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Chapter 114: Dance In the Air Meets High Firepower Part 2

With a loud sound of one heavy object crashing into another heavy object, the steel wheel came crashing down right into the Golems core.

It looked absolutely brutal and it was no wonder that the Overseer Golem let out a bloodcurdling scream as a result.

「How about that Lovely image change, if I do say so myself.」

The recast for my skills being over, I use Skywalker to negate the effects of the fall and land safely on the ground.

After all, there was a huge difference when falling from five meters up and from two and a half.

I feel a slight numbness in my legs which signals that I failed to completely avoid the fall damage, but at least I was able to stand on my own two feet.

At the same time, critically damaged Overseer Golem was already starting to crumble down.

「“…… Since it isnt strong enough to support it, once destroyed the steel wheel will fall right into its head and cave it in, killing it instantly.” Thinking about it logically, it is so stupid and gimmicky that you wouldnt think that a boss in a high-level dungeon could actually have a weakness like that.」

The rain of debris falls all around me when I land.

I know that its head was supposed to be caved in, but in reality the wheel managed to completely rip it to shreds and destroy it.

Then, after shaking a couple of times without its head, the Overseer Golems body exploded in a rain of crimson-red polygons.

Its a little bit sad that I wont get any EXP that way, but right now speed was my biggest concern, so Ill live with it somewhat.

While still on the run, I grab the bluish ingot and snatch it into my inventory while still maintaining high speed.

I dash towards the appointed meeting place.

I was going to meet there with someone who replied to my invitation approximately twenty seconds after I sent the request.



That player was doing nothing more than just standing there.

Since ShangriLa Frontier was an online game, “meetings” inside it werent all that uncommon.

So there was absolutely nothing at all weird about a lone player standing in the middle of the road and waiting for someone.

Other players would usually just shrug it off and think to themselves “Oh, they must be waiting for someone”, and then be on their way to do their business.

Or at least thats how it was supposed to go.

「Huh, isnt that Saiga-0……」

「Ive heard lots about her, but I didnt think that Id see her in a place like this.

What is she doing here」

「I mean, take a look at that…… That high-end equipment is a sight to behold! All unique items!」

「This is the “Tenma” set, right The one that comes with a sword and shield as well A reward for clearing a Unique Quest」

「It is said that in that Unique Quest you had to defeat a monster that is on a Unique Monster level……」

That players name is Saiga-0.

She was one of the strongest players in the game for the current moment and the holder of the title of “Most Attack Power” in the games history.

That title was yet to be taken away from her.

And being the strongest in a game like that meant that she was standing atop the food chain.

Wasnt she supposed to be amongst the “Pioneers” that were soon to depart aboard the flying ship heading towards the newly discovered continent What is she doing here, in the middle of the road

The surrounding dungeons were nothing that a high-level player should concern herself with, so it must have been about the player she was supposed to be meeting with.

And certainly it must be someone truly amazing.

But if so, then who is the one Saiga-0s been waiting for all this time

Eager to know the truth, the players surrounding the white female knight tried to act normally while taking short glances towards her, not wanting to miss a single moment from this scene.

Then, finally, the immovable Saiga-0 moved.

Seeing that, every single person surrounding her started to feel tension that was comparable to soloing some of the hardest quests in the game on your own.

This must mean that the one shes been waiting for has finally appeared.

And no matter how you look at it, a normal player making someone like Saiga-0 wait is simply unacceptable.

「Ah…… Im sorry, have you been waiting long」

「…… I just got here myself.」

Dont you dare lie to me!


What is wrong with this pervert!

Saiga-0 was one of the most admired players in this whole game.

A true idol of sorts that everyone wanted to get close to.

And the fact that she so eagerly accepted the invitation from this Sanraku guy…… All of the other players knew what was going on here and wanted to scream it out loud.



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