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Lets get back in time a little bit, approximately two days after the defeat of the “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”.

I finished the battle with the Gravekeeper Wezaemon and went back to Rabbitz.

I then went to bed and woke up in the real world, where the next day already started.

Also, waking up was accompanied by a rather peculiar feeling.

「Food…… Moisture…… Ooohhh……」

I am used to prolong sessions of gaming, but my body was having trouble keeping up with my mind after being asleep for almost a whole day.

Right now I was like a horror game zombie (moving mindlessly without any indication of intelligence), staggering on my feet I arrive at the refrigerator, and thanks to the glass of milk and a sweet bread I quickly cut the emergency call that my body was sending me.

「I dont think I want to drink energy drinks for a while.

Like, a really long while……」

After robbing the refrigerator of its contents for another five minutes and catching some sun for a while, I log into ShanFro again.

I think that it was a terrible day rhythm to follow, but right now I was completely absorbed in it.

「Sanraku-san! Good morning, Sanraku-san!」

「Nhh…… Morning.」

Now then, yesterday I was too tired to do this, but maybe I should check my status to see what changed I opened up the status screen…… and couldnt help but to smile unconsciously.

「Fufufu…… Talk about Leveling up nicely.」

PN: Sanraku

LV: 78 (200)

JOB: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)

Money: 150 mani

HP: 30

MP: 10

STM: 60

STR: 40

DEX: 50

AGI: 70

TEC: 55

VIT: 2

LUC: 74


・ Infinite Ream

・ Drill Piercer → Growing Piercing

・ InFight Lv.MAX

・ Skate Foot → Drift Step

・ Parrying Protection → Setsuna no Mikiri

・ Hand of Fortune Lv.6

・ Greater Climbing

・ Climax Boost Lv.9

・ Five-Fold Jump → Five-Fold Leap

・ Sharp Turn → Quick Turn

・ Assassin Earrings Lv.MAX

・ Oppresive Kick Lv.MAX

・ Best Step → Moon Jumper

・ Hungry Wolf → Hungry Predator

・ Off-road Lv.2

・ Secret Sword Art 「Water Mirror Moon」 → Fatal Blade Art 「Water Mirror Moon」

・ Ignition Lv.1

・ Overheat Lv.1

・ Nitro Gain Lv.1

・ Duelist


Right: Yuzuki 「Upper Fang」

Left Hand: Yuzuki 「Lower Fang」

Head: Mask of Birds Eye View (VIT 1)

Torso: Curse of Luukan

Waist: None

Feet: Curse of Luukan

Accessories: Inventory

My level went up by twenty five.

And just from that fact alone, I had WAY too many skill points to distribute.

Were they some bonus points for leveling up Or was that a bonus for defeating the Unique Monster…… But honestly speaking, I dont want to fight a monster like that ever again if I can help it.

Aside from skill points, I can see that some of my skills also leveled up and changed, so I was really excited to go to the Gardener later and see what I would be able to do with that.

All those things were putting a smile on my face.

「Not only loot, but skill points and skills as well…… Fufufu…… Fufufufufufu……!」

「Sanraku-san, your smile is starting to creep me out……」

「Its not creepy at all.

Its beautiful, because Im honest with myself when it comes to my desires.


「That is as legit as a Hydra that claims it is now a vegetarian.」

「Does that mean that maybe Im evil to the bone Or on a molecular level」

Then I proceed to check my item list.

Sure enough, there were some new additions to it.

First, lets take a look at the “Secret Art of the Dragon Pillar”.

· “Secret Art of Dragon Pillar”

A storage device left by the swordsman from the era of the Gods, describing the secrets of his secret sword techniques.

Needs a special item to decode the secrets stored within.

A sword art that pierces the heavens, cuts the earth, and banishes the clouds away.

「Really Or maybe there is a way for the player to use that without having to decode it first」

Seriously, no, really, seriously I can use many of the crazy sounding skills no problem.

However, this item that was labeled as a book (or tome or whatever) looked like a cube that was glowing with bluish light and looked like a really advanced piece of tech.

Is it going to be explained why it is like that once Ill be able to decipher its contents

「Next is the “Book of the World Truth: “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”…… Ah, so its like a lore behind the boss or something like that」

But rather than a novel or a story book it seemed to be more like a strategy guide to fight the boss and listing his backstory.

In other words, they are only handing it to me now, after I fought so desperately to defeat him But perhaps it is just a mere bonus, since Unique Monsters do not respawn.

「Well, I can read it if I have some time to spare…… Fufufu, oh, how I love things like that……」

Now, onto the details of the item that seemed to be a whole lot more important, the “Inventory” accessory.

· Inventory

A special bracelet-type accessory that only a selected few could wield during the era of the Gods.

This item is used like how a key to a storage room would be used.

Wearing it shall consume one accessory slot, but even if the player becomes the victim of PK, this item wont be lost.

By consuming magic power it can transport you into the storage space.

Mobile access device into the special expansion.

As the Gods intended, this device shall become part of the wearers body…..

This tool is a small portable warehouse with no limitations when it comes to carrying capacity.

Capacity limit: None

Storage limit: Non-Living type up to fifty meters in height


Non-standard tactical Machine Bird「Suzaku」 EMPTY

Non-standard tactical Aircraft Tiger 「 Byakko」 EMPTY

Non-standard tactical Machine Dragon 「Seiryu」 EMPTY

Non-standard tactical Machine Turtle 「 Genbu」 EMPTY

Non-standard special Reinforced Armor 「Awabane」 EMPTY

Non-standard special Reinforced Armor 「Bamboo」 EMPTY

Non-standard special Reinforced Armor 「Shourou」 EMPTY

Special Non-Standard Armor 「Fugaku」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Sword type 「Harbinger」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Steel Wire type 「Keep Out」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Piercing type 「Battering Ram」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Crushing type 「Phalanx」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Vertical type 「Erebus」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Double-Sword type 「Hieros Locos」 EMPTY

Nonstandard Arm: Cannon type 「Regulus」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Twin Gun type 「Castor Pollux」 EMPTY

Nonstandard Arm: Long Gun type 「Sagittarius」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Convergence Mechanism type 「Comet Catapult」 EMPTY

Non-standard Arm: Diffusion Mechanism type 「Meteor Diffusion」 EMPTY


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