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Chapter 109: Upping the Win Count Part 2

「Ha, hahaha, what a **ing disaster……」

「That being said, I do believe that youve told me something really interesting.」

This was starting to become quite a nuisance, especially since I had no real obligation to respond to Rusts requests.

However, I was lacking Pencilgtons Speech skills to effectively talk myself out of this mess without complicating matters even further.

I could always try to bust myself out with PK, but I dont want to turn to such drastic measures in this game.

Not because of the penalties, for they are rather lenient, but since the people in this game are rather good in nature, so if possible I would like for my alignment to remain good as well.

This wasnt a **ty game and even if playing it some more was certainly a tempting offer, I wanted to devote myself to ShanFro still.

At least for the current moment.

Just as I was thinking of a way out of this messy situation, it was all blown away by the next nuclear bomb that Rust dropped on me seemingly out of nowhere.

「Maybe now would be a good time to give Nephilim Hollow a rest and try something different instead…… Hey, can you tell me more about mechas in ShanFro」

Now I wish that Pencilgton was actually here right here right now.

At this rate all the information about robots in ShanFro was about to be exposed!

「In return, I might be able to tell you something about the Unique Monster “Kutanid of the Abyss” and its questline, what do you say」

Seven unique Jokers of ShangriLa Frontier.

One of them was out of the picture, only six remained.

I was the one who was holding that missing Joker, but all of a sudden another one appeared right in front of me.

「…… So, how did it come to this」

The very next day, I was in the area known as “Ground Zero”.

The area itself was the place in which the very first Nephilim fell from the sky.

Fiddlers Club was currently right in the middle of it.

No, even though I knew the reason, I was still having a rather hard time to believe it.

–––– I want you to fight me one more time tomorrow.

Thats what Rust said.

If you win, Ill tell you everything I know about the Unique Monster from ShanFro.

I wasnt expecting to hear the name of one of ShanFros Unique Monsters in a game like this.

“Kutanid of the Abyss” is the name that is already known to me.

But although we know its name it is impossible to find it or to fight it, not without first triggering the Unique Quest that is related to it.

To be perfectly honest I still have my suspicions about this whole situation, but if Rust really wanted to trick me, why would she drop that specific name to begin with But if Ill be able to get some intel on it, then all the better.

On my own the search for information would be much like grabbing empty spaces in the dark.

「She said she would come with a new frame, but I wonder what it will be exactly……」

But in the next moment I felt a tremendous shock coming right through Fiddlers Clubs right arm.

It was struck right in the middle of its joint and next thing I know its right arm was severed from the rest of its metal body.

I activate the optical camouflage on the spot together with a sensor jammer and try to hide behind a pile of rubble.

Then I start to survey my surroundings in search for a place where the shot came from.


There was another shot.

This one hit right in the landing components on my legs, making me unable to land on the ground, sentencing me to hover in mid-air from now on.

But no matter where I tried to hide, the bullets would always reach me.

And I was almost one hundred percent sure that the shots came somewhere from behind the desolated buildings, flying from the angles I wouldnt be able to notice or perceive.

「T, that bastard…… She wont make it easy for me, will she!」

Then I saw it.

A long-distance type of frame equipped with a heavy sniper rifle built in almost exactly the same way as my late Kingfisher, it came out from somewhere in between the buildings in the distance.

Then I could feel Fiddlers Club coming apart as a barrage of heavy sniper bullets tore through its body…… Oh, like hell Im going to let you beat me in that way!

I swear, I could hear Rust laughing from somewhere far away in the distance in a really annoying way


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