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Chapter 104: Desperation At the End of a Fierce Battle Part 1

Logically thinking, the threat represented by the Golden Scorpion now that its eyes had been gouged out should be close to zero since it was no longer able to target me.

It could only respond to my attacks with some claw slam or tail lash here and there, but it wouldnt be able to hit me since it was throwing them in the completely opposite directions.

「However, apparently thats not the case here」

In the meantime I opened and closed my right hand energetically to confirm that the numbness was finally gone.

If I wanted to make some high-risk, high reward plays right about now I needed to be absolutely sure that I had some sort of contingency plan just in case things go south.

Of course it was all to RNG, but thats not important right now.

「The time until it completely collapses…… Id give it about two more minutes.」

Whatever ones motives may be, every single player plays games in order to achieve something that is impossible to pull off in the real world.

Therefore, when facing a strong opponent like that, a certain amount of recklessness was necessary in order to make the victory complete.

A certain randomness, a certain dramatic factor…… Unfortunately, RNG played a really huge role in those things.

After all, if you dont have fun, whats the point in playing games in the first place So lets try to do something fun here, something that would make this win more memorable.

It seems that the Golden Scorpion was no longer able to control the aim of its attacks, and was just swinging and charging at random.

Of course, there were certain holes and intervals in those actions that I could exploit in my favor.

Also, it seems that it was even more dangerous now that it was blinded and severely damaged.

I use that opportunity to close the distance in between us and slash at it about three times with my right hand weapon.

Just as the hammer-claw was about to close in on my location, I used “Water Mirror Moon” to direct its aggro somewhere else.

Then I took the explosive idol out of my inventory and threw it high in the air.

Wow, it was ticking just like any normal time bomb.

Explosion should occur in three…….

Two…… One…… Now!

The figurine falls to the ground and for a moment out there it looks like its about to swell tremendously before eventually letting out a huge spherical explosion that blasted the Scorpion away.

The blast was so huge that it literally blew away the crystal pieces that were scattered all over.

Even I was being pushed back by the shockwave.

「Oi, stop it! Stop it! At this rate we will be both blown away, you hear me! Well be blown away!」

I had to pierce the ground with my swords to be able to stay in place.

On the other hand, the Scorpions tail was now barely hanging onto its body by a single thread of skin, which would most probably fall off eventually.

It would be a lie if I said that it didnt feel oddly satisfying to see the Scorpions tail finally ripped off from its body and flying into the distance.

At the same time, I had so much trouble with cutting it off and the explosion did it just like that Really

I wonder, if Yuzuki got any destructive attributes to it, would it be easier to achieve

「Oh well, this is the end you Gold Scorpion bastard!」

Now the only means of attack for the Golden Scorpion were to rush at me or to smack me with its hammer-claw.

But even so, right now it was all too easy for me to unleash a barrage of devastating attacks that would soon deal a finishing blow to it.

「Even when compared to Wezaemon, I must say that you were a most formidable opponent.」

I could say that with all certainty.

Maybe its stats werent as big as those of Wezaemon, but it was definitely strong.

The moment when a boss or a strong enemy is defeated.

There is no more satisfying and lonely moment in the life of any gamer.

I then activated the skill “Crescent Vorpal” and slash at the Scorpions hammer-claw diagonally from the bottom left to upper right.

But it wasnt the end.

Right after I passed the blades through the hammer-claw, I twisted them and directed them towards Scorpions main body.

「Its morning already, so go away together with the moon!」

Skill “Secret Sword Art: Crescent Moon Cut”.

Skill that I bought at Rabbitz, allowing me to slash from upper right to lower left, tracing a shape of the crescent moon in the air.

Being cut off from its body, the hammer-claw shoots in the air and traces an arc in mid-air before eventually falling to the ground.

The movement of my swords stops, but this doesnt mean they have lost their power.

I watched as the Scorpion got up and began charging straight at me, getting my swords ready.

This would bring an end to this whole fight.

The timing was nothing but perfect, and just as the Golden Scorpion was about to get close to me, its own hammer-claw came crashing down onto its head, crushing it and spraying red polygons everywhere.

「Hnnnnggghhh………… Alllllllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggghhhhhhtttttt!!!!!!」

As the rain of red polygons and shattered crystals falls all over me, I let out a victory cry.

It doesnt even matter if another group of crystal scorpions becomes active or not.

There was nothing that could possibly beat the euphoria I was feeling right now.

However, unlike the battle with Wezaemon, it was a war of attrition in a whole other sense of the word.

Here I needed to deliver the top performance almost non-stop at every single attempt, for even longer than thirty minutes.

In a sense, this battle may have been even harder than the one against Wezaemon.

「Im so tired! But it was so much fun! I want to go to sleep!」

I lie down on the ground, smiling so radiantly that it could well rival the radiance of the sun.

Even if I was to be mauled down by the incoming crystal horde, Im positive I could go down with a smile.

However, there was still work to be done here.

First of all I pick up my stuff from the ground.

Then I examine a golden crystal shard that was left after the Golden Scorpion died.

Thinking about it right now, Scorpions…… Maybe I could use their materials to try to enhance some of my weaker weapons It would certainly be worth a try.

No harm with getting stronger.

Thinking that, I start gathering the materials and putting them away into my inventory.

「Hmm…… Maybe I should take a screenshot and make a wallpaper out of it」


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