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Chapter 114: Dance in the Air Meets High Firepower Part 1

As I already said, weapons from the Era of the Gods utilize the power of their materials in order to boost their own power.

For example, the left gauntlet of mine can grow those small stingers from its knuckles and in response to a certain type of vibration upon impact it can change that stinger into a three meter crystal pillar that is shot from the gauntlet like a stake driver.

This crystal pillar only remains for about five seconds, but it is enough time to find all kinds of exploits and ways in which to use it.

For example, it can be your mid-range weapon, a tool for destroying terrain…… Or a means of fast travel, as I demonstrated just now.

「Hahahahahaha! This game is just getting better and better! This is what Im talking about!」

It wasnt the most elegant of maneuvers out there, but at least it made it possible for me to shorten the climbing time by a considerable amount and made it possible to jump over the steel wheel.

「Now we just need to stick the landing…… Whoa, sh*t!」

With its body starting to lean forward, the Golem started to flail its arms around in order to maintain its balance and return to its rightful position.

It was a dangerous situation for me, one where I could slip off and fall to the ground if I didnt think of something fast.

And so I strengthened my grip on the daggers handles.

「Now then…… Forty eight seconds have passed, time to wrap this thing up!」

Time for my go-to combo: Infight plus Hand of Fortune!

Despite having a really narrow footing here, it was a far better situation for me than one could expect.

I slam my gauntlet-clad fists into the fork, furthering the cracks in it and finally hearing a loud metallic sound, signaling its destruction.

「Aw shucks, looks like the decoy time is over…… Its really high up here, so better take extra care not to fall down by accident!」

Overseer Golem starts to throw his body around in an attempt at shaking me off of itself.

It would be pretty easy to be shaken off like that, but unfortunately for it, I needed it to die within the next nine seconds or so.

I jump onto one of the parts that were sticking out of its shoulder and use it as footing to get right on top of it.

I then jump in the air, put my hands together and swing them both down right onto the Golems head while adding more skills to them, making a move that would be called a Double Sledgehammer if this was a professional wrestling match.

First one was called “Shock Strike” and it was a skill that when applied to the head via blunt force trauma had a high chance of inflicting status effects such as “Stun” or “Confuse”.

I paired it up with a skill called “Lete Banisher”, which basically prolonged the effects of any negative status effects applied to the enemy.

「Yeah! Now get dunked on!」

The angle was good, the power was good, the skill combination was good.

The attack connects with little to no problems to the Golems head, delivering a mighty blow to it.

All conditions are met and the chained results are more than great.

I dont know if the Golems have brains, but their monster cores should be inside their heads, right So that core must have suffered some serious damage right now!

「Haha! Better watch out! Next attack is going to hurt you even more!」

Then the Overseer Golem made a sudden crouch motion.

Combined with all the shaking and unstable foothold right under my feet I got thrown off its back, but not before I saw the other fork fall apart and the huge steel wheel come off and fall to the ground as well.

In slow motion, to boot!

「I appreciate the effort, but its for nothing! Sorry!」

I got taken away to the safety of my INVENTORY.

And once I did that, the fall animation was broken and as a result I wouldnt receive any damage.

I have no idea why this maneuver would ever reset the fall damage, but truth be told this is made thanks to technology of the Gods, not simple magic.

Perhaps there is a distinction between the two that Im not all that aware of.

I have used the INVENTORY to break my falls on several occasions now, and every single time the only downside was that I would slightly hurt my back by the falls momentum.

But then I just needed to get up and exit the INVENTORY.

I was back in the falling position, but this time around I would be ready.

「Oooh, talk about a nice sound!」


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