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Chapter 69: Momentary Thoughts Part 16 Part 2

「I couldn’t use my left hand, so it was just a dead weight anyway……!」

Shouts Pencilgton while brandishing his weapon anew, while also taking a few magic scrolls from his inventory.

These scrolls contained some strong lightning magic, which he now fired right at the Gravekeeper’s knee.

「“Body Enhancment –– Red”! Increase in strength and attack power, maybe it will help us to turn this fight around!」

Katsu then used his rope skill “Snake” to tie the rope over the Gravekeeper’s ankle, pulling on the rope with everything he had.

With his strength actually reinforced, he managed to throw the boss off balance and it fell right onto its back, while also soaking up two or three attacks from Pencilgton.

「Aah, geez! I don’t think we have enough firepower to do this like that!」

「One of us must focus on gathering his aggro, while the other will deal damage! If we don’t do that, it will be the same kind of battle as before, Katsu-kun!」

After dodging another laser palm attack, the two of them quickly agreed on the new strategy they were going to go with.

「By the way, what about the full score」

「That’s right, let’s turn this piece of junk into scraps!」

「I see, if it’s like that, then we simply have to do it! No matter what!」

I shake my head a few times to get rid of the ringing I was hearing in my head.

Head Parry was a useful thing to have, but let’s not overuse it.

It might well cause some serious backlash in the long run.

「Tsk…… I knew it.

Just because you need level fifty to equip this thing, it doesn’t guarantee that the design will be flawless.」

So far, I had managed to land a few successful blows and dodge or parry some of my enemy’s, but it was without doubt that I wouldn’t be able to beat this boss on my own.

After all, he was on the same level of ridiculousness as the Night Prowler Luukan.

With that guy, I was also sure that I would be able to beat it until I was munched on and torn apart.

「Don’t you think that’s enough of trying to resemble a **ty game so much!」

I don’t want to compare it to the **ty games.

I really don’t want to…… But.

In addition to my new helmet, my newest weapons were also pretty great.

The ability to adjust your strengths as you see fit was always overpowered, no matter what kind of game you are playing.

(Health and stamina adjustment done…….

Now then, what to do now)

Physical strength was slightly lower, since their level was still slightly higher than what I was able to present right now.

My stats could also be a little bit higher, but what can you do

But as a result, the conditions for activating both Climax Boost and Hungry Wolf are now satisfied.

But the problem was with actually using them.

The climax boost shall be active for about five minutes, but Hungry Wolf shall be active for only one minute.

(At this rate we will be here until the end of time if nothing changes……)

Area of effect attacks More eye-frames Or maybe something else The time is going to continue on, and we won’t be able to finish this in a decent way.

I then started to dance with my blades in hand, slashing away at the Gravekeeper while also avoiding his attacks in a chaotic choreography that none would be able to replicate even if they wanted to.

My whole body was starting to hurt, but I knew it was just an illusion.

In reality, there was no damage being done to me.

No, the pain was real, but looking at my HP gauge it wasn’t decreasing.

It was something like that situation where you burn your hand slightly on a cup of hot coffee –– you feel a slight pain, while no real damage is being done to you.

I activate the Best Step, and stepping on to the sword that was laying on the ground I use it as a stepping stone to jump into the air.


I slash at him with one sword while also activating Infight, and then I also activate Hand of Fortune and deliver a blow straight to his face.

Then after slashing him once or twice I use his chest as another stepping stone to jump away and land safely on the ground.

I then take a stance while observing his movements carefully.

Without having some sort of skills that would protect me from damage, parrying the blade with my bare hands was actually quite painful.

Now, while waiting for my stamina to restore, I throw some mocking words towards the Gravekeeper to stop it from attacking.

「Ouch, ouch, ouch…… Some gloves would really be nice right about now.」

「What’s wrong! Is it so shocking that your robo-bushido isn’t working out!」

Unfortunately for him, I can reproduce techniques and skills from other games in this one up to some extent.

And for some reason or another they seem to work pretty well with the skills and magic of this game, which was handy in this battle.

「Oh well, cyborg or Undead, doesn’t really matter.

I’m gonna cut you down all the same!」

「………… A……」


…… No.

That was not it.

It was something completely different.

The Gravekeeper quietly stands up and reclaims his sword.

He used to announce commands with his robotic voice at least several times throughout the battle.

But now it was clearly different.

Right now…… Those were genuine words.

「…… A, Ali」

「…… What」

「That, fragment…… Alice…… everything is, spinning……」

It wasn’t the name of the Gravekeeper Wezaemon, but rather of another NPC from ShangriLa Frontier…… Everything that I happened to hear up until that moment started to fall into place like pieces of the puzzle, showing me a “monster whose soul was unable to move on but whose body still lives”.

But that can wait.

Right now we had the Gravekeeper to worry about.


「Eternally, endlessly…… My body, rot away, and, they…… Go, end, see…… Certainly, the “Frontier”, is there, overcome……」

「Oi, oi, oi…… There was nothing like that…… I wasn’t ready for this……!」

All of the things that were happening right now were happening so fast that I was unable to concentrate on the Gavekeeper properly.

What is this! An event flag! Our predictions were all but correct, but still something like that was happening! I had a bad feeling that something terrible was soon to happen.

「Here I go…… The time has come for the “Second Plan” to bare fruit.

My, oath…… If you wish to trample all over it…… My “Seiten Taisei” shall…… crush you!」

All of a sudden, there was this warning siren that started to scream inside my mind, overwhelming my senses.

「Oh **.」

In the next moment, we would be able to experience the true self of the Gravekeeper Wezaemon.


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