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Chapter 115: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 1, Part 1

PN: Sanraku

LV: 99 Extended

JOB: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)

Money: 1,000 mani

HP: 80

MP: 50

STM: 100

STR: 100

DEX: 100

AGI: 100

TEC: 80

VIT: 901

LUC: 129


・ Dancing Senbu

・ Piercing Drill

・ Formula Drift Lv.1

・Momentary Sight

・ Agar Tram Lv.1

・ Trial Traverse Lv.1

・ Insane King Possession

・ Gravity Zero Lv.1

・ Frit Float

・Managarm Pride

・ Deadly Sword Art 「Ushiromikagami」

・ Burnout Lv.1

・ Riot Accel Lv.1

・ Blood War

・ Rete Vanisher

・ Dirty Sword Lv.1

・ Swordfighting

・ Fatal Sword Art 「Breaking Cresent Moon」

・ Sengoku Takeori Lv.1

・ Kenbu 「Spin Blade」

・ Piercing Stand

・ Swift Foot


Left and right: Dullahans Beheading Sword

Head: Battlefield Helmet (VIT 500)

Torso: Curse of Lukaan

Waist: Excavated Belt 「Old Soldier」 (VIT 400)

Feet: Curse of Lukaan

Accessories: INVENTORY

After organizing my skills and disposing my skill points, my Endurance reached the whooping number of nine hundred, which was honestly quite terrifying in my opinion.

Speaking of which, since I realized that I wasnt wearing the waist equipment for a while now, I quickly corrected that mistake at the nearby towns store and bought something there.

Although it was a normal piece of equipment from the rare enemys component, its stats were equal to the equipment from the endgame.

Not to mention the helmet that I was wearing and its stats as well…… By the way, without my bird mask on, I was feeling strangely restless.

Also, this belt was so good that it allowed me to use the gauntlets no problem, without any loss in stats.

「Fifteen minutes left until the appointed time…… Well, Im already here, so I might as well head there right now.」

The place we are supposed to meet at is a famous landmark called “Fallen Giants Sword”.

I dont know what that is, but judging by its name it must be hard to miss.

Thinking that, Im heading forward while looking at my skills at the same time.

…… Thats what happened about five minutes ago.

「Hmm, thats strange…… So far I havent seen or heard about anything that would even remotely resemble Fallen Giants Sword or a Holy Knight……」

But my worries were soon alleviated.

Hahaha, what the hell is this I felt as though it was something so surreal that I was dreaming.

If so, please snap me back to reality.

Or let me escape from it even further.

Surely, both of them were there, right in front of me…… A giant statue of a broken sword that some Demon Lord would surely use and a person looking just like a Holy Knight standing right underneath it.

There was no mistaking it.

The aura of intimidation that was emanating from her was so dense that you could almost see the damned thing.

It felt like she was a boss monster that was guarding the way and would not grant passage to anyone crazy enough to dare and approach her.

At that moment, Saiga-0s appearance was more terrifying than the broken sword behind her.

I know that I was supposed to meet her, but right now I wanted nothing more but to become someone else and get the ** out of here.

However, I simply couldnt do something as rude as that to my fellow gamer.

It would be a highly uncultured thing of me to do, something not even a complete noob would dare to do if they were in my shoes.


Im sorry, have you been waiting long」

「…… I just got here myself.」

I speak after gathering up my courage.

And while I think to myself that shes been obviously waiting here far longer than far five or fifteen minutes.

Also, I could feel the burning gazes of other people who were shifting their gazes from me to Saiga-0, and back to me.

「Is, is that so…… Look, Im sorry for asking you for help so suddenly like that.」

「…… No, its alright…… Its just, I have time to spare, so its alright……」

Why did she say that right now Was she really happy that I invited her No, it cant be that, theres just no way.

Or is it I know that my partner is one of the most powerful players in ShanFro, but there was always a possibility like that.

After all, Im a member of “Wolfgang” and I am using one of the strongest members of “Black Wolves” as my support, so its a matter of course that some kind of gratitude towards her will be necessary…… Maybe if we happen to score some good items alongside this run, I shall give it to her as compensation

「Ah, so, once again thank you for coming here today.

Shall we get going then……」

「…… Dont, dont sweat it.

After all, thats what friends are for, right……!」


(Scary! I dont know why, but that statement right now sounded super scary! I know that she means well, but were free good intentions always this scary!)

For that reason alone, I was more than happy and grateful that I was wearing a helmet that was covering my whole face.

Honestly, I dont know if I would be able to respond to that with a smile just now.


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