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Chapter 85: Bird with Bunnies VS Talking Heads Part 1

NPCN: Break

LV: 98

Class: Blacksmith

Side Class: Archaeologist, Vorpal Bunny Master Smith

HP: 175

MP: 530

STM: 120

STR: 130

DEX: 120

AGI: 30

TEC: 130

VIT: 169

LUC: 130



・ Best Step

・ Quake stomp

・ Gigaton swing

・ Titan Blast

・ Fortress Breaker

・ Material Destroy

・ Critical focus

・ Analyze: Legacy Lv.4


・ 「Damage Repair Lv.MAX」

・ 「Break Repair Lv.8」

-「Quick Forge Lv.4」

・ 【Stack Grind Lv.7】

・ 「Enhancement: Life Drain Lv.7」

・ 「Art: Wreckage Lv.1」

・ 「Art: Forger Lv.MAX」

・ 「Art: Strengthening Lv.MAX」

・ 「Art: Evolution Lv.8」

・ 「Art: Fusion Lv.


・ 「Art: Truth Lv.4」

・ 「Random encounter Lv.3」

・ 「Enchantment: High Robust」

・ 「Miracle Mining」

・ 「Legacy Sense Lv.3」


Weapon: Sledge Ogre

Head: Heat-Resistant Cap

Torso: Bunny Blacksmith Uniform

Waist: Bunny Blacksmith Uniform

Feet: Bunny Blacksmith Uniform

Accessories: Efreet Gloves

「So strong!」

After the Dullahan dropped dead, we ended fighting the headless horse as well, but it turned out to be nothing all that special.

After the fight was over I checked Breaks status…… And once I did that I almost had to collect my jaw from the floor.

Thats how broken her stats were.

…… What was this strange feeling of déjà vu

「Thats the kind of strength you attain by smiting every single day, topped with participating in many difficult battles!」

「Yeah, I get it, but it still kinda hurts that you could mop the floor with both Emul and I if you wanted to.」

「Take that as you will!」

I averted my gaze from Break and looked towards Emul, but he also had no words to say to that.

We stared at each other in complete silence for a moment or two.

「I never said that she was as delicate as a flower……」

「…… You never did……」

「Guys, not that I want to interrupt, but…… One more word and youll end up like the headless guy over there!!」


While Emul let out a sound of utter terror, we decided to keep our mouths shut, for the good of both of us.

Besides, nothing good could come from delving deeper into that topic.


For the time being, lets see what materials we can collect from the Dullahans corpse.

Lets not waste any more time!」

I proclaim that while approaching the pile of shiny loot that Dullahan left behind.

· Beheading Sword of the Dullahan General

A long and huge sword that once belonged to Dullahan General.

Now it has decayed and is only good for crushing its opponents with its brute force.

Deals additional damage if the target is hit to the neck.

Having forgotten its memories, love and sense of pride, this body finally even lost its head.

That is why even in death it still hunts for the heads of others.

「What else can I say That description is pretty damn accurate.」

Long story short, this Dullahan lost its sanity and sense of self even before losing its head But was that supposed to be unique, or what Every other Dullahan in here had also lost its head, so isnt that kind of generic description Oh well, at least the sword looks good.

Maybe it will fetch a good price.

Now, when I was about to put the sword into my inventory, Break stopped me from doing that.

What, are you interested in that Compared to other weapons, this one looks like a bunch of rust and blood-covered scrap.

「Here, lend me this for a second, will ya」

「Hmm Sure thing, here.」

I hand over the Dullahan blade to Break, and she swings the blade a couple of times, turns it in her small paws and looks at it closely.

「I knew it, this sword is dead as well.

If you let me hold on to it, I can bring it back to its original glory back at my workshop.」


Not that I was going to use it or anything, but my gamer mind was telling me that if its form could be changed into something better then thats what you needed to do.

Right, lets do just that! Having decided on that, we commenced the exploration of the area once more.

「But I gotta say, this dungeon is relatively straightforward when compared to other ones weve been to so far.」

「All weve been doing so far in here is to go straight.」

This map wasnt all that broad when it came to the sheer size of it, but rather than branching paths it consisted of bigger and smaller cliffs that you needed to traverse in order to go forward.

And while I get the idea that constant onslaught of undead and “Curse” status effects would make this place a whole lot harder…… For me, a human air-purifier, this whole area was like a walk through the park.

「Say, weve been walking for quite a while now……」

「But we dont seem to be getting anywhere.

Its getting kind of annoying.」

「But at least we dont have to waste any Holy Water, so thats a plus, hmm」

I dont know how much Holy Water we would have to waste if we were to do this area normally, but maybe thats a good thing…… That being said, we were a birdman carrying two bunnies on his back, so for a valley filled with madness, decay and the undead it was surprisingly fitting of an image, huh

I know that it was absurd, but precisely because of this fantasy setting this situation could receive a passing grade, so just rolling with it for now was fine…… After all, could you experience something like that in real life I doubt it.

「Umu…… I guess Godly games can get surprisingly deep at times and deliver you experiences you wouldnt otherwise hope to experience……」


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