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Chapter 112: Legacy Weapon -- Black Rabbit Part 2

So far I have played a whole lot of sh*tty games.

Of course, along the way I have also dealt with a variety of weapons.

Swords, spears, bows, guns, axes, shields…… You name it, Ive tried it.

Gauntlets were no exception.

I am pretty much confident that if you leave me with a weapon for about thirty minutes, Ill be able to wield it skillfully.

Of course, even someone like me had his “weapons of preference”.

Here comes the experience from one of such games, where you had to mainly fight with the help of various martial arts.

「Although it pains me greatly to bring elements of sh*tty games into a godly game…… Lets do this, you walking piece of scrap! Ill show you my unparalleled skill!」

The Golem also assumed battle position and looked about ready to engage.

Seeing that I smiled broadly under my helmet.

「Let me show you the strength of my unique fighting style.

One round in the ring with you is all I need.」

Those words were not really meant to be a signal of any kind, but nonetheless we both rushed at one another upon hearing them.

The golems arms started to fold rapidly, only to take the shape of two thin whips with which it started to swing around the place.

Seeing that move made it obvious that it wasnt the only attack utilizing that ability, so I needed to stay vigilant.

Where have I seen that move before, I wonder

It could try to slash me with its arms, but it might as well try to reshape them and try to crush me instead.

But its attack speed was slow and its movements too predictable for me to get caught up in them.

If you want to try to damage me, increase your speed or attack in a less predictable way.

Then we might talk.

The exact moment my opponents arm lands on the ground I close the distance between us, keeping up my boxing stance all the time in order to protect my face from any sudden attacks.

「Now, lets see how you like this!」

I use the Infight and Hand of Fortune for additional damage at close range and bonus damage according to my Luck stat.

Then I activate Nitro Gain and Climax Boost as well, alongside a few other skills that are highly compatible with close range combat.

I take a stance in which my left foot is slightly forward and my back arches backwards.

It was a position that was normally used for throws or tackles, but my aim here was slightly different.

Since the golem was at least three meters tall, throwing it was out of the question.

No, I was aiming for its legs all along.

I shift my whole weight onto my left foot, take a firm stance and swing my right arm.

Even though it was a presumably high level enemy, even if his level was ninety nine there is no way in hell that it will be able to shrug a damage like that off with a straight face.

Especially since it is powered-up like that.

Golems, or machinery in general, are not afraid to have their limbs damaged because they dont have an instinct that would advise them to be afraid.

Even if its opponents are far stronger than them, the golems strategy would not change.

Elimination of intruders, thats their job…… this unit in particular.

That is why, when it comes to slowly chipping away their defenses, they wouldnt be able to defend themselves without even the slightest shred of feelings.

By the way, Robot characters are the most common to sacrifice themselves or to take one for the team in games or comic books nowadays.

In other words, making a robot a rare enemy is somewhat of an unusual decision.

I manage to land a clean strike right to the back of the golems knee.

Needless to say, the scorpion-head gauntlet doesnt fail to land a critical hit.

A cracked knee joint means that my current attack managed to deplete its endurance and the blow came to pass at its fullest.

In response, the Golem tried to back away, but I wasnt going to let him do that.


「Now fold it!」

I forcibly withstand the reverberation that was currently going through my left arm and put even more force into my right arm.

I couldnt see the damage that Hand of Fortune managed to do, but since I raised my Strength stat quite a lot, it should be good, since it was almost at the Luck level.

I then mercilessly assault its cracked knee-joint.

As a result, the cracks start to spread from its knee even further in every direction.

But it was still intact.

The reason that it didnt break was because those weapons didnt have any destructive attribute to them.

But whats important here is that now one of its legs was heavily handicapped.

A skill that grants you two critical hits for free…… Wish I could use critical hits without skills, but oh well.

「Its just a side trip.

I must wrap this up really quick and be on my way!」

That being said, I swung a mighty blow at its leg while aiming for his other one right after that.

Everything was going as planned.

But stil……

「It took me almost twenty minutes! TWENTY MINUTES! And youre not even a boss monster!」


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