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Chapter 100: When You Walk Across the Sky, Nothing Is Impossible Part 1

「Where the ** do you think youre going, huh, bitch!」


The moment I make eye contact, one of my prey is paralyzed in fear, and the other one simply runs away, knowing whats best for it.

The predator and its prey, the one who runs away and the one who gives chase.

Weve been going on for quite a while with this aggro pattern: undead hate the living and attack them on sight, the wild wyverns hate the undead and attack them on sight and while they are at each others throats I take this chance and kill all of them.

「Alright Emul, now thats done, lets get the hell out of here!」

「Affirmative! “Magic Chain”!」

The moment Emul chants the spells name, a magic circle appears right above our heads.

Then a magic chain shoots out from the circle and latches itself onto the wyvern that was trying to get away.

「I feel kind of bad for doing this since it was running away, but…… Ah, to hell with it, this thing wouldnt probably show us any mercy! Off with its head!」

「Magic Edge!」

The spell shoots towards the wyvern that was being pulled towards us by the chain.

Magic Edge managed to make a deep wound on the wyverns neck and I swung my Dullahan Blade right at the fresh wound.

As a result of that, the wyverns head is detached from its body and the wyvern explodes in the geyser of red polygons.

It was another thing that I needed to watch out for: as my level steadily goes up, more and more monsters will start to run away from me, as the effects of the curse will start to kick in.

「Geez…… Im getting tired of playing tag all day long.」

「Not that Im complaining or anything, but Sanraku-san! Its hard for me to target anything when you are bouncing around like that! Please bear that in mind!」

「I know where youre coming from with this, but right now its a little bit impossible…… Right now Im nothing more than a horse! Scratch that –– a bird!」

That is because right now Emul was frantically clinging to my head as I was giving chase after enemies at full speed.

It was more effective for me that way, since Emul wouldnt be left behind.

But still, even though Emul was as effective as always in the way in which he was supporting me by blasting monsters away with magic, I got a feeling that he was heavier today for some reason.

First of all, the way in which he was able to bind the escaping wyverns with “Magic Chain” and “Magic Bind” of the same effect showed just how vastly he managed to improve his abilities since our first meeting.

It also goes to show just how powerful a magic caster Emul really is.

In other words, the stronger Emul was getting as a magic caster, the stronger and more effective his spells will become.

However, the biggest advantage of this magic is that not only it binds the target, but it also prevents it from making even the smallest kinds of movements.

In some earlier cases it happened that the wyvern managed to break the chain and get away with us being unable to reach it.

So I guess that the spell has some hidden stats or characteristics when it comes to binding specific targets.

Is it the level difference Or perhaps the distance But even so, it was a really cost-efficient spell.

It also seems that one of the figures I managed to obtain earlier was really effective when it comes down to attracting the wyverns towards us.

Mainly, the Female Knight one.

When I showed one of those to a merchant earlier, I was informed that it was a relatively rare item and that he would buy it from me for a very reasonable price.

I was also informed that those figurines were idols, intricately painted and rich in detail.

Their price was also quite high.

By the way, the most valuable of figurines are presumably the ones modeled after the Seven Unique Monsters.

「Ah, if you ever happen to come across more such figurines, Ill be more than happy to buy them off of you……」

「Maybe we should go idol hunting after we are done with this business here……」

「Sanraku-san! Sanraku-san! Its a Dullahan! Dullahan straight ahead of us!」

「Hoo, a rare enemy means lots of EXP for me to gather!」

And now we even managed to come across a Dullahan.

It looked exactly the same as the one we bullied before…… I dont know if he remembers me, but regardless it assumed the fighting stance as soon as we entered its aggro range.

「Emul, time to start the operation “Heroic Fall”!」

「Huh! Whats that! Its the first time I ever heard about it!」

「Hahaha! Thats because I came up with it only recently!」


Let me explain the basic assumptions of the operation “Heroic Fall”.

「Basically, it is a plan that assumes that we tie the chain to Dullahan and then smash it around like a bag of potatoes, hopefully killing it in the process.」

「Sanraku-san, your ability to be able to trample on the honor of the dead people like it is the most logical thing to do is simultaneously scary and amazing……」

「Please remember, they must have had some sort of significant other during their lifetime.

Someone who would lament the fact that they were unable to pass on and roam the land as monsters like that.

It is the least we can do for those significant others: to put their loved ones to eternal rest.」


I think that it was actually cool of me to say something like that, even though in reality it was a dialogue borrowed from some other medic-like NPC from a completely different game.

But Emul doesnt need to know that.

Again, when it comes to sh*tty games there are really two major kinds: Rare exceptions that tend to shine at certain points and give you hope for the better (which never actually comes) and the true sh*t experience that continues to butt-** you with its crazy from the moment you press START button until you turn off the console.

The former was making you feel all warm inside, thinking that the worst was finally over and that it will only be better from now on.

But when the reality kicked in it made you feel as though you just saw a small bird fall out of its nest or a small cub getting ripped apart by wild beasts.

It was sad, but also oddly fascinating.

The latter It was so bad and tragic that it was no longer funny.

And why does Emul turn his eyes away, looking all guilty like that

「Alright! Lets split this guy like a watermelon!」


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