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Chapter 91: Those Who Open the Darkness of The World Part 1

Hnngh, that was a good nap! I felt as though I was having a nightmare halfway through it, but all in all I was feeling rather refreshed.

So for now I turn off my mobile device.

「Now then…… Oh well, I can ask the two of them what the hell they wanted with me tomorrow.」

Right now, I would like Break to take me to the Old Man again so I can have a word with him.

Not that its anything urgent or important, but I just wanted to do it for the heck of it.

Consider it a gamers privilege.

Speaking of my real intentions, I was getting a feeling that my real goal would take a really long amount of time to complete it, so for now I wanted to postpone the inevitable.

「Saraku-san! Good morning!」

「Its night technically, but it doesnt matter all that much…… Now then, isnt the thing we are looking for located inside of the Ancient Ruins Lets go there and try to look for it!」

「Oh, about that! Theres something I must tell you, Sanraku-san!」

Hmm Tell me something I wonder whats this all about

While striking some strange kind of a pose Emul thrusts his hand forward and to the sky.

Hmm Where have I seen that before

「Called me! Oh Fair Maiden! Just the fact that you step on me is enough for me! Not bad, if I do say so myself…… Or maybe I should go with something a little more normal… Ouch, ouch, uuch, ouch!!!!」

「There must be something seriously wrong with your head if youre having preferences like that…… Oh well, if you want me to step on you, I can happily oblige just this once.」

「Ohooo, my spiiiiiiiiine!」

Ah, oh yeah, right.

Better to turn my eyes away.

Im pretty much sure that this sight is not something I want to have permanently burned in my mind for the rest of my life.

By the way, even if you are logged out of the game the time will advance like it normally would, so youre telling me hes been practicing this whole shtick all this time

「That being said, Aramis Even youre here」

「I came here to deliver you your jewels.

Anything…… *Cough*, *cough*, aaaa~, aaa~.

I see! Adventure is the means by which every Maiden can reach new, previously unexplored grounds! If its like that and you insist on me tagging along, then I guess theres nothing I can say but to agree! So worry not! For it is I, the “Holy Sword” herself that shall assist you and cut any enemy that dares to stand in your way!」

She says while taking out her rapier again and striking a pose.

I see, so Emul was trying to imitate her antics, huh But anyways…… This means that Aramis will temporarily join our party, huh

「Well, its fine with me, but…… Should we readjust our strategy now that we have more people on board No, but……」

If I was to take two level ninety characters with me to the Ruins that would make capturing them easy as pie…… No, maybe it would even be too easy.

Where would be fun in that

But since right now we have a concrete goal of obtaining “Magical Unity Unit” some additional help may not be so bad after all.

「Right, lets do just that.

Lets go, my Comedic Duo!」

「Who is a Comedic Duo here!」

「Ooooh! Thats Sanraku for you! I see that nothing can get past those stern eyes of yours! …… Nyaaaaaagggggghhhhhh! My ribs!」

I dont know why, but for some reason Emul was now stepping all over the black cat……

Anyways, even though she seemed to be enjoying this quite a lot, there were some things I needed to confirm with her.

「I heard from Emul that you can be a good addition to our team.」

「Hm Oh, yeah, yeah, thats right.

But it is not just my whimsical wish.

You can call it the will of all Catzeria.

After all, we must repay you in kind for your gift, Sanraku-san.」

「Gift Huh I didnt give you any gifts, so why……」

「Allow me to explain, lad.」

Suddenly even Break was here And she took over from Emul to step all over Aramis What is going on here She then beckoned me with her paw to lend her my ear.

(Cait Sith all love jewels.

You might even say there is a national craze for them.

And Catzerias jewelers are the most famous for their skills and attention to detail when it comes to their craft.)

(Eh, really)

(Lad, you pushed all of your jewels onto her, but think about it for a moment.

Even if she were to utilize them to make accessories for you, she would still be left with a huge amount of gemstones.

More than she would know what to do with.

Probably enough for her to establish a monopoly if she wanted to.)

According to Breaks words, it was entirely plausible that the King of Catzeria came to know about the request that I made for accessories, and that I gave her some very rare materials to work with.

This, alongside the fact that I was in a good relationship with Vorpal Bunnies, were going to hunt down Unique Monsters and that I brought down Gravekeeper Wezaemon.

(So apparently it was a pretty big a deal for every intelligent monster species out there that Rabbitz have gained such a powerful ally.

Perhaps in time, the trade between the nations would flourish as they would want to get on Rabbitz good side.)

(All of a sudden it has developed into some sort of a serious situation.)

To my words, Breaks expression got a whole lot more serious.

「…… Lad, pray tell, just how big of an influence upon the world do you think striking down one of the seven Unique Monsters has」

「Is there any influence to begin with」

「Enough to cause a war or two without a problem.」


But it has little to no effect on humans…… Ah, no, or could it be that only us Pioneers are special and others have to suffer because of that」

「And especially since you are someone who was recognized by the Night Prowler…… I think that would be enough of a reason for Werewolves and Lizardmen to want to come to peace with us.」


To think that one action like that could have the power to affect entire nations like this…… While I was still trying to comprehend all of that information, Break let out a heavy sigh, apparently thinking I was hopeless.

「Well, being either a hero of the world or an enemy to the whole world is a new thing for me…… Oh well, shall we go」

「Sure thing…… Oi! Get up already!」

「My head! My head is filled with so much bliss right now!」

Why are you even smiling like that


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