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Chapter 74: Advancing World and the Reveal of the Hero Part 1

The newest update for ShangriLa Frontier was truly massive and overflowing with content.

There was the sound of bells that could be heard.

While the new players were looking around in confusion for the source of the sound, the veteran players were aware that it was the message from the administrators.



「What’s this」

「Is this going to be something related to the contents of the update」

「Ahh, yeah, I see.」

While the vast majority of the players expected something related with the update that just came live, the contents of the announcement managed to astonish everyone.





「Wait a moment, Unique Monster! And three people managed to defeat it!」

「Only three people! And what’s the Gravekeeper Wezaemon! I’ve never heard of a monster like that!」

Including the Night Prowler Luukan and Heaven Seeker Siegwurm, there are seven unique monsters in total.

Each and every one of those monsters were extremely powerful and required huge raid parties with appropriate levels and equipment to take them down, and now the admins were claiming that three people managed to take down a beast like that! That fact started to spread throughout the servers like wildfire, as well as the names of the players who allegedly managed to do that.

「Arthur Pencilgton as if, that one guy from Ashura-kai」

「But wasn’t Ashura-kai destroyed just recently by the alliance of the most powerful PVP guilds」

「That “Sanraku” guy is surely that “Bird Head” that caused such a commotion a while back.」

「How is this possible that a player who only reached Thirdrema recently managed to participate in the Unique Monster subjugation!」

「Also, Oikatsu Who’s that」

「First time I hear that name…… Maybe some newbie as well」

Furthermore, there are people whose interest went in a completely different direction than the identity of the ones responsible for taking the unique monster down.

「Oi, is there anyone in here who can contact “The Professor” in real life!」

「And what about that lady from the Black Wolves! Please, someone, anyone! Contact her as soon a possible!」

「Let’s see what’s it say in this here “Guide for the Unique Monsters and Where to Find Them”……」

「Siegwurm, Luukan, Takutanid, Orchestra, and now Wezaemon…… So that leaves two unknown unique monsters」

Guild “Library”.

A group of players focused around gathering various lore elements regarding the world of ShangriLa Frontier.

Upon hearing of the new element that was previously unknown to them, all members activated at once.

「I’ve managed to reach the Lady, she’s logging in as we speak……」

「But still, are all of the Unique Monsters located on this continent」

「No, there are no sources that would confirm or deny that.

Orchestra and Takutanid monsters were revealed through the NPC conversations, so it’s not at all clear where exactly they are located.

「Luukan and Siegvurm are also confirmed to be random encounters around the world map.

I wouldn’t find it all that strange if they were available on other continents as well.」

「No, let’s look into this World Quest.

Is it in any way different from the Grand Quests」

「As rough as it sounds, you can think of it as a separate story outside of the normal questline.

It is more or less: “Become the pioneer of this world together with the NPCs that inhabit it”.

This announcement means that the World Quest managed to advance into its next phase.」

「That’s indeed so, than maybe it’s possible that some kind of change is occurring to the world this moment as we speak.」

「No, no, no.

First, we should gather as much information on Gravekeeper Wezaemon as we can.

We should also contact the three players that managed to defeat it.」

「Lady, please contact the Professor! It’s really urgent!」

「Alright! Thank you so much, Professor’s wife!」

「I pity the poor Professor when he’s going to find out about this……」

Naturally, the information also managed to reach the top PVP Guilds that formed the alliance to destroy the Ashura-kai.

「If Arthur Pencilgton was not present during the attack…… Was he somewhere out there, taking part in subjugating that unique monster!」

「Rather, this Sanraku guy, he is marked with Luukan’s curse if I remember correctly.」



The members of the Guild turn around to see their beautiful Grandmaster, a young woman who was wearing armor that gave her boosts to VIT stat, making it a whole lot more useful than the normal heavy armor.

「Good grief, who would have thought that there would be solo players that manage to beat a unique monster before us…… Personally, I think that my pride has been hurt just a little bit.」

「What are we going to do We could try our luck on the other continents……」

「I doubt that things are going to be any different on other continents, but some of us, including me, shall stay here.

There’s the matter of the curse of Luukan that I would like to investigate further.」

「Just who is this Arthur Pencilgton Is it possible that he’s way more dangerous than AllSlot」

The leader of the “Black Wolves” says during the meeting with the top members of her Guild.

Saiga-0 was also present there, of course.

She was one of the few people who actually knew the truth about the destruction of Ashura-kai, that the information about their whereabouts didn’t come from the information broker…… The face of the familiar member of the Ashura-kai was lingering in her mind all this time.

(So that was the purpose of him selling out his whole Guild…… But then, why was Ashura-kai keeping the existence of this Unique Monster a secret He played his cards really well during this game, I’ll give him that……)

Although the “Black Wolves” benefited greatly from the destruction of Ashura-kai, moving up the Guild ranking ladder, their ultimate goal was still one and the same: to defeat the Night Prowler Luukan.

Pencilgton played them all like tools, and he even included Sanraku in his play of slaying the unique monster.

Saiga-0 was actually kind of jealous that someone took her Sanraku from her and did something like that together with him, but soon enough her thoughts switched to a different mode completely.


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