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Chapter 95: The Unknown Remains Mysterious Until It Is Revealed Part 2

The fact that you need some RNG to save someone important for the plot of the game is ** itself.

I mean, you were on the journey to save the world, but you must sidetrack to grow peaches in the orchard Because of that, for quite a while after that I couldnt stand the look of peaches.

I would suffer from headaches, nausea, chills, stomach pains.

Peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches……

That is why I hope that this game does not have any such elements of brutal betrayal or RNG.

But seeing that someone like Pencilgton holds the title of the Hero, we might see something like that down the line.

「Massacre…… My dear Sanraku, when at war, you will come to understand that there is no such thing as no action too vile or brutal if it can help you attain victory.

Murder, betrayal, sabotage, poison…… Sometimes it is necessary to get your own hands dirty and I must say, the experience was quite enjoyable for me.

Oh, yes it was.」

「I dont want to be told something like that by the guys who would look up his enemies stats and tactics ahead of time and take them out via underhanded tactics.」

The remote-controlled bomb was placed at the gates lock and then it was detonated with a nasty sound.

But thanks to that, the gate opens up with a quiet “Beep” sound.

「Well, I wouldnt expect that someone who was peach farming for three weeks straight would understand.」

「This bastard…… If you were going to do that from the start, was there any reason for using that spell earlier」

「But of course there was.

You see, “Treasure Sense” can be used to appraise the ruins and see just what kind of locks or devices might be hidden within them.

I mean, it would have to be something complicated or amazing if it guards a part needed for a Legacy Weapon, right」

So in other words, it was a “work” that was mandatory for us to press forward.

But as the dust caused by the explosion finally settled down, I looked towards the gate and pushed the unpleasant memories away.

「Wow, amazing! It looks just like a laboratory of some kind!」

「This is on a completely different level than anything weve seen thus far.」

Beyond the gate that the four-armed golem was guarding, there was a laboratory that looked like it was used to develop fantasy weapons of some sort.

Although the place was run down in some spots, most of it was relatively well preserved.

Together with Pencilgton we could well understand it: the scent of “treasure” was hanging in the air.

「Alright, now we can split up and look for that whole “Magical Unity Unit” thingy.”


And our dear animals try not to break anything while youre at it, ok」


So far, there was no sign of the “Magical Unity Unit”.

But we managed to find something that resembled a keyboard and a holographic display.

Just then, something on the screen suddenly activated.

「Whats that supposed to be, a mark or symbol of some kind……」

This symbol looked like two octopuses were trying to entangle themselves around one another…… Ah, yes, thats right.

The correct term would be that it looked as though two “infinity” symbols were placed upon one another.

「This symbol is most usually attached to cards or represents bosses of various kinds, but this……」

This holographic shape didnt look like it would benefit the players in any kind of way.

I dont know if it would be a correct way to describe it, but only the word “monstrous” comes to my mind.

Its upper body looked like that of a dinosaur, there were some human elements here and there, and the lower half looked as if it was a combination of a frog and a spider.

Whatever that thing was, one thing was for certain: it was not an ally.

Suddenly, what comes to my mind is the black skeleton with a split-open rib cage.

Something not quite out of this world.

Was that thing like that as well Or perhaps……

「Such abominations walk on this earth This isnt right.」

I understand that it is something from a world of fantasy born into life via science-fiction means, but what was that, exactly

Emul, who was looking in some other place, now noticed the display and looked at it.

Then he tilted his head and raised his voice after a second.

「Sis! Isnt that it」

「Hm Let me take a look at it…… Ooh, thats it! This is what we are looking for! Magical Unity Unit!」

Looking at the display through the lenses of the googles of some kind that Emul handed to her, Break let out a sound that was more or less synonymous with hitting a jackpot.

「With this, you will be able to craft the weapons from the age of the Gods!」

「With this, we will finally be able to repair the reactor.」

Both Pencilgton and Katsu grab me by the shoulders.

I tried to shake them off with a gentle smile, but they just grabbed me more firmly, not letting their eyes off of me for even a moment.

「Hey, let go of me, God damn it! Why the ** are you even doing something so bothersome!」

「So noisy! Anyways, you wont escape us this time around, my dear Sanraku-kun! Youre role here is done, so now lets leave the reactors repair to the Bunny-chan and lets be on our way!」

「Yeah, resistance is futile Sanraku!」

Like hell Im going to submit to you! Over my dead body you stupid ass**s! …… Is what I wanted to say.

But in reality.

「…… I get it, I get it already! Ill think about it.

But you know, I was also contacted by one of the members of the guild “Library” not so long ago.」

「Ah, look at him go! He realized that he couldnt escape and hes trying his best to change the subject!」

「Youd better be prepared for whats coming for you, since youve dumped all of the nasty things regarding our sudden “fame” on us……」

「Uwah! What was that! Youre acting like some nasty old men right now! Its creeping me out! What the hell! What the hell!」

So there really was nothing I could do to avoid this Its like there were suddenly two iron balls chained to my ankles.

While watching us bicker with one another, both Emul and Break let out a deep sigh for some reason.

Aramis was just sitting down and giving us a look that was saying “What are you guys actually doing”


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