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Chapter 92: Half-Naked Pervert and His Furry Entourage in Golem Paradise Part 2

「Since we are already here, we might conduct some actual investigation, get a feel of the place.」

「I see, so thats how it is.」

「For example, we can investigate where all those golems are coming from, so that we dont get caught off-guard in the future.

Like the ones over there.

See They are different from the other ones.」

「I see, I see.」

「First things first, golems might not be the most intelligent of monsters, but they are rather sturdy and resilient.

And since they are active all over the place, it should be safe to assume that they remained operational since the time of the Gods themselves.」

「Thats to be expected.」

「Second of all, the materials that create this whole place…… Golems…… The place where they were created.」

「Seems like a whole lot of things to investigate all at once, but……」

Emul shouts while giving Magic Edge a rest and then brandishing his own sword that he was carrying.

The golem he was currently fighting was round in shape and had short, potato-like legs.

This golem was called “Ball Golem” and currently Emul was doing his best to cap its knees with his sword.

「If its something important, then please tell me that first!」

「I keep telling you! Magic makes no difference on those guys!」

「You sure its not a problem of your attitude not the working!」

「Pyaaaahhhh! Is that the reinforcements I see!」

Eventually Emul managed to knock the golem to the ground, and it started to roll down the hall, crushing into another golem which resulted in a small explosion.

The flames were still lingering around when we got to that spot.

「Around eight of them, I do believe.」

「Sorry to disappoint you, but theres actually nine of them.」

「Just how many are there, those bastards!」

The ones that arrived managed to avoid the ball one and the flames that were left after it.

They got closer and closer with their mouths wide open…… could it be that they carried cannons or guns inside their mouths

Shit, even though their moves were still clumsy, the AI controlling those golems was pretty clever.

Seeing the approaching golems and understanding that even the level ninety NPCs might have a problem with taking them on all at once, I begin to look around, looking for a possible escape route.

「…… Alright, I can see the path! Break, grab onto me!」


Once Break jumped on my back, I cannonballed straight ahead.

Surely, the number of golems was a serious threat, but when I do this, they would have a hard time picking us off one by one.

I leave the literal “carpet bombing” to Emul and Aramis, while Im looking for the holes from which the golems were emerging.

Sure enough they were there, scattered here and there on the ground.

「Lets see, what was it that one of those guys carried with him …… Ah, perfect, it looks to be C4.

Just what we need.

Now, how do you detonate this thing Magic or maybe theres some kind of fuze」

C4 is a clay-based explosive that is most common in various kinds of military games.

And although those golems werent exactly military-like, it was close enough for me.

Heres where things get a little bit complicated.

If they were equipped with that, they could most likely self-destruct.

And that fact would make fighting them that much harder, not to mention collecting any kind of loot.

Especially since their AI was so clever.

A simple enough monster that got elevated to the rank of problematic thanks to its AI, just great.

「Its not only levels…… Its like they are able to assess the combat threat of every enemy and focus on the ones that might be the most problematic.」

Using that knowledge I activate Moon Jump and start to change my location, using fallen golems as stepping stones and utilizing the fact that other golems targeted Emul and Aramis the most, leaving Break and I alone.

Like that we should be safe from their self-destruction move as well.

Together with Break we were aiming to get closer to one of the golems that seemed to be more or less intact.

「Im counting on you, Striker!」

「When it comes down to Golems weak points…… That would be their core, of course! Material Destroy!」

I could have attacked the Golem just fine, but since Break has better stats than me and has some bonuses to attack power, it would be possible for her to take this thing down with one blow.


There should be a reactor somewhere right at the center of the golems body.

Now whether it was the same old nuclear reactor from my world or some crazy advanced piece of tech created by the gods, the principle should be mostly the same.

The sledgehammer manages to make a clean strike right to the golems jaw, managing to make it all loose and tattered, just like the one that Humming Rich had.

「Eat this, sucker! Critical hit!」

「…… Oh **! Everyone! Run like you mean it!」


Once its head shattered to pieces, the golems whole body began to shake and tremble.

Having a really bad feeling about that whole shaking and trembling I took Break by the neck and ducked behind one of the inactive golems, using it as a blast shield.

Once the explosion occurred, Emul and Aramis were both blasted away.

「Well, when the golems carry around explosive inside their bodies, its nothing strange that they can self-destruct themselves, right」

「Hey, look.

Looks like it dropped something.」


It looks like something managed to survive that explosion.

Once the flames had settled I managed to catch it in my hands.

It looks like an item of some sort.

It looked like a really simplified clay figure…….

「Its a Haniwa」

「Whats with that idiotic name」

「But dont you think its kind of cute」

Lets have a little looksee at the item description in inventory.

Shrapnel Grenade

A small, portable explosive that can be rarely dropped from iron golems.

The grenade explodes on impact, causing the shrapnels to penetrate the target, causing additional bleeding damage and wounds.

Comes in variations that create a pillar of fire upon impact.

「A **ing grenade…..」

Now even a single mistake could prove to be fatal.


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