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Chapter 74: Advancing World and the Reveal of the Hero Part 2

(For the time being I think it should be fine to get in contact with him, but I do believe that there will be some serious kind of negotiations going on very soon…… Fufufu, this is getting rather interesting.)

All other clan members look suspiciously at Saiga-0 and her sudden carnivorous smile.

Suddenly, Saiga-0 notices something that no one else in the room should be able to see.

「Hm Rei…… Ekhem, Ekhem, where did Saiga-0 go」

「Now that you mention it, she’s not here.」

「For me it looked like she “Friend Warped” just now.

So one of her friends must be in a pinch of some sort.」

「Friend…… Ah, yeah, that’s right.

I remember her telling me that she recently managed to score herself a friend or something like that.」

When she heard that her little sister who would usually keep her distance from the gaming world started to play one, she knew it had something to do with the boy she was interested in.

It was worrying that she was so much ahead in-game than him, but the whole Guild agreed to support her in her attempts no matter what, so it wasn’t really that much of a deal.

But at that moment, Saiga-100 had no way of knowing that the friend her little sister Rei had made was none other than Sanraku.

Stunned, mute, astonished…… There were many ways to describe his current state of mind, but for now AllSlot listened to the announcer’s voice with complete silence.

「You…… Did you defeat the Gravekeeper Wezaemon」

AllSlot did not want to accept this.

He was one of the strongest players on the server.

And even though his sister was stronger than him, it was simply outrageous to think that she was able to defeat the Gravekeeper before he did.

After all, he was obliterated in a matter of not minutes, but seconds by the Gravekeeper.

That fact alone was more than enough to blow away all of AllSlot’s anger and turn it into puzzlement and confusion.

「Sanraku, do you think that’s……」

「Pencilgton-san, why do you have to be like that」

He couldn’t just worry about things like that for the moment.

A nasty smirk creeps up on AllSlot’s face.

But the fact was that Allslot’s expression wasn’t quite keeping up with his thoughts at all.

Over the course of a single night all of his sense of superiority was gone.

His Guild was decimated by other PVP Guilds and even the Guild such as “Library” turns out to know more about Unique Monster than Ashura-kai.

At that time, there was a huge space distortion right in the center of the Garden.

And in the next moment, a group of three people came out of the distorted space.

「Oh, there it is.

One of Pencilgton’s predictions.

Are that the members of Ashura-Kai, AllSlot’s group」

「What the ** are you trying to pull off here Making him as menacing as Wezaemon or what」

「Ahaha, I don’t think that my brother deserves such frightening titles.

You know」

Apparently exhausted, Pencilgton withdraws his weapons.

However, there was a certain kind of accomplishment visible on his face, just like his two companions.

Furthermore, now that they have defeated Wezaemon, they would be resurrected at the last save spot upon death, but the fact that they came out here was also quite aggravating.

「Y, you…… You filthy……!」

「What a foolish brother you are.

If you have something to say, just go on and say it.

Just so you know, I’m going to beat your ass because you just messed up big time right now.」

「……!!! …… Huh!」

It was so unreasonable that AllSlot didn’t know what to say.

The words were just kinda stuck there inside his mouth, unable to come out.

「Isn’t that kinda cruel to say that to the Guild Master whose Guild just got destroyed」

「No, no, no, my dear Sanraku-kun.

You see, these idiots don’t seem to understand the essence of PK…… They are third-class at best.

Seeing them as they are now, it’s just pitiful.

They make me want to vomit just by looking at them.」

「Wow, it’s really rare for Pencilgton to openly diss someone just like that……」

「PK family must really be a dysfunctional one.」

「Now, shut your whore mouth, you deadbeat older sister of mine……! I’m gonna kill you all right where you stand! And then…… Then I’ll take away the drop items from Wezaemon!」

As AllSlot said that the remnants of Ashura-kai surrounded the three players.

However, none of the three seemed to be all that terrified nor were they despairing over that fact.

They were all acting as if AllStot’s threats were a good joke to them.

Especially this Sanraku guy.

He was especially irking AllSlot, especially since someone like him was made part of the Wezaemon subjugation team.

Ashura-kai was the Guild that gathered the strongest PVP players in the whole game.

It was a Guild that everyone had to be considerate with.

But here they had two unknown newbies that proved strong enough to beat a Unique Monster.

That fact was especially irritating to AllSlot, but it was not the cause for concern.

Newbies shouldn’t be that much of a threat.

They may have defeated the Unique Monster, but that doesn’t matter.

The spider’s web was all around them right now and they had nowhere else to run.

Even though their own numbers weren’t as great as AllSlot would have expected them to be, since some members of the Guild said that they had “something urgent that they needed to do”.

Finally having enough of the fact that everything was not working out as he wanted it to, AllSlot activated his special skill “Slot Bringer”, which greatly enhanced his attack power and magic.

(First I’ll cut that half-naked Sanraku bastard! Then there will be Oikatsu and then Pencilgton, that **ing Sis of mine! I’ll cut all of them……!)

Apparently AllSlot failed to realize.

Pencilgton sighs deeply.

It was a sigh of disappointment that AllSlot failed to notice something so crucial.

「For crying out loud…… I always keep telling you that you should look at things from a broader perspective.

That only focusing on what’s right in front of you is going to kill you one day.」

「It’s like playing an FPS game where you only blindly charge right into the enemy’s territory without assessing your surroundings first.

Incompetence is what kills you.」

「Oh, I now somehow understand.」

Why were those three acting so calm in this kind of situation Every other player out there except for AllSlot had an expression of suspicion on their faces right now.

「No, no, no, it’s not like that.

You see, we are surprised that Sanraku actually has a friend in this game, but this is actually rather convenient at the moment.

As Pencilgton was saying that, there was a magic circle that suddenly appeared right under Sanraku’s feet.

Next, there was someone in front of them, standing menacingly.

Someone who by all means shouldn’t be here right now.

A person wearing full platinum armor, looking as immovable as a mountain.

AllSlot, as well as the other members of Ashura-kai, couldn’t hide their surprise.

One of the PK countermeasures added in the previous updates.

When a player happened to come across a PK Player, a rescue signal was automatically sent to other players from that player’s friend list.

And if there’s a friend out there who knows just what “Friend Warp” means……

「MMOs are games where everything won’t always go exactly the way you want it to.

If you have a problem with that, go play some single player games offline.」

「Ah, if you are looking for a good solo MMO experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend “Fairy Chronicles Online”.」

「Sanraku, are you some kind of demon or what……」


An unforgettable nightmare that blew the Ashura-kai’s headquarters into smithereens as if it was nothing, a walking cannon.

Someone like that was right in front of them.

「…… “Apocalypse”.」

It took merely fifty seconds for the remnants of the Ashura-kai that were gunning for Arthur Pencilgton to be completely annihilated.

That was the limit of the players who have lost their fangs.


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