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Chapter 90: And So, Finally a Breath of Fresh Cat Part 1

「T, this is……! This is Aroncarles, said to be the absolute best of the coating agents! A-and this…… This is the first class crystal, Lapizterier…… I, it cannot be… Roen Amber of this size And so much of it…… A-a-a-and this here is the Amrasian Quartz…… Is, is this real……」

「I have collected all materials that can be dropped from Crystal Scorpions…… Except from stingers (but you dont need to know that).」

「And why there arent any stingers he……」

「Id drop it if I were you, Emul.

Otherwise Ill force feed you carrots until you explode from overeating.」


Someday, I shall have my revenge for this utter humiliation.

I thought that even though their personalities might be different, these guys were siblings alright.

Seeing Break rummaging through materials like that with wild excitement in her eyes, it was hard for me not to smile.

「Think you can make me some weapon using these」

「Are you kidding me! With these I can make even your wildest dreams come true! Usually I have no interest in gemstones, because they are just shiny stones, but…… Oh well, might as well leave one just so that I can admire it during my free time, why not……」

Break then proceeds to rub her furry face against the smooth texture of the crystal.

But then she proceeded to put it into her mouth and suck on it as though she was trying to taste it.

It was…… It was a weird thing to look at, especially since it was so sudden.

「…… Wah!!!」

「Wabyah! P-please dont scare us like that!」

「T-Thank you for returning my reason to me, for a moment out there I was afraid that it went somewhere else.

So, you want to know if I can make a weapon out of this for ya, huh」

There was a moment of silence during which Break was rummaging through the items, apparently sorting them out.

「Crystal Scorpion materials and those ores can be used to craft some weapons out of them.

The other stuff can also be refined, but its not my area of expertise anymore…… Youd need to ask a jeweler fer that.」


「They are people who craft various accessories that boost the effects of both weapons and armors, especially if they are to be made from jewels.」

I see.

INVENTORY is also an accessory, and items like that often play an important role when it comes to strengthening ones battle potential.

Up until now I was only interested in weapons and armor while strolling around towns, accessories never really bothered me.

However, right now maybe it would be a good time to actually give them a go Thinking about it now, even Katsu and Pencilgton seemed to be wearing things on them that must have been accessories.

Now, the important question: is it possible to have more than one accessory equipped at a time Since right about now my slot was occupied by the INVENTORY.

「Now then, about accessory craftsmen here in Rabbitz……」

「Youll find blacksmiths and armorers here, but sadly, we have no jewelers……」

「…… Really now」

If thats the case, it seems that the jewels are going to make for a quick cash grab for us.

Which was a real shame, but what can you do However, as I was about to mope because of that, Break continued speaking.

「But, its not that we dont have people who are skilled in working with jewels and gemstones…… Since you are a friend to us Vorpal Bunnies, there is a certain Cait Sith that might be able to assist you.

Her skills are no joke either.」

Cait Sith.

Honestly, my impression of them is that typical one from fantasy games: a huge cat-people walking on two legs.

They were in a really huge amount of different games…… During my gamer career I had to deal with them as both friends and foes, but I was yet to see a Cait Sith in this game.

I take a look at Emul who was playing around with some jewels without looking at me, and then at Break who was mumbling something under her breath for some reason.

If bunnies can be bipeds in this game and command such destructive power, then what is a cat capable of …… For some reason, the face of that certain player comes to my mind right now.

What was her name Ah, thats right: Animalia.

「…… Personally, I cant stand her on a personal level, but as a fellow craftsman I must admit that her skills are something to be reckoned with.

It would be such a waste to let those gems go to a pawn shop, so wait a moment.

Ill call her in here now.」

「Eh, right now」

No, I dont really think that calling someone somewhere would be as easy as to call for a buddy thats been working right next to you.

「Oi, ya stupid cat! Move yer furry ass and comeere for a sec!」

「You called! Here I am, a beautiful black cat maiden! If you called for me, I would have climbed the steepest cliffs and climb from the deepest bowels of Hell just to answer your call!」

Things cant possibly get any weirder now, can they

If I had to describe her in a single sentence, “Puss in Boots” would surely hit the jackpot.

It was a black cat that was almost the same size as Break, which would mean she was reaching up to my waist as far as the height is concerned.

She was also wearing a cape and a hat fashioned after the French musketeers, and there was a small rapier stuck behind the belt at her waist.

But the boots were the most elegant of her attire.

It was decorated with jewels all over, in sheer contrast to the rest of her attire which was fairly minimalistic and must have put practicality over looks.

The boots made the polar opposite.

「Mumu, you must be my dear Breaks sibling, am I correct」

「My name is Emul.

And this person here is Sanraku-san.」

「Mumu Whats a birdman doing in Rabbitz No, wait, the shape of his arms is different…… Is he a human No, but still, I heard that there are people out there that looks exactly like birds……」

「No, maybe just your impression of humans is twisted to begin with.」

Not that I would know since I have no idea how humans are perceived by other races.

To my remark, the cat musketeer suddenly struck a strange pose.

「If thats how it is, so be it! I shall reveal my name to you! I am the one they call a Holy Sword! The leader of the feline musketeers! A citizen of the beautiful land of Cait Sith, Catzeria! My name is…… Aramiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!」

I wouldnt be surprised if there was confetti falling from the sky any minute now.

I wouldnt be surprised at all.


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