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We were hurling insults at one another even as we were getting back into town.

After we got to Eldolato Aramis and Break went back to Rabbitz, but for some reason Emul stayed behind.

「Believe me, you might regret it dearly if you dont present Emul to this Animalia chick anytime soon.」

「Yeah, or else what Shell cause a server-wide zombie apocalypse …… By the way, Katsu Youve been strangely quiet for a while now.

And youre spacing out.

Whats wrong」




Mercenaries in Apocalypse Volume 1 Chapter 29

Wait a second, why do I get a feeling that something seriously wrong is about to happen!

「Ive sent all the mails to everyone thats interested.

They should be here soon……」

I dont like this.

I dont like this in the slightest.

I just want to go home.

I dont want to be dragged to the Pencilgtons most favorite shop and just want to log out and sleep!

Getting chills from Katsus absentminded gaze I start to look around.

And lo and behold, I could see some avatars quickly approaching us like a hoard of angry zombies.

「Alright, lets go Mister Scapegoat.」

「Drop dead, you Unique Bastard…… Ha, hahaha, whats with this strange sense of déjà vu that Im feeling right now

They were getting closer and closer just like a mindless horde…… Wait just a moment, werent there a little bit too many players moving towards us in the same fashion!

Scary, too scary! The ** is this! A real in-game zombie outbreak! Is this what they mean by biohazard danger!

And there was also Animalia-san whose eyes were dead set onto me.

No, its not that…… She was staring right at Emul who, sensing the incoming danger turned into a scarf and was pretending to be just that around my neck.

「Emul, my friend, lets show these chumps what it means to carry a Vorpal Soul inside of you!」

「Trying to get away from here right now would be nothing more than suicide, not a display of Vorpal Soul……!」

Finally, Animalia stood right in front of me.

Its really amazing how the game engine could even reproduce the bloodshot eyes.

Fuck this, where is my trusty boom-stick when I need it the most!


“Lets cooperate for now and shake hands.”」


I could feel Emul staring at me with his eyes full of despair and hopelessness.

「Im sorry, Emul.

Please do try to forgive me and bear with it for a while!」


The moment Animalia got her hands on Emul, all of the players that were following her got around her and began to study Emul with utmost care.

Its alright.

They wont hurt him.

They are an animal-loving guild, after all.

It should be fine…… Right

「Its like throwing a lump of fresh meat right into the crowd of angry zombies.」

「See Told you that would happen.

You know, Sanraku-kun, sometimes you should really take to heart the advice that others give you out of the kindness of their hearts.」

But didnt you tell me that when it was basically already too late While I was thinking that, there was already a large crowd of people starting to form around us.

「That was a very sudden call, Pencilgton.」

「Nice to see you, Momo-chan.

You know that surprises are my forte.」

「So full of yourself!」

And there was Saiga-0, wearing her usual heavy armor, but this time around it was not emitting its malevolent aura and color.

Also, her full armor was so heavy that the ground was shaking with every single step she was taking.

Next to her was another female player who had a sword hanging on her back, looking oddly similar to the one that Pencilgton was carrying around.

She was also wearing a long coat with armor plating hanging all over it for protection.

Her long red hair was all let loose onto her back and shoulders.

Apparently she must have known Pencilgton, for their conversation was entirely different than with any other player.

Looking at Saiga-0 and exchanging a small nod with her, I felt that the meter showing my urge to run the hell away from here was rapidly increasing.

「…… He-hello there.」

「Ah, hello there.」

Whenever I was talking with this person I felt as though I was starring in an American western.

Just like a quickdraw, whoever would come with the initiative would emerge victorious.

「Gee, what are you doing, fidgeting around like that for…… Nice to meet you.

Im Saiga-100, the current leader of the “Black Wolves” guild.」

「Ah, the pleasure is all mine.」

「Ive heard so much about you.

I always wanted to talk to the person who managed to receive not one, but two curse marks from the Night Prowler Luukan.」

Yeah, thanks a lot for making my life become defined as “half-naked” Luukan you asshole.

Shaking my hands with Saiga-100, I felt as though the meter to get the ** away from here managed to get even higher than before.

「Hmm, does that mean that Im the last」

Oh hey, wont you look at that, its the pink-haired magical girl-wannabe.

She just walked right up to us and sat comfortably on a chair that she pulled out for herself without asking anyone.

Even though she looked like a magical girl, her voice was actually that of an old man.

What a contradiction.

「Oh, hey, if it isnt Saiga-100-kun! How are you doing Everything alright」

「…… We manage somehow.

And how is Massive Dynamite-san doing Still busy with the New World Exploration Team」

From the flow of the conversation I could only assume that this Massive Dynamite-san was this magical girls partner I mean, really Massive Dynamite What was that, a Pro Wrestlers name or something

While I was thinking that to myself, I could feel that this girl…… This magical girl-wannabe was staring right at me.

「Well, well, who would have thought that we would end up meeting in a place such as this so quickly after becoming friends

「We also came here completely by accident.」

What a fat lie, I know that you were all summoned here by Pencilgton.

But still, I see that many great and important people gathered here today.

Black Wolves top players, Animalia the animal freak and that magical girl wannabe was from Library, correct Yup, only some real kingpins here.


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