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Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 78: Character Introduction

Name: Hizutome Rakurou

PN: Sanraku

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Special skill: Total immersion in the game while muting every possible outside factor

Likes: games, sashimi

Dislikes: lag, RNG (TL Note: I can relate, RNG is such a bitch sometimes)

Favorite games: almost all of them (especially those that hate a “**ty game” feeling to them)

Disliked games: Visual Novels (**ty games of their own category, where it takes way too much time to clear them)

Gaming Style: Gourmet.

He can handle almost any type of in-game situation.

But as a rule of thumb, he prefers to play the role of the Agility-type character, mainly focused on evasion and lightning fast attacks with critical hits.

Has no problem with playing the situation by ear and adapting himself to the ever-changing circumstances on the battlefield.

The longer the battle, the better he can accustom himself to it.

However, due to playing so many **ty games his sense of common sense in normal games is severely lacking.

Details: the protagonist of this series, in love with all kinds of **ty games but now he switched to godly game to see what it was all about.

His reaction speed is almost on an inhuman level, and years of having to suffer through **ty games honed his hardcore skills as a gamer to the maximum.

A type of player whose in-game performance is directly connected to how much tension is he feeling at the moment, and the stronger the adversary the better he fights.

Aside from that he is really stress-resistant and can tolerate almost any kind of situation, probably as a result of having to cope with lots of frustration and grief because of the **ty games.

But we won’t let that fact bias our opinion on him.

Name: Saiga Rei

PN: Saiga-0

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Special skill: breaking watermelons with one blow

Likes: Hizutome Rakurou

Dislikes: People who act overly-familiar

Favorite Games: None

Disliked Games: Eroge (blushes like crazy when she sees one)

Game style: She can cover a variety of playstyles, and thanks to her honor student attitude she excels at every single one of them.

She always does what needs to be done.

She also trained kendo and martial arts as means of self-defense and can utilize those skills in the game as well.

However, thanks to her over-the-top specials attacks and skills she is not all that good at teaching other people the intricacies behind the game.

Details: Born into a family that treasures traditional values, she was brought up to be a polite and well-mannered girl.

But as a result of that she, as well as her two older sisters, is not all that well-versed when it comes to romance of any kind.

She became attracted towards Rakurou after she saw just how much fun he was having everyday, and she even bought the same game as him in order to get closer to him.

But the hurdles of **ty games proved to be too much for her, to the point where she wanted to quit playing forever.

It was then that one of her sisters, Momo, recommended ShangriLa Frontier to her.

At first she played as an ugly man’s avatar, since she felt no need to attach herself to the game.

But after playing for hours together with her sister, she now rose up to be one of the strongest players in the game.

Name: Uomi Kei

PN: ModoroKatsu, KatsuTataki, Oikazzo

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Special skill: All-nighters

Likes: games, victory

Dislikes: Defeat

Favorite games: Ranking Game

Disliked games: Roboge (Not very good at piloting stuff like that)

Game style: Thorough reasoning.

Gathering information, developing countermeasures, devising counterattacks, picking up small details that might slip the attention of others.

Depending on his opponent, he can divide the style freely, including attack specialization and counter specialization.

He likes to fight against organized enemies and dislikes wild cards that improvise all of their actions rather than playing a certain strategy.

Although Sanraku is taking measures against such opponents, the possibility of defeat is still out there.

Details: Rather than liking games in general, he likes to win and have fun.

Professional gamer who is the object of envy for many other players out there.

He is also well-known overseas as “Kei”, a member of the multi-gaming Professional Team “Gaming Battalion”.

This team is also known as the “Nitro Squad”.

Although he had no interest in **ty games, he decided to give them a go after watching a video of “Berserker’s Passion Online” on the Internet.

He wanted to buy its box copy but since he couldn’t find it he had to resolve to download the version.

There he was defeated by Sanraku almost fifteen times in a row.

After doing some research and practicing some more, he then managed to get back at Sanraku by defeating him almost twenty times in a row.

On a side note, he uses “Ore” as a pronoun when in private, but refers to himself as “Boku” in public places.

His rather delicate voice and facial features make him liked by both sexes.

Name: Amane Towa

PN: Pencil Warrior, Arthur Pencilgon

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Special skill: Even in the presence of unprecedented circumstances she can remain calm and composed.

Likes: fireworks, thrills

Dislikes: fatigue, slugs

Favorite games: Strategy games

Disliked games: Rail-Shooters (because there is no need for strategic thinking there)

Game style: Explosive Addict.

Just make a basic preparation and then watch the explosion and chaos that is sure to follow.

The most important thing for her is the thrill, as anything else doesn’t matter.

She can negotiate effectively not only with the Player characters, but also with NPCs.

As Pencilgton, she likes to plot from behind the stage.

Good at changing strategies on the go and improvising.

But because of her overly analytic character, her ability to read people can be somewhat clunky, placing her as the mid-tier player at times.

Details: A top model and a role model for every teenage girl across the country.

In reality she could be described as a “firework”, for she’s as destructive as she’s beautiful.

She longs for the thrill of the moment rather than peace and stability.

But since that kind of attitude would soon get her into trouble in real life, she goes all out when playing games.

She is the type that always wants to watch the world burn around her.

The culmination of that nasty trait was definitely the “United Rounds Pencil Dynasty Case”.

Loves self-destructing mechanics because she’s all about living in the moment.

Upon her defeat, she detonated the castle that was ridden with explosives beforehand, killing all of her subordinates as they had no idea what was going on.

She’s using her real face in game, but because of the make-up options being so vast and complex, no one has really realized that she’s a real deal.

At least for now.

One of my recent worries is that there are more and more fans flocking to her in Full Dive Games.

It would be an especially bad PR for her if it got leaked out that she destroyed her whole Guild just so that she could attain her personal goal.

She has a younger brother but they don’t actually get along.


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