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Rise Of The Hoarder Chapter 15 New Prospects

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[SubSpace Edit]r

-tCurrent Rank: F r

-tCurrent Level: 1 r

-tTotal Amount Of Slots: 10r


[Current (G) Karma Points In Possession: 10]r


From the looks of things here, I can choose to edit some features of my Gift. Strangely, I never saw anything like this during my time in the Sacred Hall.r

Should I change the Rank or the levelr

The Rank would alter the overall nature of the skill, but even if I raised my Gift to higher levels, if it remained in the same Rank, then itll most likely just increase the number of slots.r

This was a very critical decision. The cost of editing is (G) Karma points, but it doesnt state exactly how much would be removed upon each edit. Even though I have leveled up 9 times, these points have not increased even once. With only 10 (G) Karma points… Id better spend them wisely.r

Before I had the chance to change my mind, I quickly tapped on . A beeping sound occurred, and the blue window glimmered in response to my choice.r

[System Update]r


[Rank Has Increased From F – E]r

[Previous abilities have been upgraded]r

[Additional Slots have been added]r.

[Additional Ability has been added]r



“W-Whoah… It really ranked up!” I exclaimed.r

From looking at these updates, its evident that a lot of Subspace capabilities have been raised. If thats the case…r

“This is exciting” I squealed.r

I wonder what new ability has been added to my Gift.r

I returned to the previous window so that it would display my Subspace information, and excitedly glanced through the contents.r


Rank: Er

Level: 1r

Ability: Stores Physical matter within a personal pocket dimension (Rank F – E)r

Total Amount Of Slots: 50r

Additional Ability: Items Stored Within Subspace remain in suspended states (Rank E)r


[Additional Information]r

A Gift that stores any physical matter in compact slots located in a distinct pocket universe. The matter stored within this space can be retracted by choice. The size and additional capabilities increase upon growth.r


Amazing! My storage capacity has increased drastically.r

Not only that, but this new Ability… Suspension Does that mean anything I place within [Subspace] will remain in its state before entering itr

Usually, time passes within [Subspace] very slowly. I experimented on the logic of no time existing within it because I had read it somewhere in a novel before.r

I was disappointed upon discovering that didnt apply to my Gift.r

I boiled water with the remaining Gas left in the house and placed its contents in two cups. I left one with me while placing the other hot cup of water inside [Subspace].r

After a few minutes of waiting, I noticed the one with me had become warm. Quickly, I brought out the other.r

“Its… Still hot..” I noticed.r

While it wasnt as hot as it was when I placed it in, the water within was still hotter than the one outside.r

I returned the cup to [Subspace] and waited for intervals of five minutes to see how long it would take before the water became as warm as the first.r

It took 30 minutes!r

The first cup of water lasted 3 minutes before turning warm.r

With this result, I concluded that time within [Subspace] flowed ten times slower than the normal world.r

Of course, I tested this theory with other objects, like the clocks I possessed.r

The results ended up being the same.r

It was good news at the time since I needed ways to make my food last. While the result wasnt the perfect conclusion, it was still useful.r

But now…r

If I can maintain objects within Subspace as their usual form forever… That would eliminate one worry from my thoughts.r

“I have to test this out immediately!” My thoughts rang.r

I took some vegetables which were still laid out on the ground, beside me.r

I split a stalk into two, putting one in one of the new empty slots I have now while leaving one beside me.r

“Vegetables begin to wilt if not properly preserved after a while. It would take a few hours for the signs to start showing.”r

Since previously, [Subspace] had a time ratio of 1:10, itll take at least a day for the vegetable within to show signs.r

However, If Im right, even after a couple of days… The vegetable will remain in its current state.r

“I cant wait,” I said to myself.r

Despite thinking that, Ill still have to put that at the back of my mind since I can always check the results later.r

“Right now, I still need to see if its possible to edit a few more things” I muttered.r

Returning my attention to the blue window in front of me, I once again selected .r

[SubSpace Edit]r

-tCurrent Rank: E r

-tCurrent Level: 1 r

-tTotal Amount Of Slots: 50r


[Current (G) Karma Points In Possession: 5]r


Somehow, when I look through this, I cant help but think… If (G) Karma Points are used for Gifts… What do I use the normal Karma Points forr

My lips widened upon the thought.r

“Theyre most likely for [Stats]!”r

Once Im done with my Gifts… Editing my [Stats] will come next.r


[System Error]r


[(G) Karma Points Required For Rank Up Are 100]r

“What the Fvck!” I yelled in frustration.r

Then I quickly went to increase the Level of my Rank E Gift.r


[System Error]r


[(G) Karma Points Required For Level Up Are 10]r

“N-No way… This is too…” I mumbled in despair.r

This is too ridiculous… The amount of (G) Karma Points I need are way too high!r

In the first place, my (G) Karma points dont increase when I level up, and theres hardly any information on it, even with my memories in the Sacred Hall!r

“How the hell am I supposed to get more!”r

This was frustrating… I wasnt feeling good anymore!r

Just when I thought I would seriously power up during my time here… this was what I got insteadr

“Shit! Shit! Shit! I hate this! Why isnt this thing working!” I grumbled, angry at the system and my terrible luck.r

Deep down, I knew that I shouldnt be upset or blame anything. But… Old habits die hard.r

The Blame game has always been my go-to place.r

“Shit…” I finally mumbled before keeping quiet.r

Alone in the cozy apartment, I couldnt help but laugh at myself.r

“It looks like leveling up nine times cant change me at all… Im still the same pathetic bastard, uh” I chuckled sadly, muttering to myself.r

I havent changed at all!r


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