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Chapter 113: Trying to Fix a Hole With a Hammer Part 1

「Is it just me, or is this some kind of a new trend recently Oh well, let me just say this: THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ENEMIES WITH SELF-HEALING!!!!」

First the scorpions, now the Golems in this dungeon…… Why do I get the feeling that there will be more enemies like that down the line

Even though it looked like a human made out of blocks, the design of this monster was excellent.

Once it detected that some parts of its body were being destroyed, it stopped attacking and focused on throwing those parts away and replacing them with new ones.

It was a slow process, but it certainly was far better to just throw in a new part in place of the damaged one rather than trying to fix what was already broken.

However, there was a good part to this scenario as well.

At least I could try out some of the new skills I managed to obtain.

So it wasnt a complete waste of time.

Still, the power of a level ninety nine monster was not something to look down on.

I know that twenty minutes for a solo kill on a level ninety nine enemy is good and all, but at this rate the battle might continue for another twenty minutes or so.

Seeing that you can fight for like twenty minutes on and on and the enemy just keeps on regenerating, the battle turns into a war of endurance and when it comes to that it will be your loss no matter how you look at it.

So I should actually take pride in the fact that I managed to beat it in twenty minutes with my current set of skills and equipment.

It even dropped some strange item that looked like a part of a greater device, so I might as well take it to Break later on.

Then I just carried on down the road, until I reached the place where various debris piled up under the walls.

「So, I guess it would be time for an Area Boss, huh……」

Overseer Golem.

It uses the junk thats laying around and debris for both attack and defense purposes, and because of that it can even change its characteristics on the spot.

At first glance it looked to be a formidable opponent, one that would be extremely hard to take down.

However, since it was a boss in a high level area that could even be considered “endgame”, lots of players fighting with it over time managed to pinpoint its weaknesses, trivializing the fight to the point that some of them even considered it easier than the snake boss in the first dungeon of the game.

There, at the end of the large and spacious hall, there it was…… Something that looked like a literal mountain of rubble, junk and debris.

There, right in the middle of that mountain was a wide circular opening, inside of which was the Overseer Golem.

That mountain of junk was sort of the last defense that the players needed to traverse in order to get to it.

「No other players in sight, lucky me.」

Without any hesitation, I equip my Swamp Daggers and dive right into the boss arena.

The reason why I was going to use that weapon was because I wanted to see just how much of a difference my current level would make.

With Black Rabbit gauntlets I would be unable to see that clearly.

Yuzuki and Dullahan Sword were also out of the question, since the area was not suited for large sweeping attacks and maneuverability.

That and…… Oupsie, looks like the boss was about to emerge!

Looking ahead, I could see that the pile of rubble that was blocking the exit started to collapse.

But it was clear to me that it wasnt a random occurrence but rather a natural phenomenon for this place.

Because it wasnt a simple pile of garbage.

It was the boss of this area.

Noticing the incoming intruder, it activated and started to get up.

In a short while, the boss took its normal appearance, with its upper half looking like a human being, and the lower half consisting of a whirling pile of junk and trash.

The first thought that comes to my mind is…… its big.

I got a feeling that this boss is far larger than any other boss that Ive encountered thus far.

And that statement is not wrong in the slightest.

From now on this will be a literal mountain climb.

「Apparently the world record for time attack here is one minute.

It might be a little bit of a stretch, but…… Lets aim for one minute for now!」

Now it was time for my usual opening skills combination.

I activate them one by one, additionally throwing a few of the new ones just for the heck of it to see how they would work with the rest of them.

Take “Boat Jump” for instance.

Usually the leveling of such skill would only increase the number of jumps you can make in quick succession, but right about now it received some additional effects on top of being significantly easier to activate.

So by repeatedly trying new combinations of skills it was possible to discover some new effects on top of raising their attack power, critical hit damage, stamina usage, increased durability and so on and so forth.

I got that from watching Katsu combine his own skills.

In addition to all that, there were still some skills to spare in my arsenal, so it was true that when it comes to mobility, this version of Sanraku has reached the ideal that I was striving towards.

So I couldnt help it but laugh as I was approaching the Overseer Golem, who looked about ready to attack me on its own any time now.

「Fifteen seconds have passed, first things first, lets get behind your back……! How do you like that!」


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