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Chapter 77: Intermission: World Tome “Wezaemon” Part 2

List of Special Actions of Gravekeeper Wezaemon:

Due to his backstory, Gravekeeper Wezaemon prioritizes protecting the grave of his former lover, Setsuna.

If some player gets near it or tries to destroy it, he instantly becomes the top priority for all incoming attacks.

During First and Second Phase of the battle the Gravekeeper possesses a Hyper Armor that grants damage reduction, practically negating all the damage that is being thrown towards him.

That goes for debuffs and magic as well.

During the Third Phase his armor gets damaged and damage can be normally afflicted to him.

At this point he has the “Undead” attribute to him and healing potions and purification magic can be used to damage him as well.

However, if the damage is not high enough he will simply shrug it off and proceed with his normal attack pattern.

Throughout the Third Phase

, Wezaemon is in the constant state of losing HP with every passing second.

If left unattended, it is possible to reduce his HP to “0” by that method alone.

However, even with his HP down to “0”, the battle won’t end unless all of the attacking players are alive.

If that condition is met, then the battle will finally end.


A horse-shaped golem summoned from the storage facility in another dimension.

It is summoned upon the Gravekeeper entering its Second Phase.

If left unattended for long enough it shall decimate the battlefield with lasers and homing missiles, and if nothing is done about it, it will merge with Wezaemon into one, so please be mindful of that and prepare in advance.

It also has a weakness.

If there is a player sitting on top of its back, the only action it shall do is to try and shake that player off.

The best course of action is to rodeo it until the Third Phase actually starts.

During the Third Phase the same principles that apply to Wezaemon apply to “KIRIN”, with the exception that it has much higher VIT and its HP won’t go down, so it is harder to take down than its master.

Horse Form

It basically runs around the battlefield, shooting lasers and missiles at the player.

It will only focus on shaking off any player that sits on top of its back.

Centaur Form

If left unattended for long enough, Wezaemon and “KIRIN” will fuse together to form a mechanical centaur-like enemy.

In this stat they will constantly run around the field, shooting lasers and missiles at the players while also swinging their sword around while raining down thunderbolts from the sky.

It is almost impossible to damage them when they fuse together.

And there is also their Hyper Armor to consider, making it even harder to deal damage.

Armorless Form

“KIRIN’s” crippled form that emerges during the Third Phase.

It looks like a headless giant that attacks mainly by using its limbs as well as missiles and lasers.

Its trump card is the huge laser located in the middle of its stomach.

If the plating around its stomach is destroyed or it loses more than sixty percent of its HP it enters frenzy mode, and rains down attacks regardless of aggro.

The giant laser deals lethal doses of damage, but it is also its weak spot, since right behind the muzzle is the place where its power core is located.

Incidentally, the union of Wezaemon and “KIRIN” can only occur before the start of the Third Phase.

After that it will become impossible for them to merge together.

What to Focus on to maximize the efficiency during the fight

Concentrate on trying to destroy the Gravekeeper’s sword or at least taking it away from him.

The sword itself is really durable so only the strongest of weapons can hope to destroy it, which will also focus the Gravekeeper’s aggro on whoever it was that destroyed his sword.

It is extremely unlikely to be able to defeat the Gravekeeper without proper support, so instead of overly cautious attacks and strategies the most efficient way is to go all-out and be resurrected by your support.

Call it a suicide strategy or zombie strategy.

Without his sword, Weaemon’s attack potential is severely limited.

However, if you defeat him that way then Setsuna’s attitude towards you will worsen and aside from the World Tome you will only receive one item –– “INVENTORY”.

Gravekeeper Wezaemon’s Backstory

Strictly speaking, it is not Wezaemon that moves during the First and Second Phase of the battle, but it’s his “will” that moves the armor around.

It would be more accurate to say that the armor is the “Setsuna of the Distant Past” and Wezaemon’s will animates it.

His consciousness is being awoken during the Third Phase, and it is then that he actually starts to be “himself”, hence the transition in attribute from “Machine” to “Undead”.

And since Wezaemon’s corpse was actually preserved inside of the armor thanks to the high amounts of super technology, its spirit is still as it was in his final moments, that of a young male.

So what changes across the phases that forces his consciousness to awaken

His will awakens at the beginning of the Third Phase thanks to a certain “fixation”, but as a result of that his mind quickly begins to age and wither away, causing his own body to collapse and destroy itself.

Still, even knowing that his body is on the verge of breaking down, Wezaemon won’t stop attacking and fulfilling his duty.

In the distant past, in the times called the “Age of Gods”, right before Setsuna passed away she told one single lie to Wezaemon, and that lie became Wezaemon’s fixation, one that allowed him to guard her grave forever and ever.

Realizing what her lie brought upon him, Setsuna knew that Wezaemon wouldn’t stop in his duty.

So if he refused to stop even after his death, someone else needed to stop him for his own good.

For that goal to come to fruition, “Setsuna of the Distant Past” was created.

Wezaemon planted the cherry blossom tree over Setsuna’s grave, since it was her favorite flower when she was still alive.

But just like Wezaemon, the tree soon began to wither away, since it was lacking the purpose to continue on.

In order to prevent the tree and Setsuna’s body form rotting away, Wezaemon used powerful and forbidden magic to use the power of the moon itself in order to seal the grave in another dimension, thus preserving the sight Setsuna loved so much.

This “inversion” is like imprinting the sight of one space and then placing it in another, separate location.

So the normal Hidden Garden is now dead and deserted, while the inverted space is still lush and beautiful, as if the flow of time itself stopped there.

Nonetheless, since it was the place where Setsuna’s remains were buried, the place became synonymous with her character.

As a side not, the magic used to create the inverted space was so powerful that it started to influence the real world as well, causing the moss in the cavern system to shine as brightly as the sun, the plants to grow at a very fast pace and trees to appear in a place where it would normally be impossible for them to grow.

It’s not all that far from truth to say that it was Wezaemon who created the Crimson Trees Cave and all the vegetation that grows there.

Was it really worth it to protect the grave for all eternity at the cost of one’s sanity and consciousness Or is Setsuna’s grave in the inverted space the real one or is it just a perfect copy Only Wezaemon knows the answers to those questions, but now they are forever unobtainable.

Incidentally, if you were to convert Wezaemon’s stats and skills to player’s terms, you would receive someone who’s level would go beyond ninety nine by a large amount.

So even without his armor, it only goes to show just how powerful Wezaemon really was.


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