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Requiem of The Gluttonous God. Chapter 4: Base upgrade part 1

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Its been a week since the flow of high-ranking monsters was killed and Kim Hajoon was worried that there was a high-ranking spirit running amok with his lovely plants.

Kim Hajoon looked at the treasury on the floor in front of his base and thought. What am I going to do? My space bag is full of random things so is my inventory.

Kim Hajoon already tried to fuse every single item and was lessening the number of items, but the flow of low-tear items would just not stop.

There were already high-ranking items like the Dragons Heart, Flame of Hell, etc.

There was an amazing perk in the system which can upgrade the base in a second if the requirements are done.

Where is Satan? Kim Hajoon was worried as players already saw the huge pile of gold and other materials just laying around.

Kim Hajoon had a plant called a space plant. In the plants core, there is a huge space that can hold up to an entire city, but the requirements are too hard.


The first condition is to let it absorb space mana, which can be done by using [ Pollen of The Dead Mother ], the last condition is having an SSS-rank space core and that is practically impossible.

Kim Hajoon looked at the black sky-well there was no sky as only rocks were in there. ( Hell is like a cave, a really big one )

He saw Satan approaching and was holding a huge box on his arms back and feet.

Satan flew at a rapid speed, which was shocking.

Satan dropped down from the sky and dropped all the boxes. He then bowed his head and said. "I have come back, master." Satan destroyed all the boxes with his claws and red jewels started to come out of them.

Kim Hajoon went closer and patted his head and then said. "You have done well."

Kim Hajoon took his hand from Satans head and Satan raised his head. "What shall I do next, master?" Satan said as he looked at his master with compassion in his eyes.

"For now, rest." Satan was then sucked by a black hole and he disappeared.

Kim Hajoon went to the stones and took a red stone-no it looked like a gem to be precise.

< Hells Core >

< Description: A stone that has high properties in fire and is born from the Fire Tree. One Hells Stone can only be made after 1,000 years. >

!!! Kim Hajoon was speechless and thought. W-Where did he even take this? Kim Hajoon looked from right to left and then pressed.

< Would you like to use 2,000 Hells Stone for upgrading the base? >

< Yes / No >

Kim Hajoon pressed the yes and the stones were then sucked by a black hole.

A blue light suddenly formed under the ground where the base was and then it was covered with blue light and some runes encircling the entire place.

< Which house would you like to pick? >

< Estate / Castle / Fortress / House / Land >

The badest one would be land as there wouldn be a house to sleep at, but I have my ways. Kim Hajoon pressed the third option.

The Blue wrappings on the base suddenly started to move and the entire base was gone.

It is now a flat land which has a barrier on it.

< Special effect. >

< Description: Because you are the very first to use such a valuable item on a base, you are gifted a fire-proof barrier that can protect your base. >

Kim Hajoon finished reading the notification and closed the system and said. "Thats a good gift. Lets start the construction."

Kim Hajoon opened his palm and items started to pour out of his hand. He then said. "System. Combine all the items I have dropped and the items over there *Points at the things on the ground* into a single item."

[ Order received.

Fusion of item Lava heart ×78, hundred fire leaf ×66, lava stone ×86, .. ]

Kim Hajoon waited around until all the items were sucked into the black hole.

The items were too many and the time consumed by the fusion took solo long, so in the meantime, Kim Hajoon started to read the kill notification and more items dropped from nowhere.

"I have to stop Beelzebub from eating everything it sees, but if I do that it would eat me."

Beelzebubs hunger is infinite and it would consume the entire world if it has enough energy, thats why I Hajoon limited the amount of pollen it was given.

[ Fusion successful.

Item. Hell Fires Dragon Egg. ]

An egg the size of a basketball dropped down on Kim Hajoons lap and he had a blank mind.

H-How could those items make an egg...? Those were just random items.. Kim Hajoon felt it was odd an egg would come out on those items.

Seems like I need to have a level 5 base to see a description on this egg. Kim Hajoon stood up and saw there were still some items left.

Kim Hajoon opened the system trading center and started to look around.

< Eternal Pond. >

< Description: A Pond that is can be directly drunk at and can never run out of water. >

< Note: There are fish inside it. >

< Cost: 1 million gold. >

Its a little bit expensive, but *Looks at space bag* I don have any water left. Kim Hajoon was only barely able to survive by saving water as much as possible.

How much is my gold. Kim Hajoon looked at the bottom part of the screen and saw numbers on it.

< 789,776,654 Gold. >

Kim Hajoon looked at it again and again and was speechless. How did I gain such a large amount of gold? Kim Hajoon thought of it multiple times and could only think of one thing.

"Thanks, Beelzebub." Kim Hajoon said as a tear fell from his right eye.

Kim Hajoon immediately bought the Eternal Pond.

< Transaction completed. >

< Eternal Pond card will be placed on your inventory. >

Kim Hajoon immediately looked at his inventory and read the description of the Eternal Pond.

It was still the same, but Kik Hajoon needed to put the pond in a place or it would randomly spawn in the nearby areas.

Kim Hajoon thought of many places where he could put the pond in his base, but he was not sure if it was great to put the pond first instead of the house.

After a short period of thinking, he decided to buy a house first and then thought. It was good that I chose a flat land.

It might be troublesome to buy an entire house from the system, but he could choose which type he wanted to put in as there is an infinite amount of choices in the system.

Kim Hajoon scrolled around the system and saw an unusual house and then thought. This, this is it. Kim Hajoon pressed the...

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