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Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

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Chapter 76: Epilogue: What To Do Now and Next Part 1

「Nhh, kuaaah…… God, I’m so tired.

It’s been almost a week and I’m still feeling like that.」

If Sanraku’s room was rather modest in games and gaming consoles, then Katsu’s –– Uomi Kei’s –– room was something else entirely.

Since he was a professional gamer known not only in Japan but also in America, he was able to buy a condo in a rather prestigious apartment building.

「But I must say, even though I meant it only as a means to kill time, it is really a good game…… ShangriLa Frontier, that is.」

The shelves in his room were littered with various gaming software.

Even though he was still feeling the effect of gulping down so many energy drinks, he should be fine before the big tournament that was going to be held in about a week’s time.

But it was a small price to pay when he closed his eyes and remembered the smiles on his two friends’ faces.

Drinking a sports drink, he went to the bathroom while looking at something on his mobile terminal.

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「Our opponents are going to be “Ivy Express”…… They are kind of nuts, so I wonder if we’re going to be able to take them on Then…… Hm」

The website displayed on the screen was the gaming news site, and one of them made Katsu’s eyebrows raise in surprise.

It reminded him of the two friends with whom he went through a fierce battle together.

「No, but that’s actually a good thing…… But perhaps that guy…… The two of them can be really dangerous if cornered…… But are they going to be like that this time as well」

Katsu left the mobile terminal on the table and went to the bathroom.

Just as the display was about to enter sleep mode, the letters “GGC” could be read off of it……

「A big breakthrough! It’s a big breakthrough for me……!」

Saiga Rei takes off the headpiece from her head, moisturizes her parched throat with a green tea from a plastic bottle and then strikes a pose full of determination and victory.

They would often pass each other.

She started playing ShangriLa Frontier so that she could have some common topic to talk to him about.

She was only going to play it for a little bit, but right now she felt as though it was a really fun place to be at right now.

And it was thanks to this game that she was able to communicate with him way more than she usually would.

She received help from many other female players in her Guild, and she was sure to thank all of them later on.

「I, I just hope that we can continue to get along from now on……」

In the future, she would like to become friends with him not only within the game, but in real life as well.

They told her to try to talk to him in real life, but that one simple task was proving itself to be extremely difficult for her.

But it was making her so happy at the same time.

(I was rather surprised when I saw that woman…… But I’m sure they are just game friends.

Yes, game friends!)

There was also Arthur Pencilgton.

When she at first saw that there was a woman who was so close to him, she felt as though she was crossing a dangerously thin and unstable suspension bridge.

She felt a sense of despair that was sure to swallow her up, but it all but dissipated upon her learning that the two of them were just friends in arms.

She felt as though she was making small but steady progress.

And there was nothing wrong with that.

Baby steps are nothing to be ashamed of.

「Do your best, me……! No, I’M going to do my best!」

Saiga Rei, A.K.A Saiga-0…… She was only taking her first steps on her journey towards winning the favour of the boy she liked, Sanraku.

Parting with Katsu at Thirdrema, I move to Rabbitz using the last Teleportation scroll that was given to me by Pencilgton.

「Now then…… I guess I’ll go and see Emul.」

「Fuhyaaah! S, S, S, SANRAKU-SAN!」

For some reason, Emul was right in the middle of sniffing the pillow on my bed as I entered the room at the inn.

Noticing me, Emul jumped high into the air while letting out a shriek full of terror.

Ah, now that I think about it, I still didn’t change back my head gear.

Bird mask, bird mask, where art thou Ah, there it is!

「I, Sanraku, have returned triumphantly without having to respawn.」

「Fuee…… Fubieeeeeeeggggghhhhhh!!!」


Bunny’s jumping power…… Emul launched himself so hard right into my stomach that he managed to make me lose my balance and I fell right down onto the floor.

「Isht amashinnngggg!!! I wash sho wovvied!!! Sanraku-san, you really defeated Gravekeeper Wezaemon!」

「Say what」

「I, I musht lepolt thish to Daddy righsht away!!!」

Aaaand he’s gone.

Not that I care too much, but I was getting a real sense of déjà vu in here right now.

A few minutes later, I arrived in front of both Weissash and Emul, who was also crying for some reason.

Or maybe it was laughter It was hard for me to say.

「Ueguh, egueh, bueeeh!」

「Wait, why the hell is your nose running like that Blow it into a tissue or something!」

Emul took something out of his pocket…… Was that a handkerchief I sure hope it was a handkerchief.

「Ouh…… Better」

「Ah, oh, yeah, better.

Much better.」


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