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Chapter 92: Half-Naked Pervert and His Furry Entourage in Golem Paradise Part 1

Chronicles, grave markers, claw marks, ruins.

There is still much to be learned from all the items like that that continued to be excavated from inside the ruins all around the world.

Amongst all of the ruins of the Gods this here, “Lost Ruins”, is one of the most famous ones.

Just what are they going to be like I cant stop myself from wondering.

What could have happened to the civilization of literal Gods What kind of cataclysm could have wiped them out from the surface of the earth seemingly overnight I have no way of knowing that, but some clues are obviously here from the very first moment we step foot inside the ruins.

「Whoa…… Talk about a place out of a completely different setting……」

As I continued to surveil my surroundings, the only word that was coming to my mind was “huge”…… But even that was an understatement.

I let out a deep sigh when faced with the might of the ruins.

This isnt real, I know that.

But still, I couldnt help but to admire the sight of a medium-sized city that was spreading before my eyes, seemingly with some empty space left for possible future development.

Streets, skeletons of gutted buildings, houses…… Everything in here was made out of metal.

So this is the place from where the “legacy weapons” were being excavated I could only imagine that even though they were fossils, their efficiency must have remained over the top if the structure of this place was also in such a good shape.

But one things for sure: that civilization must have been fighting something.

And that thing must have been the reason for them disappearing.

Was it perhaps a Unique Monster Or maybe some kind of entity serving as this games last boss Whatever that thing was…… I dont think that any of the current strongest players of the game would be able to best it in combat.

「Was that perhaps this whole “Bahamuts” fault…… No, its too early to conjure up a theory like that……」

I have this nasty habit for my thoughts to go off-trail more often than not…… But its not at all a bad thing.

It just goes to show that there are many possibilities to consider.

But still, the place in and of itself wont provide me with all the answers.

Especially since it looks like it was a factory of some sort.

Why is that Because the iron golem that was currently coming straight towards me was equipped with an industrial-power burner on one of its arms.


At the same time as the iron golem was about to attack, Emul, Break, and Aramis all separated from me and we all assumed battle stances, about ready to get this party started.

The golem was swinging its burner around like some kind of fiery sword, but since it was so big its moves were rather clumsy.

But still……

「It may not be all that lethal, but its range is far longer than you might expect.」

This golem also looked to be a lots sturdier and resilient that you might expect.

Now, I was about to give it the taste of my Swamp Daggers, but just then…… I felt a strange and unnatural breeze just pass me by.

「…… What the……」

「Nyahahahahaha!!! Oh, the wandering iron giant foolish enough to dare to challenge us!! The Great Aramis is going to sing you a requiem!」

Eh Wait just a…… Wha……

「“Servant Solo: Primal Slash”!」

There was a huge blast of energy flying right next to me.

If I was standing just a little bit more to the left, it would have been a direct hit.

Although there was about a five meter distance between Aramis and the Golem, the blast didnt lose any of its speed and power, and once it connected with the golem, the following explosion resulted in the golems total annihilation.

「Fufufu…… Well, my fair Maiden My fellow gentlemen What say you to that Rest assured, for as long as I, “Divine Blade” Aramis, is here there is no obstacle that shall stand in our……!」

「Are you stupid! You must be, you stupid cat! Dont use anti-dragon skills fer simple golems like that ever again! You…… complete idiot!」

Shes right, you know! What in the ever living ** was that! If your aim was even slightly off, I could say goodbye to a huge portion of my body! What would you do if that happened, huh!

Of course, since the golem was taken out in such an over-the-top fashion, there was no drop left out of it.

Or even if there was some loot that dropped out of it, it would surely get disintegrated in that explosion just now!

「Haa…… Right, I can see where this is going…… Say, Aramis Could you, like, hold back on using killer moves like that for a while」

「T, this is a rather harsh request, but…… I understand, it shall be as you wish……」

Aramis came to accept my words, but she looked as though she was hit on the head with a sledgehammer and she was about to faint from that critical hit.


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