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Rise Of The Hoarder Chapter 8 Survival

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Its been six days since I returned to this world… and 36 days since this madness began.r

My body still trembles at the thought of leaving this haven I made for myself, but I refuse to allow the fear within to shake my resolve.r

“Urgh… I stink…” I gagged, after taking a whiff of my odor.r

Being so preoccupied with learning as much as I could, I spent time doing nothing else. Other than eating and sleeping, everything else went to learning the System and formulating strategies while preparing for the inevitable time I would leave.r

After six days of such an unhygienic lifestyle, I needed an intense bath.r

I brushed my teeth as hard as I could, making sure I got everything right since I would not be doing anything like it in a while.r

Also, using the water that was left in my bath, after putting enough in my [Subspace] I had a thorough shower.r

Now feeling refreshed and full of vigor, I picked the cloth I had decided to wear, after saving the others for later.r

My black hoodie, coupled with faded blue jeans and black sneakers.r

“Its best not to stand out… I dont need any attention drawn to myself” I reasoned.r.

After gearing myself up for my expedition to the outside world, I smiled nervously, looking at my door with dread.r

“I wonder how much has changed” I muttered.r

Opening the door slowly, the creaking sounds it made caused my heartbeat to rise. Excitement and fear mixed within me as I leaped out of the room and for the first time in seemingly forever, I arrived at my parlor.r


Bottles of beer littered the sitting room, and dirty laundry covered the chairs and floor, making the entire room stink.r

The damp atmosphere caused the air around to be still, thereby making it stuffy. I began to feel hot and uncomfortable, struggling to breathe due to the stale air and terrible smell I had just inhaled. r

“Good to see its just as I left it”r

My father wasnt home during Christmas. But the night before, he had made sure to cause a mess in the house after giving me my fair share of spankings and punishment. I suppose one could say I received my Christmas present early.r

I carefully navigated my way through the room, making sure I didnt trip on any of the bottles around or touch my fathers smelly wear.r

It was a difficult task, but I managed to complete it.r

The door leading outside my home seemed ominous as I looked at it.r

>Beep< >Beep< >Beep

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