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Chapter 110: What To Do, What To Aim For, What To Rely On Part 2

「Oh, if it isnt Sanraku-san!」

I logged in to ShangriLa Frontier, which felt like a really long time has passed since my last log-in.

While I was putting Emul on my back where he belonged, I happened to hear something rather interesting from him.

「There is someone other than me…… here at Rabbitz at the moment」

「Why , yes! One of my acquaintances happened to bring this juicy gossip to me not so long ago.

I thought that youd be interested in hearing that.」

「I see…… I see……」

So it must mean that there was someone other than me who happened to trigger a flag for “Invitation to the Bunnies Country”.

This also means that there is a high probability that this someone will be able to reach the “Epic of the Vorpal Bunny” Unique Quest EX…… No, I think that is almost a given at this point.

「Not good…… This is definitely not good……」

A trump card can only be considered as such if you alone are the only person who is aware of its existence.

If that other player tries to spread the info about the “Invitation to the Bunny Country” on the Internet, my advantage might as well go to sh*t.

After all, even if I killed that player in order to silence him, it would still amount to nothing.

And it would only flag me as a Player Killer for nothing.

God damn it……! How the ** did this guy manage to satisfy the conditions for this quest even though they are so stupidly high! …… Fuck me, if I dont start planning some sort of contingency method just like Pencilgton, my precious trump card will really become useless!

Now, I know that the SF-Zoo promised not to make a commotion around these parts, but whos to say that this guy wont go straight to Library or Black Wolves upon hearing about the Unique Quest EX Should I consult this with Pencilgton No, I have an appointment with Rust and Mold before that.

But taking care of that new guy in Rabbitz should be my top priority for the moment……

「DAAAGH!!! It makes my **ing head hurt just thinking about that!」


I shake my head in frustration, almost causing Emul to fall off of my back.

「Emul, that other player beside me…… Do you happen to know his name」

「Umm…… Im pretty sure my source told me that their name was something like “Akitsu Akane-dono”.」

Akitsu Akane-dono…… So Akitsu Akane Like, the “-dono” is just honorific Its a completely unknown name to me, one that I havent really heard ever before.

And Im taking into consideration all the players from all the games that I have played before.

Besides, trying to identify the player in a specific game only from their name was like trying to find contact lenses in the middle of the desert.

「Sorry, Im going back to sleep again.」


「Ill get up soon! I promise!」

「Can that even be considered sleep, then!」

「Then Im going to take a quick nap!」

I quickly log out and then search the phrases “Invitation to Bunny Country” and “Unique Scenario EX” on the Internet.

I keep searching for a few minutes just to make sure that there are no hits yet.

I then log in again and once I open my eyes I start running, with Emul still chilling on my back.

「Emul, if possible, I would like to meet that Akitsu Akane person…… or the one youve heard about him from.

Do you happen to know where they are」

「Akitsu Akane-dono-san should be at Father…… I mean, at the kings place, waiting for him to grant him an audience.

As for my source, he went somewhere and I have no idea where.」

Guh, so this means we cant meet for now Time is money right now, but for some reason I felt as though every passing second was wearing my body down more and more.

To think that the situation would develop into such a cluster-** all of a sudden…… No, need to calm down…… Must calm down and think it over rationally……

「Aaagh, this is such an RNG situation…… and while I know that there is a possibility that this Akitsu Akane-dono doesnt spread the information on the Internet…… For **s sake, thats an extremely small number (Note: Smaller than a Five-Star Servant Drop Rate in FGO)!!!」

「What is an RNG」

「Basically the way in which the Gods tell you to go and ** yourself.」

I shout while slapping my cheeks in order to calm myself down.

Although this game was way more realistic from all others, I still didnt feel any normal pain, but only a slight numbness.

I didnt calm down from that, but at least I could think.

From here on out, the only thing I could do was to actually try my best.

What I must do, what I could do and what I didnt need to do for the moment…… More than devising a plan or constructing a chart, my thought process right now was more similar to trying to untie a ball of yarn that was all twisted and tangled after a kitty was playing with it.

「Emul, for now theres something I must do on my own, so we are going to split up.」

「Is, is that right……」

「Thats why I want to give you an important mission.

Something only you can do!」

「O-Only I can do…… I got it! Leave it to me!」

I told Emul what he needed to do, and after we split up I ran towards Breaks workshop at full speed.

「Break! Is my order ready yet!」

「Oh, ooohhh…… Its you, lad…… Kukuku, of course it is ready…… My greatest masterpiece ever…… Its name is “Gil……”!」

「Thats it! Great, now Im all fired up!」

「Now just wait a dang moment, lad! Theres more I wanted to talk to you about……」

「We can talk however long you want after that! For now, thanks, but I need to go! See ya!」

I shouted over my arm while running forward, still being able to hear the echo of Breaks screams for quite some time.

「From here on out, its all about RTA (Real Time Attack)……!!!」

And in order to do that, there was something I needed to do.


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