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Chapter 96 Surprising Meeting, Speculations And Zombie Part 2

「Yes, I would like to thank you all for all of your hard work.

My humble person, Arthur Pencilgton, who just recently graduated from being a PK player, is going to be your host for the duration of this meeting.

Ah…… Sadly, no animal allowed in here, so could you please start acting like normal people and regain your humanity for the time being」

「Regain your humanity, I never thought I would hear those words directed to any normal person under any circumstances.」

「Ah, Sanraku you stupid idiot! Let go of me!」

Couldnt you just dodge it like any normal person would do And whats the deal with trying to bite my hand Could it be that a scapegoat finally turned into a goat Thats like, so cute.

While I was trying to stop Katsu from leaving, Pencilgton pointed towards me.

「Well, since I finally managed to capture my human Tsuchinoko Sanraku, we might as well proceed with the three-direction consultations as we initially intended.」

「Who the hell are you calling Tsuchinoko!」

「Say, Sanraku-kun You do know that you are famous around the forums, right That you even have a thread dedicated solely to you」

「Eh, really」

Sure, most of the time I was playing in such a way as to not get myself involved with other players all that much, but I had no idea the situation developed so much like that.

「Not that I really care about it all that much, since at least half the anxieties of both SF-Zoo and Black Wolves can easily be solved by talking to Sanraku-kun.」


I gently turn my gaze towards both Saiga-0 and Animalia.

I dont know what their history with one another is, but it seems like theres one thing that connects them: Night Prowler Luukan.

The question was now: who was going to make the first move

「Feel free to do so, we shall gladly answer any question.」

「Are you satisfied」

「Yes, for now thats very satisfying.」

Animalia-san made the first move on the “Black Wolves” with a lustrous appearance.

On a side note, I was worried about Emul for quite some time now.

Would Emul really be alright surrounded by that mass of people in the back

「To put it bluntly, we want to know more about the Unique Monsters.

…… Especially any information regarding the Night Prowler Luukan would prove to be extremely valuable.」

「The ultimate goal of our “Black Wolves” guild is the subjugation of the Night Prowler Luukan…… Its somewhat embarrassing for me to say, but I have never really fought against the unique monster before.

And even you, who have defeated one yourself, “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”, have little to no information about them.」

Saiga-0 said while looking at everyone gathered in a rather straightforward fashion.

I see, so there is little to no information on the Night Prowler himself as well as the other Unique Monsters.

Certainly, I would be able to tell them a thing or two about the Night Prowler, while Pencilgton could say something about the Gravekeeper.


There is one more crucial bit of information that I decided to keep for myself.

The existence of the Unique Quest scenario “The Epic of the Vorpal Bunny” and the existence of the Unique Monster “Weissash”.

To be perfectly honest, I didnt want to reveal any of this to the other players, but there are ways of passing them the other intel without spilling the beans on that.

Information is the biggest weapon possible in this game, and now that I was sitting at the table with some of the most influential people in the entire game, I really needed to carefully choose what can or cannot be said.

「Hm What Could it be that my beauty has rendered you speechless」

「…… Haa.」

「As they say, one action can speak more than a thousand words.」

This here Pencilgton is the problem.

If you have any kind of information that might prove useful to him, this guy will almost certainly sniff it out like a God damned police dog.

No, it may be possible that he already sniffed something out.

For example the fact that there is a unique scenario that involves Vorpal Bunnies, a quest in which you have to cooperate with a member of the Cait Sith race and a fetch quest with the technology from the era of the Gods.

「…… First of all, I think that it is actually impossible to defeat the Unique Monsters with brute strength alone.」

Preserving the trump card that was Weissash, I decided to throw all these people here a bone in the form of “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”, since this was something that was already useless to us after we managed to defeat it.

「Theres a possibility that every single Unique Monster has its own questline.

For example, our “Wolfgang” had to accept the EX quest scenario before we could even access the “Gravekeeper Wezaemon” as a boss battle.」

「Sanraku-kun, let me take over from here, since Im a little bit more knowledgeable in that regard.

Unique Monsters are special monsters that play the central part of every EX Quest scenario.

The Black Wolves are currently fixated on defeating Night Prowler Luukan, but I dont think that beating that beast will be possible until you manage to start a questline for that specific monster…… Oh well, guess the only thing they can do about it now is to try to train on him or try to repel its attacks.」

Furthermore, on this continent Weissash and Wezaemon were flagged as scenario monsters, and I couldnt possibly hope that other Unique Monsters would be just like those two.

Most likely, this new continent which is less than ten percent mapped would be the stage where I would be able to find the remaining Unique Monsters.

「Thats right, if you really want to know just what kind of monster “Gravekeeper Wezaemon” was…… I can bestow upon you this here tome that describes him in great detail.

Of course, if you help me with paying off the debt that I had to go into to obtain it, first.」

「That Pencilgton of ours is really something else……」

We watch for a while how Pencilgton was trying to sell the now completely useless Book of World Truth “Wezaemon Volume”, to which Katsu let out a deep sigh.

While the leader of the “Library” guild was shining brightly, the meeting of the smaller guilds carried on


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