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Chapter 106: New Wave Incoming Part 2

In order to build a new Nephilim from scratch, there are three processes which must be followed.

First of all you need to catch yourself a wild Nephilim……

You do that over and over and over and over again.

In this game “Naphilim” is the term used to describe a giant machine that fell from the sky on one day.

Most of them fall down from the sky still in the “active” state, which means they will try to attack the player on sight, since they will perceive the players as “enemies”.

The player usually accepts the mission from one of the three Nephilim Companies and then proceeds to capture the mecha.

While going on such missions, you could stumble upon “inactive” Nephilim from time to time.

The first Nephilim is issued to you by the company as a part of the games story.

Every consecutive Nephilim you want you must hunt it down for yourself.

There was an option of buying it from the company as well, but those frames have worse stats and the price isnt really worth it.

「Hmm, this is something I have never considered in my plans before.」

Next step is to equip the captured Nephilim with custom parts.

And since the Nephilims exoskeleton looked like a human mannequin, equipping it with parts was actually like playing dress-up dolls.

The parts could be found in the wilderness, bought from the company or black market, or even traded with other players.

Each source has its own merits and demerits, but usually you want to obtain the best parts possible.

「Homing missiles that explode on contact with the ground.

Nah, this might be too much of an overkill here……」

Once all that is done, you need to register the Nephilim to you and give it its own unique name.

There, one fresh, new Nephilim, coming right up!

「Name, a name, huh…… Well, this time around I cant really name it after its color scheme, so unlike Kingfisher, maybe I should go for something that would resonate with its overall appearance」

Lets see, how would that sound in English Or maybe German would be better Nah, German is too pretentious……

「From now on, your name shall be……」

Super Gutsy Man, the second place in the ranking, was greatly confused at the current moment.

He heard that since this morning, Kingfisher, who was once said to have destroyed the whole ranking ladder in this game, has returned.

Super Gutsy Man has fought with Kingfisher before.

It was the only player, other than the Rank 1 Rust, that could best him in combat so easily.

From what Super Gutsy Man has heard, Rust had a real grudge against Kingfisher, and so he thought that it might be worth his while to give it a shot at taking Kingfisher down in order to get to Rust that way.

Especially since Rusts “Phoenix” completely and utterly destroyed his frame which was equipped with a truly devastating heavy armor and Quadruple Cannons.

For Super Gutsy Man, it was a crushing defeat.

But this time it would be different.

He wasnt the same guy as he was all that time ago, when he only started to climb the ranking ladder in hopes of getting all the way to the top.

He did extensive research on all of the top players and their frames.

He even went as far as to change his own playstyle and discard the Quadruple Cannons in favor of Photon Lasers, which could track his enemies and even bent a certain amount of times.

Thanks to that he managed to climb all the way to Rank 2, with only Rust separating him from sitting at the absolute top.

「What is, this……」

Could this be what they called fate To happen across the legendary Kingfisher, the one who was Rusts equal, here in a random duel he decided to enter

“Sanraku” was surely the name of the Kingfishers pilot, but the frame itself was not Kingfisher.

So Super Gutsy Man felt kind of honored that he would be the first one to fight “Sanrakus” new creation.

And once both frames spawned on the battle arena……

「“Fiddlers Club”……」

Super Gutsy Man…… I remember him to be strong.

His frame, “Hell Hound” was equipped with a bending laser both at the front of the frame and at its back, which made it a bit problematic to fight, but my “Fiddlers Club” couldnt possibly have asked for a better sparring partner.

Contrary to Kingfisher, this frame couldnt possibly destroy its enemies with one blow, but it was created just for the sake of fighting other human opponents.

「Its not my hobby to follow a loss with another loss!」

So lets give it my best to try and bring “Phoenix” down together with this gloomy mood in which ShanFro threw me!


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