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Chapter 97: Meeting Goes On, the Desire to Speak and Hinting Clues Part 2

So far I feel like I was way too passive about this whole thing, so if they think that Im just going to sit here and obediently listening to everything they say, Id say they have a different thing coming!

「As for me, there is only one condition that our guild has…… mainly: I want you to tell us how to access Rabbitz, the country of Vorpal Bunnies!」

「Yeah, no **, go figure, who would have expected that……」

As I was seriously debating with myself whether or not to disclose the information related to the Unique Quest tied to the Vorpal Bunnies, I suddenly remembered something important……

「Ah, Im really grateful, but…… Hey, what is going on over there I know you guys are excited, but could you please give me Emul back for the time being」

A moment later the members of SF-Zoo gave me Emul back, but how should I put it He didnt look the same to me.

My poor Emul, what have they done to you

「Emul, hold on, Emul! Those scars arent real! They are only psychological!」

「Humans are scary…… What the hell is a “double peace sign”…… Im just a bunny, how the hell am I even supposed to do that……

I tried to swing a carrot right in front of Emus face, but it was all to no use.

No matter what I did, his consciousness was not returning.

…… Looks like I have no other choice but to use my trump card here.

「Rabbit Pie.」

Twitch (his ears started to move).

「Special Rabbit Parfait.」

Twitch, twitch (His ears move even more).

「All you can eat buffet, for free, everythings on me.」

「J, just a little bit more……」

「Ill add to it that one tome of spells that you said youve always wanted.」

「Really! Make it three, then! There are three magic tomes that I really want right now!」

See It wasnt all that hard.

Good thing that Emul was so easy.

If he wasnt, then I dont know what could I possibly have done.

But still, hearing my words, the lifeless Emul sprung back to life in an instant.

He jumped high in the air and hit my head with his own.

Ouch! What was that for! Was that some sort of revenge for those crazy zombies! Cause that hit felt stronger than usual!

「Haa…… So cute…… Ah, please dont mind me.

I wont do anything more to you.」

「Is that so……」

It looks like Animalia-san was aiming at Emul with some sort of crystal-like objects, most probably trying to take pictures of his every action.

I didnt really care about her crazy, so I turned towards Emul and asked him.

「Say, Emul」

「What is it」

「What is the exact way of getting invited to Rabbitz You mentioned some sort of snake hunt way back, havent you」

Upon visiting Rabbitz, there are two possible Extra Quests that you can undertake.

One of them was the one that I did, the “Invitation from the Bunny Country.” The conditions were still unknown to me, but they must have had something to do with that whole Vorpal Soul thingy that I allegedly displayed.

The other one is the “Tour around the Bunny Country” which was supposed to get you all familiar with the area and the zones that were surrounding it.

「I dont know about regular players…… No, it seems that the best way is to be a Pioneer yourself, but Rabbitz in general doesnt refuse entry to guests who want to visit.」

「Yeah, I thought as much.」

As a matter of fact, most of the time I was inside of the Bunny Court, a place where the players who didnt start “Invitation to Bunny Country” couldnt enter, but I could see quite a lot of players strolling through town through the Courts windows.

Looking at the other players from far away like that, looking as they were going on about their daily lives and struggles had some sort of divine vibe to it, but at least I knew that there must have been some other way to get to Rabbitz aside from the Extra Quest.

「Let me ask you again: is there a simple way for us to reach Rabbitz or not」

「Mumumumumumu…… I cannot give you a straight answer since Im not all that knowledgeable about Rabbitz history in the first place…… But Im sure that if Sanraku-san asks nicely, something can be done about it! Edward-onii-chan is a real sucker when it comes to pleas like that!」

I wonder if Weissash has as many children as letters in alphabet But that name, wasnt that Weissashs eldest son If what Break told me before was true, he would be someone really important in the Bunny Court.

According to her Weissash was already thinking of retiring from ruling and passing his role onto someone else.

That would make this Edward-onii-chan one of the most important people in this town, right

「Nnh…… How do you feel Can you hear me now」

「By all means, right away! Ill let you know about the details when we meet!」

It seems that all the things that Emul went through today caused him to develop quite the trauma.


The reaction was something really interesting.

In about a matter of seconds, Emuls face became red with joy.

It was a good thing to see Emul like that, even if it was to see the reaction of Animalia-san.

And while Emul started to dance with joy in place, I could see that the members of SF-Zoo stoped listening to us some time ago……

「So youve been making this “buy some time” gestures knowingly」

「Maintaining eye contact really helps in this kind of situations.」

「Im happy for you, but incidentally, how much did you manage to get for that」

「Fufufu, there goes about twenty percent of my debt.」

What a nasty guy this Pencilgton is…… However, Library is partially at fault in here as well, but as long as both sides are satisfied, then who am I, an outsider, to complain

「Now then, before Emul-chan comes back to us, how about we make this thing as official as it can be I would like the leaders of each guild present: “SF-Zoo”, “Library” and “Black Wolves” to present their emblems.」

As Pencilgton said that, three emblems appeared in the sky.

On had an image of Black Wolf with a sword, the second one was a book with a spider, and the third was a dogs paw with cute wings growing out of it.

Looking at the three emblems, I couldnt help but to notice that Pencilgton was smiling in a really nasty way.

It was the same type of smile that “Mad King Pencil Warrior” used to have while tyrannically ruling over the world of United Rounds.


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