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Although the barrier problem was resolved, the situation of the White Silver Guild was still complicated.

As a considerable number of hunters have left the guild, it is impossible for the guild to raid the dungeon.

The guild’s capability to solo-attack a dungeon is an important criterion for dividing the so-called “Grade” of the guild.

Moreover, Hunter Park Heeyoung, who was always next to Kwon Jiwoon, hit the back of his head like that….

No wonder Kwon Jiwoon’s mind is complicated.

Ah, I should have ripped off all of Park Heeyoung’s hair.

I ripped it off that day, but I still can’t get rid of all my anger.

She is detained and being investigated by the Dungeon Management Office.

There must be several charges at stake, so we won’t meet again.

“I should recruit new hunters now.”

Kwon Jiwoon added.

In order to maintain the White Silver Guild, which was founded and raised by my uncle, Kwon Jiwoon said that he had rarely recruited new hunters.

However, Kwon Jiwoon, who said that they could not stay in this state forever, seemed relieved.

I suddenly remembered Choi Cedric.

The hunters who belonged to the White Silver Guild moved to the guild under the C&L Corporation.

It would be natural for a person to suspect C&L is behind the incident of the White Silver Guild.

However, there is no clear evidence due to their cunning actions.

Is Choi Cedric also involved in this When we met in person, he didn’t feel so insidious, but….

Hmm, it’s hard to tell right now, so let’s think about it later.

In such a bad situation, there is only one reason why he asked me to join the White Silver Guild.

To protect me.

In the past, he purposely kept his distance to protect me, but this time, he’s just trying to keep me close to his watch.

As a cafe owner, I don’t have anything to do in the White Silver Guild right now.

That’s why I refused.

I’m happy to confirm my relationship with Kwon Jiwoon and the affection of my family, but I didn’t want to be a burden for him.

When I said so, Kwon Jiwoon was bitter.

Still, he quickly accepted my decision.

“But you’ve never been a burden.”

He didn’t forget to add this.


“Waeooong (Human, what is this)!”

At Mieum’s cry, I cut off the thoughts that were expanding.

As the bag fell sideways, the award certificate that I had put inside came out.

It was the moment when Mieum and Lime, who happily ate the cake, were about to touch the award certificate case.

“Wait! Kwon Mieum, Kwon Lime, stop! Stop!”



Mieum, who was startled, puffed out her tail.

In the meantime, I grabbed a wet tissue and approached the two animals.

“I told you not to touch a piece of paper when you have something on you!”

Whew, I’m glad.

I was able to stop Mieum and Lime, who were almost becoming creamy lumps, from stamping their milk fat footprints on paper.

I freed the animals only after thoroughly wiping their bodies, the soles of their feet, and the corners of the mouth.

“Kkyuuuu! Kkyuuu!”

“Nyaaaah (Is this the thing called the award certificate)!”

There’s a brief moment for them to look into the letters of the award certificate.

Soon, the two began to play, bouncing the award certificate case.

They really like unexpected things.

“Please be quiet … eh, well done.”

I tossed the award certificate case to dry the animals that were bouncing the award certificate case to hit each other’s foreheads and left them alone.

I wanted to stop at that….

Instead, I looked at the award certificate placed alone.

I was very embarrassed, and the thought of receiving an undeserved award remains the same.


It feels nice.



Ash felt thirsty and opened his eyes.

The light sleep had already receded.

He put down the red slime cushion he was hugging and stood up.

He was going to take water out of the refrigerator and drink it for a while, but an unexpected scene grabbed Ash’s feet.


A hall on the first floor where yellow lights glow softly A woman with a foolish face was lying flat on her stomach at the table.

What is she doing here until this hour

Ash’s question was solved before he even approached her.

It’s because he heard a sound of steady breathing.

On the table, there is a book with ‘Dungeon Ecology Encyclopedia‘ written on its cover.

It seems that she fell asleep while trying to read that book.

‘If I leave her alone, she will wake up on her own.

Ash ignored her and tried to head toward the refrigerator.

However, this time, he heard a voice.



He waited for a while, but the words didn’t continue.

It seemed that it was just a sleep-talking.

Ash became curious about the latter words of the sleep talks that was swallowed by the drowsy breathing, and he was annoyed at himself who was curious about such things.

The woman tossed and turned her body, but there was no sign of waking up.

The weather is already in early winter.

The first floor, where the heating was turned off, was quite chilly, so if she continued to sleep like this, she would definitely catch a cold.


She was a woman who could only be described as really stupid.

It would make him feel bad to see her sniffling with a cold.

He thought that he had no choice but to hug her and take her to the room on the second floor.

……and then, he hesitated.

He remembered the time when she hugged him in the space beneath the huge tree.

Her eyes were swollen and she looked like a mess, yet she patted him on the back, saying she was worried about him.

He doesn’t know how she is so insensitive.

Ash felt his earlobes burning hot.

He has been feeling strange since that day.

Every time this woman approached him without hesitation or swept his hair, his breath became short and his cheeks became hot.

That’s why Ash was trying not to encounter Kwon Rieul as much as possible, even though there was no success today.


No, this is not it.

Unlike this woman who hugs people everywhere, he is just trying to move her to her room.

That’s really all it is….

Nevertheless, touching her while she was asleep felt a bit cowardly.

In the end, Ash took a step back without embracing Kwon Rieul.

Instead, he used his magic to levitate her body.

[The connection is not smooth.

Reconnection requires reconstitution of existence.]

The warning window flashed in front of him.

Ash frowned slightly and then deleted the warning window.

As the Otherworld Gate was closed, in the aftermath, Ash became a ‘separated link’.

In other words, the connection with the main body was completely disconnected and it became an independent entity.

The ego of an individual incarnation is meaningless to oneself.

Originally, he would not be able to withstand the instability and chose extinction, but….

Ash made his way to the second floor with Kwon Rieul’s floating body.

She didn’t wake up even when he, without shaking, put her down on the bed.

Ash thought, looking at her quietly.

It’s a weak human body, so it can’t be helped.

‘I should protect you.’


Page Eight: Holstein, Jersey, and Golden Triangular Rhino

It happened when I talked to Ki Yoohyun on the phone for the commendation.

Before I hung up, he blurted out some words.

— Rieul-ssi, I have something to tell you … when do you have time

“Then, come to the cafe when it’s convenient for you, Yoohyun-ssi.”

— No, it’s not that … I’d like to see you outside separately.


He helped me many times, but I always asked him to come to the cafe.

Even so, I thought I should express my gratitude properly, this is great.

That’s how I made an appointment today.

As soon as the cafe was cleaned up, Ki Yoohyun arrived just in time.

As the weather was quite chilly, I put on a thick coat and prepared to go out.

“Then, Ash, I’ll be back.”

However, Ash ran forward and blocked Ki Yoohyun.


Even at first glance, the sullen expression looked dissatisfied with something.

“Ash, what’s wrong”


Shashashak, shashak.

When Ki Yoohyun stepped to the left, Ash went to the left, and when he went to the right, he also went to the right.

Left, oh, left, left, oh, left, right again.

He blocked the view with the perfect timing.

All Perfect Combo!

I didn’t know that our Ash had a talent for rhythm games.

With his agile and swift movement, he can show off his brilliant skills without being intimidated by any arcade.

No, no, not this.

“Yoohyun-ssi, why are you matching the rhythm with the kid again”

When I turned around, Ki Yoohyun turned his head with a shy expression.

“It’s fun, that’s enough….”

I approached Ash, who actually had not been able to hide Ki Yoohyun at all because of his short height, and asked.

“Ash, what’s wrong”

“When are you coming home today”

“Well … I think it’s going to be a little late.”

It is early evening now.

Considering the time it takes to eat and move, it might be late at night.

Anguish crossed Ash’s face.

He has something to say, but he looked like he was hurting his pride.

I sat knee-to-knee on the floor, made eye contact, and waited for Ash’s inner conflict to come to an end.

It seems that it was the speaking side that won after a fierce battle.

He closed his eyes tightly before opened his lips.


“Uh, huh”

It was the first time Ash called me noona.

No matter how much I asked before, he didn’t listen.

In the meantime, the voice saying noona with a face that looks better because he ate and rested well was so cute.

Ash’s cheeks flushed red.

“Waeoong (good job, good job)!”


Ash continued, leaving behind the audience who did not clear whether they were teasing or cheering him.

“Noona, can you come home early today”

“Uh … huh”

Why is he suddenly doing something he usually didn’t do


Translator’s Corner:

Holstein and Jersey are cow types, in case you didn’t know.

This 8th section of the novel will be full of fluff, enjoy the cuteness~


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