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Chapter 87: Rare Items Weight Heavier Than Life Part 1

That being said, scoring a critical hit precisely on the neck was easier said than done.

We still had two copies to dispose of, one with double swords and one with the bow, as well as the main body.

「La –––––––––!!!」

While avoiding the quick slashes of the singing skeleton, I gradually started to calm myself down.

No need to be impatient here.

Even though it was the area boss, its copies die in a single strike thanks to all of my buffs and critical strikes.

Lets take it nice and easy.

But still, I had to keep recast times in mind, as well as the fact that after the five minutes limit all of my stats would be lowered dramatically.

So I had to wrap this up as soon as possible, but without getting impatient.

I do that, and Im as well as dead.

「…… There!」

「Laaa, aaa, giiiiiiiii ––––––!!!」

I rushed towards the bow-wielding skeleton while avoiding the arrows that it was constantly shooting at me.

When I get close enough I activate moon jump to avoid another set of arrows and then prepare Emul to fire another shot of Magic Edge.

The impact of the magic attack was so great that the shot managed to pierce the skeletons body and exit on the other side of it.

「Uuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh, that was close! A little bit too close for comfort!」

「Wait! Isnt that way too dangerous!」

If there is no “Holy” attribute to the attack, the attack wont deal any kind of damage to the skeleton, so when my body accidentally bumps into it, it was thrown back while getting this really funny feeling of something wet and slimy brushing off of me.

Without much of a thought of how gross it felt, I let out a battle cry and slashed my Dullahan sword at the skeleton, separating its head from its body in one fell swoop.

There was only one enemy left, and roughly two sword uses that I could make.

「Now, what will you say to surrender If you do that, who knows I might even spare your life」

The answer came under the form of magic attack, not words.

I raised Emul up to counter the attack with my own but I was a second too slow and ended up swallowed in the waves of dark magical energy.

All around me I could hear screaming, presumably coming from all the dead souls that were felled in this valley.

「Your defeat is…… Lets see, it will be the same as mine at that time! If only I wasnt so unlucky……!」

Dying time after time to the big and powerful blows of the mechanical samurai until I found my way towards victory.

Remember his movements, assume the same stance as him, and then use everything youve got to slash through any obstacle that stands in your way!

「I know that it might be a little bit of a stretch, but how about calling it a pseudo-Tensei That should pay it the respect it deserves.」

I directed my blade at the main body of Humming Rich, but instead of slashing its neck I managed to rip its arm off from the rest of its body.

It wasnt enough to finish it off with one slash, but I didnt even expect that in the first place.

When you are an Agility type warrior like myself the power of buffs can often be misleading.

But I didnt need to kill it…… No, that job was destined for someone else.

「You did well, Dullahan Blade! Just two more slashes and you can finally rest!」

I then change my posture from one meant for slashing to the one meant for thrusting.

Then I push the blade forward right towards the main body!

It was for this reason alone that I was saving a slash or two up until now.

As the sword plunged towards the neck of the Humming Rich I activated the skill Growing Piercer, a skill that naturally evolved from my previous skill Drill Piercer.

Its special ability was that the more hits the drill got in, the bigger the additional damage and critical strike would be.

The total number of hits was five, and the Dullahan Blade started to gradually pierce through the Humming Richs bone with a clean sound of the drill working at full power.

I could see and hear cracks forming all over the blades surface, but the attack continued without the swords breaking apart.


「I knew it, it was sturdier than the copies, theres no way for me to cut it on my own…… However, sorry to tell you this, spooky skeleton, but Im afraid thats the end of the line for you!」

It was time for a switch.

I let go of the sword and let it hang from the Humming Rich like an ugly tie.

At the same time the skeleton took a few steps back, trying to put some distance between us.

It was then that a small shadow appeared right above its head.

「Sorry about that…… But Im gonna beat ya into a bloody pulp! Material Focus…… “FORTRESS BREAKER!!!”」

「……………… Nyaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhppppppffffffuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!」

At the same time I threw Emul high into the air and let Break catch him, while I dodged to the side trying to get out of the range of Humming Richs offensive spell.

Then Break swung her sledgehammer down, hitting the handle of the Dullahan Blade and forcing it to go even deeper into the bony frame of the skeleton.

I heard it after the battle was already over, but apparently Pencilgton and Katsu defeated “KIRIN” in exactly the same way.

「Human-powered stake driver…… Or not, in that case maybe it would be more accurate to call it just a really powerful Stake Driver」

「Sanraku-san, nows not the time for that!」

「Here, a carrot for all of your efforts.」

「Hooray…… Not!!! I knew it, you use them to mislead me all the time!」

「Here, Ill throw you two more as a bonus, so cheer up.」


「So god damn easy……」

Even though Break didnt have a combat-oriented profession, the full blown skill from a level ninety eight character was enough to send the sword flying through Humming Richs skull and emerge out the other side, forming a huge hole right in the middle of its head.

「KAH, aaahhh……!」

There was no way that any monster, no matter how powerful, would be able to survive having its skull penetrated with a sword like that.

So after a few moments of agony-filled screeching Humming Rich finally stopped moving and burst into a fountain of red polygons.

「………… Fuh, talk about a weapon with a kick to it.」

「Mugugu…… Ya can praise me all ya want later, but first thing first, I must repair this thing ASAP!」


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