonous seeds and Patience Seeds.

He activated the skill [ Seed/Plant Unification ] and made a new seed.

< Hellenic Ice Seed >

< Description – A seed that can grow in hot and cold places and has intelligence. >

< Skills: >

< Multiple heads – It can grow to an infinite amount of heads, but the more heads are made, the more energy is needed. >

< Immortality – Unless the core ( Seed ) is destroyed, then the plant will be un-killable. >

< Fire & Ice Immunity – Immune to all Ice and Fire-based attacks. >

< Fire & Ice Manipulation – Can manipulate Ice and Fire elements. >

"Letts start." Kim Hajoon then said. "Kitsune, back away." Kitsune nodded and backed away."

Kim Hajoon made the seed completely bloom and it had 1 head. The plant tried to bite Kim Hajoon, but with his authority, he was able to subdue it and kill it.

A blue screen suddenly popped up out of nowhere and it said.

[ Notice: You have killed the Hellenic Ice plant.

Would you like to absorb its skills or make it familiar? ]

"Make it a familiar." The plant grew back to its original form and Kim Hajoon opened the door.

He threw the seed outside and let it absorb Kim Hajoons pollen.

Once it absorbed the pollen, it transformed into a large plant which then ate the dragon in one bite.

Even with the smallest plant. I can make it into a huge tree. Kim Hajoon proudly thought and then said. "I shall name you Beelzebub." The plant glowed a light blue aura and a blue screen appeared in front of Kim Hajoon. He read it and it said.

[ Notice: You have to name a familiar and therefore the familiar now has an identity. ]

< Name: Beelzebub. >

< Race: Hellenic Ice Gluttonous. >

< Level: 33. >

< Loyalty: 100%. >

[ Notice: You have killed a Fire Dragon.

Would you like to absorb its skills of making it into a familiar? ]

"This time around, I need exp and resistance to fire. Absorb it." Kim Hajoon felt his strength growing.

Beelzebub started to eat everything it sees and a lot of notifications popped up.

[ Notice! Inventory has been full ]

The inventory of the system is nice, but it can only hold 20 objects at this time.

"Lets level up my territory." Kim Hajoon went to the System to see if there were conditions for upgrading the territory.

"So, I just need to be level 100. Ive already done that. 1,000 stones ( any type ). I should pick a durable stone." Kim Hajoon stood up and walked outside.

"Ketsuni, lets practice." My strength would be around SU rank, because of Gluttonous.

"Ketsuni, heres a skill that should help in blocking the heat." Kim Hajoon gave a skill book to Ketsuni and she immediately learned it.

Once she learned it, she started to kill a lot of monsters.

It was mostly weak monsters but with her strength, she would be able to kill a lot of monsters.

Kim Hajoon kept a close eye on Ketsuni and looked around the system.

There was a Floor Group Chat that everyone uses and is talking about how to survive or trade some things.

Kim Hajoon pressed the Floor Group Chat and started to read every single chat.

Player XXY: Help, a huge plant ate my entire house, Im still alive because of the shield provided by the system, but if the shield expires, then I would die.

Player xyx: I am also in the same boat.

Player 1e3: I am in the Antarctic ocean, please help.

Player 34g: I don have any food, please help.

Their subject was the huge plant that is almost everyone in the hell region and some have already tried to subjugate it but failed.

Kim Hajoon went back to reading the notifications and most of the people and monsters that Beelzebub ate, were quite weak.

Kim Hajoon has a lot of materials it could help improve other peoples lives but in this world, where the synth of death is always on your neck. Then its the survival of the fittest.

Huh? Kim Hajoon was just reading the notifications one by one and there was an unusual one.

< Race: Dragon King. >

< Description: King of all dragons in hell. >

< Skills: >

< Dragon Dominance – Can make any other dragon obey their will. >

< Fire Domination – Can dominate the fire element. >

< Core Evaporation – It is a sacrificial move that can evaporate anything in a 1 km radius. >

< Fire Nullification – Can nullify almost all fire attacks. >

"Make Dragon King my familiar." Red particles started to form and a huge red dragon appeared out of nowhere.

It was 300-meter red dragon with a red gem in the middle of its chest. Its eyes glowed like blood and its scales looked like blood.

It then bowed its head and said. "What is your order, my king." The dragon said.

"You shall be Satan." The dragon opened its wings and roared.

"It is an honor to be named by such a strong individual as your self your majesty." The dragon said as it flapped its wings.

"Go take the toughest stone in this place and give it to me. It must be 1,000 pieces." Kim Hajoon said and Satan said. "I shall die for that order, your majesty." It then opened its wings and flew away.

Kim Hajoon went back to reading the notifications as he supplied Beelzebub with energy.

Kim Hajoon didn even notice the power of Ketsuni getting stronger and stronger.

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