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Rise Of The Hoarder Chapter 25 Disappointment

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“Bring it on!” I grinned despite my nervousness, ready to take on whatever monstrosity that was heading my way.r

I looked at Paul, who froze as a result of my earlier instruction.r

Hell only be in the way, so it was not a good idea to have him close by. However, I couldnt allow him to disappear from sight since a stray Demon might get to him while I was occupied with the monster.r

Also, it might prove advantageous if he witnesses the horror of this Demon, and how I fare against it. It would make him value our partnership more.r

There was no other choice! “Paul, stay here… Im heading down!” I said.r

“W-wha! B-but-“r

Before he could protest, I dashed downstairs, instantly leaping to the passage, where I would have equal grounds against the massive creature approaching.r

My eyes bulged as I finally got a glimpse of the bulky Demon.r

“Shuuuurrrkkkk” It growled in a low, intimidating tone.r

Steam escaped from its mouth as the monster approached.r

Over two times my height and having a massive build, the Demon glared at me with its red eyes, advancing undauntedly.r

Sweat dripped from my face, as I was a little intimidated by the level of dominance the monster seemed to have around itr

It was also accompanied by smaller Demons, the new types I had encountered not long ago.r

They all numbered at least sixty-five.r

This will be a tough one… where the hell did these guys come fromr

Even though Ive grown stronger due to theLevel Ups gotten from the just concluded subjugation, it was hard to tell whether I was up for this challenge.r

My eyes focused on the Demon and its Status information was instantly displayed before me.r

[System Alert]r


[System Information]r.

-tName: Hell Kobold Spawn (Adult)r

-tLevel: 13r

-tRace: Demon (Lesser) – Grade: 1r

-tAge: 35 daysr


-tHP: 140/350r

-tMP: – -r

-tStrenght: 500r

-tAgility: 200r

-tVitality: 450r

-tIntelligence: 15r

[Status Condition]r


-tHP continues to decrease until the Demon feeds. Currently active.r

[End Of Information]r

What the fvck! This is a beast!r

I gulped in response to my updated understanding of the Demon before me. Compared to the ones I had faced in the past, this monster was in a class of its own.r

Fortunately, it was also affected by theHunger Status Ailment, making its HP lesser than usual.r

Curious about the little ones, I checked their Status Information as well.r

[System Information]r

-tName: Hell Kobold Spawn (Soldiers)r

-tLevel: 10r

-tRace: Demon (Lesser) – Grade: 1r

-tAge: 31 daysr


-tHP: 99/150r

-tMP: – -r

-tStrenght: 190r

-tAgility: 180r

-tVitality: 150r

-tIntelligence: 10r

[Status Condition]r


-tHP continues to decrease until the Demon feeds. Currently active.r

[End Of Information]r

The average level for these Demons ranges from 10 to 12. All their stats were in the hundreds. How scary. I didnt really notice the difficulty when fighting the ones from earlier since I had Enhanced Weapons on my side. But now…r

“I used them up in the last wave, and I havent restocked!” I muttered to myself.r

Shit! All I have left are the regular weapons. Against such stats, they might not have an effect.r

What should I do…!r

The most efficient method I knew of would be to take care of the big one first. Judging by how the others trailed behind it, theyll most likely not interfere directly with our fight.r

Still, they possessed long-range attacks due to those spikes around them. If they should release them while I was fighting with the Spawn Adult, then it could prove a little troublesome.r

Ill manage somehow!r

The problem remained the same… That massive Demon approaching me, he was the major threat.r

The confident stride it had, advancing slowly, as though it was mocking my strength.r

This Demon must consider me trapped, like weak prey which will inevitably end up satiating its hunger.r

“Ill make you regret taking your time!” I grinned within myself.r

Even though I was unaware of my current level since I didnt have the luxury of checking my stats, I wont fall behind in this fight.r

It doesnt matter how weak I am, or how powerful the monster is. Ultimately, what I had to do hasnt changed.r

Kill the Demon!r

I tapped on an item in my [Subspace] and instantly my Core-5 sword appeared.r

Gripping it tightly, I held it upright, taking my stance to face the monster.r

“Its lighter…” I noticed, looking at the sword for a moment.r

It must be due to my Level Ups. How strong am I now… I wonder.r

There was only one way to find out, rightr

“Lets do this!” I grinned.r

Instantly launching myself at the monster, I quickened my pace, closing the distance between us in an instant.r

“Shurrrukk!” The giant Demon bellowed, flustered by my speed.r

MyAgility was definitely higher than its own, so making the first move was the most advantageous move for me.r

Raising my sword for a horizontal slash, I turned my wrist and twisted my body to generate the right amount of force, putting my weight into the strike.r

Suddenly, crimson lightning flashed around my blade as an aura covered it.r

As I swung my blade, putting all my strength into it, I saw the flesh of the giant monster get sliced cleanly, I also felt no resistance as I cut through it.r

Within a moment, the Demons blood splurged from the lower end of its body which remained, spilling out purple blood across the hallway.r

Not having the opportunity to think about the giant monster I killed in a single blow, my eyes instantly darted to the remaining monsters who looked frightened as they watched me approach them.r


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