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Chapter 112: Legacy Weapon –– Black Rabbit Part 1

As far as I was concerned, this enemy wasnt the boss of this whole area.

Apparently his name was “Overseer Golem”.

It wasnt the machine from the Era of the Gods, but rather a naturally occurring enemy from this area.

I could tell because it looked awfully alike the rest of the Golems in this dungeon.

And it was nothing like Wezaemon was.

This thing here was not even that.

This was the rare enemy called “Iron Golem Omega, Security Drone”.

Its purpose was to wander around the dungeon and gather information on everything that was inside of it.

Especially intruders.

「I dont have time to be dealing with even a rare enemy right now.

But still……」

Conjuring up a plan to get to Fifthsia as soon as possible, I prepared only to face the boss of this area, the Overseer Golem.

And my strategy for it was so flawless that it would go down in under a minute should everything go as planned.

The question is, how well can I fight this thing without any kind of information about it Because not that Im complaining, but this thing…… This Omega Golem looks rather tough.

Doesnt Omega always stand for something truly overpowered

My mind was telling me that I should just look for another solution and avoid the fight for now.

But my body…… Truth is, my body was already on the move, switching into full-on attack mode.

「I was eventually going to use it anyway, so I guess theres no harm in taking it for a test run……」

I search for Black Rabbit in my inventory and open its status screen.

When it comes to stat limitation…… Are you **ing **ting me! You seriously need three hundred Stamina for this thing! But wait, wait, wait, wait just a moment…… You can raise that stat with your equipment, so getting there shouldnt be all that hard.

If we add to it my newest helmet that would leave me at a whooping…… Five hundred! Fuck yeah! Thank you so much Giant Beetle! Thank you oh so much!

Having one hundred and fifty skill points to distribute, the other requirements such as one hundred points in Strength and seventy in Skill were easily met.

This means that all conditions to use this weapon are now good to go!

The skill of Grandmaster Smith Break managed to revive the glory of the once forgotten Era of the Gods.

Legacy Weapons are the living remnants of the past, and while this one was also enhanced with materials from Crystal Scorpions and precious gems, it was good to say that right now it was combining the best of both worlds.

So right now even the strongest of enemies in this game should be afraid of me and my power!

「If I remember correctly, just before I left her workshop Break wanted to tell me the name of that weapon.

“Legacy Weapon, “Gilta Brill” or something like that …… Supposidely, it was her best creation to date.」

I also remember one more thing.

The other equipment that I asked her to make for me from the excess materials from the Crystal Scorpions.

I asked for a fairly simple thing.

–––– If you cant make it a double sword, then make it as a pair of fighting gauntlets instead.

「Now Im all fired up! Nice, nice, nothing can stop me right now!」

CLICK! Once the gauntlets cover my arms all the way to the elbows, I smash them together, making their scorpion-shaped knuckles create a loud metallic sound.

They were really large and sturdy, almost as big as a human head, and their SF design combined with the intimidating sound they made was giving off the impression that you would aim for a knock-out in the first round.

That level of intimidation.

Additionally, even though they were jet black in color, they had that golden veins and glow to them.

There were also silver elements, but they were much more scarce than the golden ones.

「I always wanted to at least once try to beat someone into a bloody pulp, and now I can do it no problem!」

Both my skills Infight and Hand of Fortune…… I always had a feeling that they would go the best paired up with a gauntlet-type weapon.

Not to mention that unlike Katsus monk class, I could just switch back to bladed weapons anytime I wanted, without having to worry about any kind of penalty on my end.

Ahh, the joys of being a Mercenary! Thats why I wanted Break to make me a weapon like that, in case I would need a different source of damage from the usual dual swords.


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