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Rise of a Lustful Butler 4- The toy shop

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"Do you think this is the direction?" Damien inquired for the thirteenth time. And hell ask a hundred times when the path was being orchestrated by a tiny boy.

"Im not that obsolete to forget easily. The toy shop is quite private, its like that because they needed it off the peoples eyes." Roman explained as he led Damien past a deserted building.

Roman notified him about a store that could help him eradicate the creatures craving his flesh, but a toy mart wasn what he mentioned.

"Toy shop?" He queried with a confused gaze. He curtailed his steps when he caught sight of something.

A Jet fog encircled a girl who just wandered past them.

He knew what that meant. Her soul was due. Which signifies the Reapers would be here to take it.

"Shit!" He cursed as he grabbed Romans hand and scrambled to the side of the abandoned building. He might not have the grim thread in his system anymore, but he wasn taking risks.

His gaze followed the girl who happened to look pale. As she kept wandering, she stumbled upon a shovel which in return shoved her towards a multi-shaped rock and she rammed her head into it. But that only scraped her forehead. What she didn comprehend was the massive rock that skimmed past the large multi-shaped rock down her head.

She drops flat on the ground.

Without a second later, the grims emerged. All adorned in black with an overall coat. This made him strive to remember if he ever washed his coat as a Reaper.

There were four of them, each from the opposing side.

The strongest Reapers are usually sent to get the due soul because of the struggle they go through to get it. This was Damiens best part of being a Reaper.

"Don get excited watching Reapers fight for a soul, yours might be the one they fight for next." Roman snorted. He yanked Damiens hand off his wrist and resumed walking.

The toy shop Roman had said was literally a store where strange-shaped toys were made. How did a little boy know such a place?

It was quite isolated. They walked into the store and nobody seemed to pay attention to them, not even to the fact a small child was there.

"This way," Roman said.

They walked to the furthest part of the building and slid through a half-opened door. Inside the little room stood a man in his last twenties.

"I wasn expecting you today, Roman," The man rose from his seat and leaned toward Roman.

Roman sighed dramatically, "I wasn expecting myself here, but gentlemen gonna help a brother in need," He shrugged and glanced at Damien without actually looking at him. "This is Damien, my new Butler. Hell be frequent here," He introduced.

"Ahh," The man blurted. "I thought John was your new Butler,"

"No, hes dead. Didn even last half as long as the others," Roman mumbled with no emotion in his tone.

The man laughed. "They aren strong enough to handle the anguish," Then another snicker left his mouth. He eyed Damien from head to down as a smirk raised on his lips. "And I don think this one would,"

"Thats for me to decide," The man raised his hands in resignation as another laughter escaped his lips.


Damien suddenly felt invincible as the two of them communicated. Why was he here again?


He wandered off into the toy shop, the different toys made almost appear spooky. As he walked past a transparent room, he saw a female on a table, it looked as if she was uncovered, or was she? He couldn tell. He read the sign on the wall and noticed it was an experimental room.

A room where the toys are tested. He wondered what that meant. He slowly opened the door and tried to slide in, but a voice stopped him.

"Theres off-limits," A stern male voice sounded through the corridor. The mans stride was long as he got to him in no time.

Before he could reply, a seductive females voice entered his ear. "Ill help you get in," She whispered very close to his ear, "If only you promise to play them with me whenever I ask,"

It was the succubus, she followed him here. He gritted his teeth. "I don even understand how the toys work," He said, forgetting the Man before he couldn see the female.

"If you don , then get out!" The Man growled.

But the seductive whisper soothed his aching ears. "Ill teach you, its pretty simple and painless."

"Fine." He agreed. He hates it when he gets curious because hell try to satisfy his curiosity by all means.

He watches as the female disappears from behind him and moves to the mans back. She brought her lips close to his ear and whispered. He couldn hear a thing she said, but whatever it was had been effective. The man gave him a blank look before walking away.

Damien didn get to thank the female before she disappeared. He slid into the room, and his first glance was at the naked female on the table. Her eyes were closed as if waiting for someone or something.

He quickly diverted his eyes off her and stared at the tools or toys as they were displayed near the female. He touched a round soft object with a string attached to it which was placed among the toys in amusement. Who plays with sure tiny stuff?

As he examined the stuff, his hand pressed a soft spot and the tiny round object began to vibrate. He jerked back in alarm as the object dropped off his hand. A vibrating tiny thing.

Why would humans make useless stuff as a toy?

As the toy kept vibrating, he heard a bizarre sound coming out from the naked woman on the table. He had thought she was asleep since she hadn made a move when he arrived.

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