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Chapter 90: And So, Finally a Breath of Fresh Cat Part 2

The figure of a small cat draws its rapier and thrusts it into the sky, looking more cool than adorable in that moment.

For some strange reason, I remembered the words that Animalia-san spoke to me:

[You must always remember: the borderline between cool and cringy is always incredibly thin.] [Ahh! My Lady, your words are like icicles that pierce my poor heart with merciless precision! However, it is not that I dont like that kind of merciless affection……]

Nope, I can already see that if I leave those chumps to their own antics, the conversation wont go anywhere.

[Umm, you say that you are a Holy Blade, but your real profession is that of Jeweler, right] [Hmm, hey, ya stupid cat, hear that This lad here…… Yes, he has a request for you.]

Hearing that, the black cats face started shining as if it was the sun itself.

The contrast with Breaks annoyed expression was simply astonishing.

Her name…… It was Aramis, if I remember correctly

[Of course! But of course, oh fair maiden! If its for your sake, I shall challenge even the Night Prowler himself!]

No, if you challenge that thing you are going to end up grinded into minced meat in no time…… I wanted to say, but I left that remark to myself.

While Aramis was jumping in place full of energy, Break sighed deeply and handed her one of the gemstones, which was incidentally almost as large as the black cats head.

If her facial expression was the embodiment of the suns brightness all this time but upon seeing the gemstone it changed completely.

[…… Ahh, my fair Lady…… Umm……] [This is one of the Ambers that this Birdhead here managed to get his hands on…… Catch.]

For a moment there, the cat looked to be completely dumbfounded, which I admit was an unusual sight.

Receiving the gemstone from Break with trembling paws she gazed upon it from every possible direction, put her ear to it, traced across its surface, licked it and even tried to put it whole inside of her mouth……

[Hey, could you stop that!] [Wah! Oh, please forgive me for that shameful display! Force of habit, I guess…… Sometimes I just cant help myself……] [Aramis, listen to me, girl.

This lad here wants you to make an accessory out of this rock.

But not just any kind of accessory, you understand Anything below a masterpiece simply wont do.] [This is…… I mean…… Who is this guy, again……] [A guy who Pops recognized as the bearer of Vorpal Soul, the one marked by the Night Prowler himself and the slayer of Gravekeeper Wezaemon.]

When Break says those words, Aramiss eyes open wide.

She even mumbles the words such as “human that walks on Rabbitzs streets” and “that Sanraku guy”.

[And not to say anything, but I kind of stated my honor on the matter that you will be able to make the best accessory possible for this lad.

Surely the great leader of the Musketeers, Aramis, will be up for the task] [All of those gems…… The birdman here collected them all Huh! Can I really use them!] [Use one of them, use all of them, I dont really care…… If there will be something left Im just going to sell it anyways, so……]

Aramis looks at Break, then Emul and finally at me, as if wanting to make double sure that it was really alright for her to use the items.

Using that moment I asked a few questions that were bugging me.

[Whats Catzeria] [Its the Kingdom of Cait Sith, but I guess that calling it a kingdom is a little bit of an over exaggeration.] [By the way, Break, whats your relationship with that feline] […… Years ago I happened to make a weapon for this idiot.

Thats all.

Nothing else to it.] [And how strong is she] [Stronger than me, thats feh sure.]

I see…… Thats right…… Something was telling me that she would be close to Breaks level, but for her to actually be stronger……

[…… Right, I think Im going to take a quick nap.

We can later go and search for that Magical Unit gizmo or whatever it is supposed to be so we can get you a Grandmaster title.] [Lad, I thought that you wanted to get this done ASAP.

And Im free now, either way……] [Break, my dear, slow and steady wins the race.]

Rather than trying to sprint through the story, I think that baby steps are a much more beneficial strategy we can take here.

[Ahh, so tired!]

The time was now…… Around four oclock.

After eating a light meal and taking a nap I wanted to resume my strategy from earlier on that day.

But then I pick up my phone and see that I have received new mails.

There were three unread messages waiting for me.

One of them was a newsletter from one of the games I used to play in the past, so we can dont give a damn about that one, but the other two……

Subject: I have something to ask

From: Modorokatsu

Destination: Sanraku

Body: Where are you now Theres something I would like to discuss with you as soon as possible.

Subject: Question to Sanraku

From: Pencil Warrior

Destination: Sanraku

Body: Where are you now Fiftia Id like to meet and talk for a moment, but are you free tonight


Is this the peak of my popularity suddenly remembering that I exist]

It was all written like that, but I could bet that the true meaning was something in character of “Get your ass over here this instant, were in some deep **!”.

Rather than specifying the place they were now asking me for my whereabouts And just to clarify, when you say “trouble” in a game like that, this could only mean other players……

[Sorry, but I dont feel like doing PVP right now…… Also, can I use some of the items from the common inventory space …… Send.]

Now, time to eat something and go to sleep…… Ringtone.

However, since I happened to receive replies to both of my emails, I opened them and their contents made a bitter smile bloom on my lips.

Subject: Are you **ing serious!

From: Modorokatsu

Destination: Sanraku

Body: Do you understand how it feels to be constantly nagged by people, often in very rude ways, to schedule an appointment with you! …… All the time! So get your ass in here and take one for the team!

Subject: No, it doesnt work like that

From: Pencil Warrior

Destination: Sanraku

Body: As the clan leader I order you to get your ass in here right this instant! And no, you cannot refuse me, since you have lost your veto privilege! Fail to show up, and you shall invoke my righteous fury!

[Nnnnhhh………… Right, time to sleep!]

For the time being, lets just pretend I didnt see that.


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